Review of washing machines Brandt (Brandt)

In the home appliances market there is an established stereotype, according to which the best vertical machines are manufactured by Brandt. Perhaps, there is some truth in this, since these CMAs are considered standards of European quality. Let's try to understand why they are so good.

On the domestic market, these models are supplied in limited quantities, so they are infrequent. But if you want, you will find a suitable stiralku. We suggest that you learn about the assembly, model range and features of the Brandt machines.

Review of washing machines Brandt (Brandt)

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do they manufacture and assemble Brandt washing machines
  • 2Models of machines "Brandt"
    • 2.1Brandt WTD6384K
    • 2.2Brandt WTD1071K
    • 2.3Brandt WTC1084K
    • 2.4Brandt WFH 1670 K
  • 3How to choose a Brandt machine

Where do they manufacture and assemble Brandt washing machines

Elco Brandt Group is a full-fledged trademark owner, under which millions of high-quality washing machines are manufactured annually. The country of origin is France, and most of the machines are assembled there.

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Work on the reputation of the brand began with the 46th year of the XX century, and a group of corporations appeared in the early 2000s. Europeans appreciate, love and choose the technology of this brand, and the washing machine Brandt has traveled around the world for more than half a century. In particular, the brand has won recognition of German, Dutch, Austrian and Polish buyers.

In small lots, the Brandt machines are delivered to more than a hundred countries of the world, including Russia.

Where do they manufacture and assemble Brandt washing machines

Important! It is impossible to confirm for certain the French origin of all Sticktails Brandt, since the assembly is conducted in dozens of countries in all parts of the world.

The company produces all types of machines, including frontal. But the brand has become famous thanks to vertical models, characterized by the highest quality, performance, functionality and proven durability.

Please note that the SMA of this brand, collected on the European continent, far outperform the Asian analogues in terms of quality. For the assembly in the EU countries, of course, have to overpay, but then you will be assured of the stable operation of machinery for decades. The Chinese analogue, judging by the feedback of buyers, may not work for 5 years.

Models of machines "Brandt"

If you decide to give preference to the washing machine of this brand, our survey will help you, which included the most common and bought in the CIS countries models. Some of them will not be easy to find, given the sanctions. But, if you do not mind the time to search, dare, because you will get a stylalk with a unique functionality.

Brandt WTD6384K

Brandt WTD6384K

Vertical model, equipped with intelligent control. The design is equally original and ergonomic. There are 13 programs for washing.

This model comes with drying in all trim levels. Adjustable spinning of laundry at its maximum capacity reaches 1300 revolutions. And things are so well wrung out that drying is hardly needed.

Features: steel tank of high reliability; protection against leaks and overfilling the tank. Additional comfort in operation is provided by functions of protection from children, control of unbalance in the drum and delayed start.

Classes of energy efficiency, washing and spin: B, A and B, respectively. The maximum load is 6 kg. In the active drying mode, you can dry up to 4 kg of laundry. Dimensions of the model: 85x45x60 cm. The cost is about 57 000 rubles.

And finally, the additional functionality:

  • automatic weighing of things;
  • rinsing;
  • display of all wash steps on the display panel;
  • option "easy ironing" (note: things will be slightly damp for their easy smoothing);
  • modes for woolen and delicate fabrics.

Important! Even the inflated price did not prevent this model from becoming the No. 1 choice among customers in Russia, CIS, Europe and all over the world.

Brandt WTD1071K

Brandt WTD1071K

Another model with vertical loading, in which a pleasant design is supplemented by carefully thought-out electronic control. There is nothing superfluous in it: 9 main washing programs and spinning at a speed of 1000 revolutions.

Additional options include:

  • blocking the control panel from interfering with children or animals;
  • control over the balance of laundry in the drum;
  • functions of "Easy ironing" and "Extra rinse
  • BIO-washing;
  • "manual mode;
  • "Smart" system Fuzzy Logic to save resources.

It is difficult to call this model economical because of the energy efficiency class, which corresponds to the value of C. Class of washing - A, pressing - С. Convenient dimensions for placement in any room: 85x45x60 cm.

The advantage is the price: about 17 000 rubles.

Brandt WTC1084K

Brandt WTC1084K

Another machine with the upper type of loading, with a standard set of options (16 modes). Equipped with an LCD screen for easy operation. Spinning occurs at a drum speed of 1000 revolutions, but the quality is above average - things will be almost dry.

The manufacturer has taken care of full protection against leaks and water overflow. There is also a protection against accidental depression and a traditional drum imbalance control for this brand. The economy is confirmed by class A.

The dimensions of this model are even smaller than in the previous one: 85x40x60 cm. Costs within 28 000 rubles.

The following functionality is also provided:

  • automatic weighing of linen;
  • rinsing;
  • display with the help of the indicators of all stages of washing;
  • quick wash;
  • "manual mode;
  • washing delicate fabrics;
  • system Fuzzy Logic.

With spare parts of high quality, the only controversial issue remains a plastic tank.

Important! Buyers complain that with all the functionality described, only half of the options are used on strength, so the price is overstated.

Brandt WFH 1670 K

A machine with a front load of 6 kg of laundry. Equipped with an intelligent type of control, designed for 24 programs. Particular attention should be paid to the drum: during spinning it accelerates to 1600 revolutions. A digital display is provided, the dimensions of the model are 60x57x85 cm.

Classes of energy efficiency, spinning and washing - A. Among the programs the following are particularly distinguished:

  • delicate washing mode;
  • super-rinsing;
  • laundry in the "express" mode;
  • "Removing stains
  • preliminary washing (soaking).

Brandt WFH 1670 K

How to choose a Brandt machine

So that you do not look for user reviews on the Internet, we have collected the most interesting and believable ones. Read the opinions of buyers to make a successful purchase and not make a mistake.

Svetlana, Tyumen

The quality of washing does not match the declared! The spinning should be 1200, but squeezes like an old Ariston at 800 revolutions. TEN burned, we can not find an analogue - they told us to order from Europe. Of the pros - except that the design. I conclude that the money wasted, I do not advise.

Artem, Nizhny Novgorod

7 years ago bought Brandt WTC1084K, saw negative feedback on the network, I decided to add my own word. Only do not scold, but I will praise:

  • perfectly erases sports things;
  • I do not use half the function, but those that are in the process are 100% complete with the task;
  • never flowed or beaten by current;
  • the details are in order.

There is not a single claim.

Yulya, Volgograd

While my machine is only six months old, but during this time nothing has happened yet. I mostly wash children's clothes on a quick schedule - fresh stains are washed off with cheers. I did not hang at all, unlike Indesit, which I had before. I put 10 out of 10.

Judging by the manufacturer's characteristics and ambiguous customer reviews, we can conclude that the ratio of quality and price works far from quality. There are successful models, but there are frank defects, which it is better not to spend money.

Buying the Brandt machine at your own peril and risk, remember that it can work for 10-15 years, or it can break down after a year and require spare parts, which can only be ordered from abroad.

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