Wall Washer

Choosing a washing machine, the user pays attention not only to the functional quality, but also to the dimensions. Especially residents of apartments with close bathrooms, which do not allow to accommodate a full-sized model.

Manufacturers take into account the lack of space, so they created small-sized machines. But this is not the limit: the wall-mounted washing machine is the embodiment of compactness, style and efficiency. Let's consider what functions are incorporated in hinged washers, and also ways of their installation.

Wall Washer

Content of the material:

  • 1Overview and main characteristics of the AGR
  • 2Features of use
  • 3Installation process
  • 4Advantages and disadvantages

Overview and main characteristics of the AGR

Innovative technology has not yet been put on stream. In Russia, it is represented by one brand - a suspension washing machine Daewoo (Daewoo). The company from South Korea introduced the car on our market in 2012.

A stylish and ergonomic washing machine on the wall will decorate the modern interior. The streamlined shape of a silvery cube with rounded edges, a transparent hatch made of thick glass create a sense of space in the room.

Overview and main characteristics of the AGR

Front loading and wall layout make it easy to load laundry. In this case, you do not need to bend, because the technique is set at a comfortable level.

Stylalka Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701PC is capable of washing 3 kg of laundry at a time. With small dimensions 55x29x60 cm are excellent indicators. The machine weighs 17 kg.

An intuitive control panel contains such functions and programs:

  • Washing in cold water.
  • Cotton 40 and 60 degrees.
  • Wash delicate things.
  • Washing of children's clothes.
  • Spin.

Also includes the "Rinse" and "Spin without washing" modes. With heavy dirt, the wash class B can be handled, and the spinning of 700 rpm belongs to class C and gives the opportunity to squeeze out the laundry qualitatively.

Suspended washing machines do not have a pump. Thanks to the wall installation, the water flows by gravity through a special opening into the sewer. Therefore, make sure that the drain hose is level, without kinks.

Overview and main characteristics of the AGR

The Daewoo MCA is equipped with a silent inverter motor and a three-layer rubber seal, so it creates a minimum of vibration and noise. You can easily refresh things at any time thanks to quiet work. The drum with a honeycomb cover carefully belongs to delicate fabrics.

The Daewoo washing machine was designed as an additional technique to a conventional washing machine. The model can be used as the basic, but only for one person. For the family, its capacity is quite small, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to wash the outer clothing.

Features of use

The Daewoo hinged washing machine is equipped with two detachable compartments for powder and rinse aid. The compartments are made in the form of a spoon, so you will conveniently take the right amount of detergent.

The energy consumption class A will reduce the cost of electricity.

Features of use

Manufacturers have foreseen safety of use, so you can independently turn on protection from children. To do this, hold the "Program" - "Spin and Rinse without washing" keys for 5 seconds.

Installation process

Before you hang the washing machine on the wall, you need to choose the right place. You can arrange the equipment in the most convenient room: kitchen, bathroom, pantry. The main thing is that the wall should be made of concrete or brick, no gypsum plasterboard partitions.

Installation process

When attaching the washing machine to a wall, it is important to take into account its weight with water and wet linen. Since there is no pump in the system, it is necessary to select the correct height of the CM position: so that the water freely merges after washing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Based on feedback from people who use Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701PC, we have identified the pros and cons of the stylalki.


  • Compact, ergonomic, stylish appearance.
  • Quiet, noiseless work, no vibration.
  • The washing machine is fixed to the wall, so there is free space on the floor.
  • Easy loading (no need to bend over to put clothes on).
  • Reduced washing programs allow you to save water and electricity.



  • Small capacity - only 3 kg of linen. Family people are suitable as a supplement for daily washing.
  • If compared with a conventional car, then the wall is worse than pressing things.
  • An inexperienced user can not cope with the installation yourself.
  • The quality of washing is inferior to standard models.


Installing the wall washing machine is described in detail in the instructions. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to call an installer.

This is a stylish, modern technique that is perfect for people with limited space in the room.

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