Perfection of "smart home" from Xiaomi

Perfection of "smart home" from Xiaomi


One of the trends of modernity is the creation of a "smart home". There are many manufacturers that produce devices for the implementation of a dream home. Xiaomi's kits for remote control of many processes in the house have proven themselves in the market of "smart" assistants.


  • 1Description: Advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi system
    • 1.1Main Control Unit
  • 2Completion of the system
    • 2.1Video: review of the Xiaomi Smart Home kit
  • 3Installation and configuration of the system
    • 3.1Installation
    • 3.2Customize
  • 4Types of devices "smart house" Xiaomi
  • 5Opportunities of the "smart house"
    • 5.1Features of use
    • 5.2Control
  • 6Reviews
    • 6.1Video: Xiaomi camera overview

Description: Advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi system

Xiaomi's "smart house" system has many positive qualities:

  • the possibility of adjusting the functions of the kit for the needs of the owners;
  • additional equipment with new devices (as required);
  • economical energy consumption;
  • data protection from extraneous intrusion;
  • work on Wi-Fi.

The system can work in two modes: remotely and directly when the hosts are in the house. A separate useful feature of the Xiaomi set is the setting for the burglar alarm.

For the successful operation of the system it is desirable that the humidity of the air in the room does not exceed 95%, and acceptable temperature limits - from minus five to plus forty degrees.


The advantages of the system include the fact that its installation and connection does not require the laying of cables and the drilling of walls, it is enough to fix Xiaomi devices with a double-sided adhesive tape that is attached to the kit.

The main disadvantage of the "smart house" Xiaomi system is its inadequacy for Europeans.Everything is focused on the knowledge of the Chinese language - from connecting to the outlet (plug of a special design) and ending with the settings of the functional modules (there is no Russian or English version). Even the radio only works in Chinese.

Main Control Unit

This device combines several functions: system control, sound dynamics and light source.

The control unit of the Xiaomi system does not take up much space

To turn on the device is suitable for an ordinary electrical network, but the plug is made in the Australian type. You will need an adapter, which is included. You can also purchase a suitable universal extension cable with USB-connector.

On the top there is a control button, with its help it is possible to change modes of functioning of the device.

The main control unit of the system looks aesthetically pleasing, it can be placed in any room

The speaker is used as an alarm clock or for listening to Internet radio (only in Chinese). There are no tuning possibilities for any other radio stations in the world. Play their music archives, too, will not work.

The central module can also be used as a night light: this device emits up to 16 million colors.The brightness and color of the owners of the "smart home" is adjusted independently.

The color of the night lamp can be adjusted to your liking

Completion of the system

To remotely manage a smart home, you need an Internet and a system that allows you to start or stop certain processes from a distance. Xiaomi specializes in the production of a wide range of products - from smartphones to plasma TVs. This company produces and devices for the "smart house" system.

Xiaomi smart home system is compact and does not take up much space

Outwardly, this set looks like a box of yellowish color, inside of which are all the components and instruction in Chinese with illustrations.

The instruction to the system is illustrated, with the signatures in Chinese

Automate some household processes with the help of a system of Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi, which includes:

  1. System management center (gateway). This device functions similar to the brain headquarters, which manages all the components. It looks like a plastic box of white color with a diameter of 8 cm and a height, On the surface of the gateway are several different color diodes, they play the role of indicators for performing various operations. Holes for sound output are needed to use the gateway as a speaker (radio, alarm clock).
    A compact box of the Xiaomi system's gateway can even be missed
  2. Switch (for switching modes of operation on the rear surface there is a switch).
    A simple-looking box can turn devices on or off
  3. Camcorder.
  4. Sensor for opening / closing doors (with magnet), windows or cabinets.
    Attach this sensor to any surface using adhesive tape
  5. Motion Sensor.
    The motion sensor is a small cylindrical box
  6. Contact tape - for fixing devices in this or that place of premises.
  7. Clip - to configure the system.
With the elements of the "smart house" system you can automate many processes in the apartment

Video: review of the Xiaomi Smart Home kit

Installation and configuration of the system

Connecting a wireless network is a prerequisite for Xiaomi's "smart home" work.The first thing to do is download the Xiaomi Smart Home application to work on the smartphone with this system: Xiaomi in the App Store (for iOS) or its analog in the ARC extension for Android OS. After logging into the application, an account is created, it will be useful when working with the system.

The next step is to connect the central gateway to Wi-Fi. The simple inclusion in the socket and the appearance of yellow light means a willingness to select and configure new devices in the system. All actions need to be correlated with the algorithm that appears on the screen. Sounds accompanying the work of the device, unfortunately, will not be clear to everyone, since speech instructions are given in Chinese.


