Choosing a soft floor for children's rooms

AREAinterior for the child, it is important to think about every little thing. Soft floor for children's rooms is the optimal ratio of comfort, safety and benefits. The product is a set of modules with a soft surface, with a pleasant texture and insulating qualities.

Soft floor for children's rooms: product description

One soft cover module is a flexible tile with a low weight and a carved edge like a puzzle. Coupled with each other, the elements form a single, smooth canvas. This feature allows you to purchase a mat of the desired size, regardless of the area of ​​the room, covering them with the whole or selected area.


By purchasing a soft modular coating, you can count on several significant advantages:

  • an easy styling process;
  • the choice of colors, textures and patterns at will;
  • absolute safety for the health of the child;
  • additional thermal and noise insulation;
  • long service life, resistance to external damage;
  • the possibility of cleaning with detergents;
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  • if one of the parts is damaged, it can be easily replaced;
  • anti-slip surface;
  • dielectric quality.

In addition, in the course of the game from the modules, you can collect geometric shapes, or build a house for the baby.


Disadvantages that a warm floor has for children are not significant:

  1. High cost. If you compare with linoleum, the price per square meter is higher, more than double. But if you draw an analogy with laminate, then a soft coating is two times cheaper. Therefore, this disadvantage can be called conditional, based on what kind of flooring is preferred by residents.
  1. Fear of heels. This rule applies to shoes with heels and hard soles. The movement of the baby in the home soft shoes will not harm the coating.
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Product mobility

The product is light and easy to install. Due to the fact that the soft coating for children's rooms consists of separate parts, it is easy to disassemble and transform. This feature allows you to take the floor with you on a trip, creating a convenient and safe playground for the child on the spot, capturing the required number of modules.

The prefab design allows it to be used in rooms with any structure. The elements, securely fastened together, form a flat surface on any type of coating( concrete, earth, wood).This is an ideal option for a country house, trips to nature or just a picnic in the park.

Benefits for children's health

Customers choosing a soft floor for children's playrooms get not only high-quality coverage, but also a subject for additional physical development of the child and sports:

  1. Modules have different colors, so they will help the child to easily remember colors, and if you prefer parts with printed letters, learning the alphabet will turn into an interesting game;
  2. The material has a depreciation quality, so during active games, you can not worry about injuries and bruises;
  3. If you have problems with your feet, you should purchase several pieces with a voluminous, embossed texture. This is the best option for the correct formation of children's feet and prevention of flatfoot.

It is necessary to refrain from walking on the relief surface to babies with injuries of the epidermis of the foot, fungal infections of the legs and impaired development of the ankle joints.


Coverage for children's playroom has a wide range. Models differ in several parameters, which makes it possible to choose modules that are suitable for specific taste and quality requirements. Products may have the following differences:

  • type of relief;
  • color;
  • dimensions.
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Different types of polyvinyl chloride can be used for the production of modules, which directly affects the density of the finished product. Based on the functions, the purpose of the room and the direction, a specific variant of the coating is selected, or a combination of them.

The relief of the modular floor

The floor covering in the children's room may have a different texture. The store has the following variations of products:

  • floor with a smooth surface;
  • elements with grooves and protrusions of various forms to correct orthopedic problems of the feet;
  • modules with an invoice similar to carpet;
  • in the form of an artificial lawn with grass made of polypropylene.

Each of the models has the same quality indicators, but may differ to the requirements in the care. Removing debris from artificial grass will require the use of a powerful vacuum cleaner, and the floor with a carpet texture will have to be cleaned with special household tools for carpets.

Dimensions of individual elements

This indicator is important for the selection of the puzzle for a particular room. The size of the individual component is influenced by the area of ​​the room for which the floor covering is intended. That is, with a nursery width of 275 cm, elements with a size of 30 * 30 cm will not allow the entire floor to be covered completely. In this case, the best option will be tiles 25 * 25 cm.

Parts with dimensions of 50 * 50, 30 * 30 or 25 * 25 cm are being sold. This allows you to choose the right size for a room with any area. Children's game rooms or sports halls are covered with soft tile floor with a size of 60 * 60 cm or 1 * 1 meter. As for the thickness, here the standard figure varies from 9 to 12 mm. Sports mats have a thickness of 4 cm.

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Color solutions

Soft floor for the equipment of children's rooms has a wide range of colors. Monotonous and colored items with the texture of natural wood, various patterns, pictures with their favorite cartoon characters are being sold. For older children, it makes sense to purchase modules with numbers, letters or geometric shapes.

In order for a child not to have a strong psychological burden, it is better to combine learning puzzles with monophonic components. To make such coverage is not difficult if you buy different sets with similar sizes. Such a diverse range will allow you to choose the floor for the baby, taking into account his wishes and the interior of the room.


care rules. The technology of caring for a warm floor in a nursery provides for its protection against the effects of sharp and heavy objects. To preserve the integrity of the coating, it is impossible to move on it in shoes with heels, hard soles and perform actions with sharp objects.

To preserve the color of the coating and the brightness of the images on the elements, before washing the soft floor, you need to make sure that there are no chemical components in the detergent. To clean small debris, it is enough to use a vacuum cleaner, and to remove dirt - a soap solution and a sponge.

Underfloor heating mat for children is a modern, high-quality solution. This coating will provide your child with warmth, safety and comfort during games and sports. It is enough to lay the required number of modules so that the interior of the room becomes bright and original, and the learning puzzles will help the child to easily learn the alphabet and the score.

Video review of the soft floor

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