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If you use walk-through switches, it is possible to control one light source from two, three or more places. Consider what are the options for connecting walk-through switches.


  1. We connect two-key passage switches
  2. Triple switches
  3. Two-gang switches
  4. We buy passage cross switches

We connect two-key passage switches

This method is necessary if there is a long corridor. Entering it, you light the light, reaching the end, the light must be turned off. It is here that the connection scheme of two passage switches is used.

Wiring diagram for a two-gang switch
Wiring diagram for a two-gang switch

It is necessary to switch the cross over view, i.e. the contacts close on one side of the corridor, and on the other. To do this, install a junction box, from which two cables exit - zero and power, respectively, zero goes to the first switch, power - to the second. The phase wire in this case is connected through the box with two contacts of the switch at the end of the corridor, and this phase is transferred to the lamp.

Wiring diagram for a two-gang switch
Wiring diagram for a two-gang switch

There are also double pass-through touch switches. There is nothing complicated in how to connect a model with a dimmer. These devices are controlled from a 30 meter distance. Sensor wires are connected to an open in the lamp control circuit. In turn, the installation of the touch switch box itself is practically the same as usual. One wire goes to minus, the other to phase. Before you set the remote walk-through switches, you need to determine which contacts go to the lamp, and which to the command unit or junction box, combine them into specific groups.

Triple switches

There are no fundamental differences in how to connect Legrand switch-disconnectors for triple control from the methodology described above. It is necessary to use a paired view of the switch and four-wire wires. Using a paired switch from one device, the contacts are transferred to the other two.

Cross coupled circuit diagram
Cross coupled circuit diagram

Single triple switches have three contacts - these are two inputs and one output. The neutral wire from the power cable goes to the light source. The output contacts are connected to the second pass-through switch, and the third contact goes to the power supply.

Single triple switches
Single triple switches

In addition, a special remote control that works wirelessly can be connected to any of these circuits. You can use absolutely any device to turn on equipment at a distance of up to 1.5 kW in order to turn off the lighting at a certain distance. To do this, we connect a relay to the remote control, direct it to the side of the lamp and press a specific button, which we will later use as a command. After that, the operation is fixed in volatile memory and now when you press this button, the light will turn on or off, regardless of whether the remote control is connected to the relay or not. Lighting control places in this case are not limited.

Two-gang switches

These devices have the ability to control six light sources simultaneously. The design solution is designed in such a way that 2 separate switches are located in one case. They can be connected in the following ways:

  • 3 pins or single method;
  • twin or cross way (for connecting 4 or more fixtures).
Different circuit breakers
Different circuit breakers

We buy passage cross switches

Before you connect the passage light switches, you need to choose the devices to fit your needs. Touch switches have from one to four contact zones, so up to four light sources can be monitored with one device. Such models are devices from lezard, viko and makel.

If conventional overhead electricity switches are used, two-wire devices from Schneider Electronics and abb are recommended. Despite the fact that the price of these devices is slightly lower. Than the above firms, they do not differ in quality of performance.

What you need to know before buying through-passage switches:

  • number of light sources;
  • location of fixtures: parallel or sequential;
  • power supply voltage of the apartment.

The number of installation sites from which you can control the light is unlimited, any electrician will confirm this. Installation of switches is carried out in accordance with all the rules: sealing of contacts, installation of grounding, connection to RCD.

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