Step-by-step instruction for connecting:

  1. Before turning on the power outlet, the display screen shows such a picture (see the photo below). After clicking on "Yes" the light on the device will start flashing yellow.
    To continue the shutdown click "Yes"
  2. Pressing the checkboxes activates the desired blinking mode.
    By checking the checkbox, you can select the indicator flashing mode
  3. Enter your Wi-Fi login and password, and these data should be the same for both smart home and smartphone. We will have to wait a little, so that the head unit, the router and all the sensors communicate with each other.
    To avoid confusion, determine the same values ​​for the system and your mobile device
  4. After a while, the list of programs will be replenished with a new one that manages the "smart house". Clicking on it, you will get into the system control panel.
    All connected devices are reflected on the smartphone's display


All manipulations with the main unit are made in the Gateway tab. For example, you can change the brightness and tonality in the light setting.

With the sliders you can adjust the brightness and color

The exact time and days of the week are entered in the alarm settings tab. One should not forget to make an amendment to the time difference with China. You can also set the alarm off, preferring a manual method or a sensor.

In the alarm settings tab, you can set the alarm start time and duration of the call

To set the lamp on and the duration of its operation, go to the tab for the night lamp. The work of the lamp can be correlated with the time of the day, the days of the week and, depending on this, set the required data.

In the indicators of signaling indicate such parameters:

  • number of activated sound devices (one or more);
  • variety and volume of sound;
  • activation schedule of the siren.

To adjust the door bell, you need to set the volume of the signal and the melody. In the "smart home" system there is an important function - notification about the doorbell incoming to the smartphone.

In the door call tab, you can turn the signal on or off, adjust its volume

To connected devices, you can add new ones by using the "add device" function. To connect additional functions you will need to use a paper clip (included in the kit): insert it into the hole on the module case and hold it for a few seconds.

Types of devices "smart house" Xiaomi

There are so many "smart" helpers that make life easier for modern people and able to work in the absence of owners. The Xiaomi campaign offers a large assortment of such devices:

  1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Dry cleaning of medium sized rooms can be done by Mi Robot Vacuum. This assistant is designed with a restrictive movement function. The vacuum cleaner can do the cleaning without damaging the furniture and walls, since the sensor built into it sees obstacles and does not collide with them.
    Robot vacuum cleaner - a good help for working women
  2. Fan. This device works both from the network and autonomously. He has several blowing modes. The device can be moved to any corner of the house and even to the loggia or terrace. Setting is done through the application.
    The fan interface will fit into any interior
  3. Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier - a filter for water purification. Four levels of cleaning make it possible to use it to improve the quality of water. Integration of this device into the "smart house" system is not very difficult.
    Use clean water from a tap is easy and simple, if there is such an "intelligent" assistant
  4. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier - air purifier. The air, which needs to be cleaned, enters the device from four sides, and leaves through the upper hole in the processed form. Wool, unpleasant smells, impurities are removed at high speed. Ten minutes of operation of the device is enough to clean the air on an area of ​​20 m2.
    With an air purifier, you do not have to worry about harmful impurities in the atmosphere at home
  5. Air humidifier - Xiaomi Mi Air Humidifier - will help to change the airspace condition, especially it is important for dust accumulation and absence of moisture. In the application, you can make settings for remote operation of the device: timer, power-up time, etc.
    In dry weather, you can humidify indoor air before arrival
  6. Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle is a remotely operated kettle that can store a certain temperature, turn on or off according to the set parameters.
    Externally, the Xiaomi teapot does not differ from conventional devices
  7. Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug - outlet, which many people dream about. Its advantage is that it is able to track the charging process of devices, with this device it is easy to adjust the power of the network for certain devices at a great distance.
    The Xiaomi socket will help save energy and time the necessary devices
  8. Home cameras Xiaomi designed to enable owners to monitor their homes in their absence or watch children or au pairs at a distance.
    CCTV cameras can be placed on the floor or on walls using adhesive tape

The company is developing and constantly improving, providing all its new services to its customers and potential customers.

Opportunities of the "smart house"

After connecting all the components of the system to live in a "smart house" is very convenient.By default, the Xiaomi system is configured to call the front door.The preset also includes:

  • alarm on movement or opening of a window leaf;
  • alarm clock with date and time setting;
  • Night light, responsive to movement or working from the power button.

