Socket for electric stove: types, installation and connection

For the kitchen, a ceramic stove is one of the most important household appliances. The socket for the electric stove and oven must meet many safety requirements, because improper installation can cause a short circuit or even a fire.


  1. Shield preparation
  2. How to choose
  3. Installation and Connection
  4. Price overview

Shield preparation

Power sockets and plugs for electric stoves must be grounded, because these power communications are an area of ​​increased danger. In most apartments and houses until the 50s of construction, grounding was not installed, so you should invite a professional electrician for advice. Also make sure that the socket is equipped with a special ground terminal.

Unassembled power outlet
Photo - unassembled power outlet

Important requirements for electrical network and wiring:

  1. To connect the outlet, it is necessary to use a separate circuit breaker - it is installed in front of the meter and is necessary for additional control of the operation of this electrical device. The best option would be if the power outlet is connected through an additional shield - this will protect the wiring from overloads;
  2. The wire connected to the outlet must have a cross section greater than 6 mm2;
  3. According to the requirements of the PUE, the wiring in the room must be copper, the old Soviet aluminum will not work. If necessary, you will need to completely change it;
  4. If the wiring is single-phase, then the wire should have three cores, if three-phase - then five;
  5. The electrical outlet and cable are selected based on the characteristics of the network and the parameters of a particular electric stove;
  6. A stationary cooker does not need additional protection using an RCD, especially since this device can successfully replace a circuit breaker.

Installation of a socket for an Electrolux electric stove and other brands can be carried out on any surface that is resistant to heat and does not spread combustion (coating under hot water, concrete, brick). Wood and siding panels are not suitable.

How to choose

Classification of these devices is made according to technical characteristics, type of installation and size. With technical parameters, everything is clear, taps can have different amperage and allowable power. By type of electrical outlet there are three types: hidden installation, overhead, combined.

  1. Hidden installation - the installation of the socket is carried out in the hole in the wall, due to this the working surface of the outlet is completely hidden. This greatly increases the safety and tightness of the product;
    Photo - types
  2. Overhead - unlike the built-in installation, they are mounted on top of the bends. This is a more convenient option, if you do not want to make a hole in the wall, they will be visible above the wall. In addition, their tightness is slightly reduced, moisture, dust and grease, which often appear on the kitchen walls, can get under the body;
  3. Combined. They are more complex hidden models. In addition to mounting the socket in the wall hole, they are additionally protected by a cover, due to which the built-in contacts are protected from external aggressive factors.

By design, the model can be double and single. Professional electricians recommend installing doubles with higher power than the stove needs. Then, if necessary, it will be possible to install an additional oven, refrigerator, range hood or other electrical appliances.

kitchen wiring plan
Photo - wiring plan in the kitchen

Video: how to connect an electric stove

Installation and Connection

You can connect the outlet for an electric stove yourself, without using the services of professional electricians. If you have taken into account all the requirements voiced in PUE 7 and selected the desired type of this device, then you can start the installation.

wiring diagram
Photo - connection diagram

Instructions on how to install a socket for a 32 A and 40 A electric stove in a 220 V (1 phase) and 380 V (3 phase) network:

  1. Both the indoor and outdoor models are connected directly through the terminal blocks. To gain access to them, you need to unscrew the cover on the back of the appliance and remove the protection;
  2. The connection is made only between contacts of the same color (if color marking is used). For a single-phase network, a phase (red wire) is required to connect to the terminals, between which it is advisable to additionally install special jumpers;
  3. Sometimes instead of jumpers, loops from a wire of a suitable diameter are used, on average it should be more than 6 mm;
  4. However, to install the tap into the power network 380 is not required to use jumpers. The phase wires are directly connected to the terminals. Keep track of the matching serial number and color coding;
  5. If the plug has a ground contact, the adapter also connects to ground. To do this, install the ground wire on the uppermost terminal (PE), as in the photo below.
    ground terminal
    Photo - ground terminal

Also, sometimes situations arise when you need to move the socket for an electric stove from one place in the house to another. The transfer is made in the same way as wiring. You will need a wiring diagram for which you need to make new holes in the walls. After preparing the opening, you need to get the wires from the old place and carefully pull them into a new one. You may need to use an additional tap.

contact connection principle
Photo - the principle of connecting contacts

In a new place, install a socket with a euro outlet and connect it in the same way as in the instructions above.

Price overview

Buy a regular outlet for an electric stove of the brand Legrand, Schneider Electric, etc. You can in any city in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries. The most popular models are Simon, Legrand, Prima RA. Consider how much a kit (plug + socket) of Prima RS-32 amperes costs:

City Price, rubles
Samara 405
Yekaterinburg 400
Kiev 420
Voronezh 400
Moscow 420
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