Hot meals every day with microwave oven Gorenje MO20MW from China


Defrosting and warming up are the main tasks that the superhigh-frequency technique performs. However, the microwave oven Gorenje MO20MW can also be used for cooking delicious dishes. With her, the landlady saves not only her time, but also her strength. This model is the best option for small kitchens.

Technical features

The power of the heating element is 700 W, which allows you to warm up breakfast or dinner in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the built-in timer, even a child can do it in 30 seconds. A pleasant sound signal will let you know about the readiness of the product. The noise level of the working microwave is 58 dB, and the norm for hearing is 60 dB. Microwave oven Gorenje MO20MW operates in 5 modes (microwave power is given in%):

  • 10;
  • 30;
  • 50;
  • 70;
  • 100.
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Such levels of energy consumption are calculated for different types of products, as well as the intensity and duration of their preparation. At the same time, everyone can choose one of the following modes:

  • grill;
  • convection (circulation of warm air throughout the cabinet);
  • warming up.

The volume of the chamber is 20-25 liters, which makes it possible to defrost large quantities of products. So, the landlady will calmly prepare a juicy grilled or baked turkey. The swivel plate, 25 cm in diameter, is made of tempered glass. A special rotation mechanism is designed to evenly heat the food. Also in the Microwave "Gorenie" there are two useful functions: atarization and shutdown when the door is opened.

To ensure that the device lasts as long as possible, manufacturers recommend using dishes designed for microwave. They are glass, ceramic (heat-resistant) and plastic containers.


The technique is made in white. Enamel coating is an excellent surface for quick cleaning. The originality of the design is attached to the darkened decorated glass on the door. The viewing window of the microwave oven on the inside does not have any openings or even frames. As a result, there are no hard-to-reach places for accumulating oily dirt. The door device is very simple, so it can be easily dismantled and cleaned. On the front panel are located:

  • wide button for opening;
  • two rotary switches;
  • time scale;
  • marking modes.
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Bright lighting will allow you to observe the processes taking place inside. Internet stores in Russia sell a microwave oven Gorenje MO20MW at a price of , 50 rubles. up to 4 932 rubles.

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In Internet shops of Ukraine the cost of microwave ranges from 1715 hryvnia to 1920 hryvnia.

However, on AliExpress it can be purchased for , 42 rubles. (1 848 UAH).The guarantee of the goods is one year.

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