If there are additional components of the Xiaomi system, you can automate other home processes. For example, when the alarm is triggered, the camcorder's operation will automatically start or the air supply from the freshener in the room will stop at the same time as the window is opened.

In the "smart home" system, you can configure many individual scenarios, each host does it on his own. For example, a few minutes before the alarm goes off, you can start the coffee machine or turn on the alarm after leaving the car from the garage. The possibility of a "smart home" system includes such a useful function as receiving SMS messages on a smartphone or tablet, it is done via the Internet. And this connection can be at once at all members of a family that is convenient for the parental control.


You can view sensor readings directly in the smart home system application, all logs are saved.Xiaomi's campaign frequently updates system applications, and the sensor batteries are designed for two-year maintenance. After the end of their service life, they can be replaced.

Features of use

The "smart house" system works in the area of ​​Internet connection with a five-meter coverage. This is the evidence of the practical use of Xiaomi, although the documentation defines much smaller boundaries - up to two meters.

About 30 meters of uncluttered space will be needed for good functioning of the sensors, for a company guaranteed 10 meters. The sensor signal is able to pass even through two walls. To the central gateway, you can connect several controllers that monitor the operation of multiple sensors. Unfortunately, the system does not provide tracking of battery power, which can cause unexpected failure of some components.



A stationary personal computer is not suitable for managing a "smart house" system.This is possible only two operating systems - Android and iOS. Updating the software is constantly, it can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone. The company Xiaomi provided for the use of cloud services, it is useful for remote configuration of the system.

In the applications of the "smart house" system there are icons of three types: devices, profile and store. In the "devices" tab, you can control connected sensors, "store" is required for purchase equipment, an account is created in the "profile devices are monitored, feedback is sent to the company about work system.



Xiaomi is developing at a fantastic pace, and new products from its factories are coming out several times, expanding monthly into new markets. On the one hand, it's good - at the time of entering a new niche the products are provided with development, and on the other hand it's bad: if the product does not shoot, they just go on. In this case, there is a hope that they will not be abandoned, since a lot of products come out under a single ideology of "smart home" - from sensors and ending with completely independent household appliances (kettles and lamps, air conditioners, humidifiers, cleaners, fans and etc.). With all this good, no one surprises now, and Xiaomi, it seems to me, relies on the ability to manage all these devices through a single center, which is the gateway to a smart home. As for work without the Internet, it is necessary to check. I think that it will work. On Chinese servers, the account is linked to the script. T. e. after rebooting the device and logging into the account, I will not need to configure everything again. Well, notifications will not come, but as I already wrote, the problem with the presence of the Internet can be solved by connecting the gateway and the router to an uninterruptible power supply. In the router you can plug a 3G-modem and thus get a backup Internet channel.



Pluses: quiet. Excellent vacuum cleaner. The charge with a large margin is enough for 60 square meters. m. of the apartment. Easy to clean and disassemble. Beautiful. There is a light, so in the darkness, do not trample it. Disadvantages: when I first switched on the vacuum cleaner several times, he vacuumed only a small patch of room, then spoke something in Chinese and stopped. In another room, he tried to climb onto the dresser, which, of course, he could not, and he again stopped cleaning. The vacuum cleaner control program in Chinese (according to reviews there is an unofficial Russian version, but I have not yet found it) gave out some messages. The 4pda site helped, where there is a whole branch devoted to this vacuum cleaner. There he learned that if the apartment has a carpet with black flowers, the height sensors tell the vacuum cleaner that there is a hole under it and it can fall. The vacuum cleaner is trying to find workarounds. As a result, either stops, if there is no way out, or leaves this place and does not vacuum there. On the advice of 4pda, I sealed the height sensors with an adhesive tape and a white sheet. Now the vacuum cleaner works fine. In my apartment, he has nowhere to fall, but this method does not suit those with a house with stairs or other openings in the house where the vacuum cleaner can fall. On the same site, I found the instructions for setting up a schedule of work and adjusting the power of the vacuum cleaner. Now I'm very pleased with the vacuum cleaner. Comment: After a little refinement, the vacuum cleaner works great, at home it became much cleaner due to thorough and methodical harvesting by the robot. Man to achieve this result manually would have to sweat. And the robot, thanks to the algorithm and design features, is able to bring almost complete order.

Fedor Fedorov—xiaomi-mi-robot-vacuum-cleaner/14260832/review? lid = 703


Video: Xiaomi camera overview

Humanity does not stand still, and if you want to keep pace with progress, establish a "smart house" system. By connecting the necessary devices, you will be able to significantly improve your life and leave time for more important things and communication with relatives.

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