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That the car has served as long as possible to keep it is necessary not in the street, and in a dry warm garage. At minus temperatures, starting the engine from the first time is almost impossible. Another thing is when there is a steady plus in the garage. Make a house for a car warm and comfortable can only be carefully thought through the heating system. Which heater to choose for the garage, what to consider when choosing you will learn from our article.


  1. Requirements for appliances for heating the garage
  2. Overview of garage heaters
  3. Recommendations of specialists at choice

Requirements for appliances for heating the garage

When building a garage, it is always planned to connect it to the electrical network. It is more often planned to connect the water supply and sewerage system. Virtually never provides for connection to the gas pipeline. Based on the foregoing, it can be understood that appliances used for heating the room are powered by electricity, liquid and solid fuels.

The main requirements for the devices used:

  • so as not to interfere with the maintenance of the car, the heater for the garage must be compact;
  • Do not affect the humidity in the room and do not burn oxygen;
  • easy to install, operate and maintain;
  • safe for humans;
  • quick warm-up of the room and maximum maintenance of comfortable temperature;
  • fire safety;
  • affordable price level.
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Overview of garage heaters

For comparison, consider the principle of the work of heaters on different fuels.

Diesel heaters for garage

Even if your garage is not insulated at all in a severe frost, any model of kerosene or diesel heater can quickly heat up the air in the room. There are models that operate without electricity and are more complex with little power consumption for automatics and fan operation. The most popular among owners use diesel heaters for an indirect heating garage with a special device for the removal of combustion products.

When lighting such a heater in the garage there is no smell, the air remains clean. If you decide to do self-repair of the car, the heater will be able to maintain an optimum temperature of up to 15 hours without additional tank refueling. All modern models have a control system.

When using the direct heating appliance for heating the garage, it is necessary to periodically ventilate the room.

Gas heaters for garage

Use of this type of heater is only possible with the connection of cylinders with liquefied gas. These can be ceramic screens or convectors. The gas heater for the garage can be installed even if your garage is not connected to the electrical network. To install a convector in the garage, it is necessary to equip the chimney. A coaxial air duct of the device is fed to it, providing air to the heater for operation of the burner. In modern models a fire control unit is installed.

For temporary heating of the garage, ceramic heaters are often used. Their operation is completely safe. The devices are small in size, consuming little fuel, equipped with automatic control sensors.

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Electric heaters

Any household electric heater can be used for temporary heating of the garage. Particularly popular are radiators with oil filling. They easily move to any place, safe and convenient to operate. Many garage owners like electric fans directing the flow of hot air in the direction chosen by man.

The convenience of using a flexible electric heater for a garage is indicated by the fact that it can be used to heat a large area. The market presents many models of electrical appliances of different capacities. The disadvantage of such heating is the limitation of the area of ​​the heated space, the cost of the energy carrier and the need to lay a powerful electrical network.


Warning! It is strictly forbidden to use homemade devices for heating in the form of an asbestos-cement pipe wound with a nichrome spiral.

IR heaters

The peculiarity of the work of infrared heaters is the heating of objects in front of them. In the garage, it is best to use the ceiling models, so that the IR rays are directed to the floor.

Advantages of using IR devices:

  • possibility to heat large areas;
  • reliable and economical heaters for the garage;
  • Automatic adjustment of heating in the set range;
  • environmental Safety;
  • continuous operation without breakdowns.

If you are not engaged in self-repair and maintenance of your car, and heating You only need the premises to save your car, in this case you need a 50 watts. For prolonged warming up of the room during repair work, it is better to use a device with a capacity of up to 100 volts.

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Users in their reviews of infrared heaters for the garage note that you can not install appliances IR in rooms with high humidity and carry out installation near flammable and explosive subjects.

Homemade heaters for garage

Not always the family budget allows to buy expensive factory equipment. Men love to make. Folk craftsmen came up with a homemade heater for the garage, working on working off. Various options for appliances allow you to heat not only the garage room, but also other buildings. Addition of the basic design of the water tank makes it possible to heat water.

Technological requirements for home-made stoves are exactly the same as for factory installations.

Recommendations of specialists on the choice of heaters for the garage

If you prefer this or that kind of heater, consider:

  • the quality of the electrical circuit in the garage;
  • the ratio of consumption of energy resources for space heating;
  • presence or possibility of the device of a chimney and a ventilating aperture;
  • their financial capabilities;
  • for which it is necessary to heat the room.

If you do not spend much time in the garage and, it is only needed for high-quality storage of vehicles, there is no point in installing an expensive and powerful heater. For a comfortable stay in the garage during maintenance or other work, it is desirable to warm up the room with a more powerful appliance. Working in warm clothes is not very convenient, which implies the support of a higher air temperature.

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