Portable gas burner from China

mini gas burnerThe actual value of the goods in the Chinese store is 427 rubles. Since in most of our stores a portable burner costs from 300 to 700 rubles, there is not much difference where to buy the device: in any store in your city or in China.

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price for aliexpressHowever, despite the almost identical cost, inexpensive Chinese burners have a major plus - a durable metal body with silver splashes.price in the outlet

Product Advantages:

  • no need to warm up the device before starting work;
  • does not emit an unpleasant smell in the course of burning;
  • small size;
  • no need to clean the device before and after use.
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unique devicesIn general, this burner is perfect for soldering, kindling fires and other tasks. The user has the opportunity to independently adjust the fire pressure. You can use the device regardless of weather conditions. Detailed review of the device, see the video:

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