The calf does not get back on its feet, what to do, how to help?

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The cow bears fruit 9 months and the village becomes a joyful event for the whole family. A blow for the farmer, when the calf does not get back on its feet, what to do, what measures to take? It can happen with a newborn and even a three month old baby. Diseases are different, but the symptoms are the same, and the specialist should determine the cause and prescribe the treatment.

Saving the newborn

In ungulates, the instinct - for 15 minutes the newborn has rested, rested, get up on your feet and follow the mother. What if the calf does not get up on its feet, sluggish, does not move? Up to 7% of calves without human help will not survive. The reason is that when you get out, the baby loses oxygen by the umbilical cord. Own organs will open with a first sigh, when there is not enough oxygen in the blood, and there is a lot of carbon dioxide. For the newborn, it's a big job to take the first breath, straighten the lungs, make the heart work. All this the kid will do independently, if he was born healthy.

If you have a cow pervotelka, childbirth can not be easy. For a few days it is necessary to examine the cow for the correct lying of the fetus. Limit the proteinaceous food so that the cow does not heal, and the fetus does not grow large. With prolonged labor, you need to call a specialist who will help save mom and calf.

Newborn help

In the practice of veterinarians, an algorithm for the treatment of newborn calves has been developed. The faster to release the baby's internal organs from the amniotic fluid, the easier it is for him to adapt in this world. Therefore, all calves are helped to take the first breath. All experts know if the calf does not get up on its feet, what and how to do:

  1. When helping to be born, you need to take the calf by the hind legs at the pelvis and lower it with your head down to get liquid out of it.
  2. Continuing to keep the trunk upside down slightly squeeze the mucus from the nose and muzzle to the exit.
  3. Have a ready-made preparation "Respirot drip into the nose and the cheek.
  4. A little bit on the back of the head to pour cold water, it should make a convulsive breath.
  5. Artificial respiration can help to kill the lung if you breathe air 10 times into one nostril, the other and closing your mouth with your hand.
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Manipulations stop at any stage, as soon as they notice that the calf himself copes with the adaptation. As soon as a newborn breathes, it must be given to the mother. Licking, she makes a massage, forcing internal organs to get involved in the work. Rising to his feet, a strong calf sucks the first portion of the colostrum - in it is his protection from a hostile world. A weak newborn should be drunk from a nipple, but not forcibly. Normally, if the calf rises on its feet within an hour, the weakened baby can gain strength 5-7 hours. Longer to save it does not make sense. During this time, the veterinarian did everything possible with the help of injections of vitamins and microelements.

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Why a weak calf is born

The cow bears fruit and continues to give milk. This is normal until the pregnancy is 7 months. Further time should be directed to the correct development of the fetus. Balanced feeding, vitamin supplements, daily walks are the conditions for the fast delivery of a healthy calf.

Suffer from hypoxia usually large fruit, the yield of which was long and difficult.

With incorrect prenatal feeding, late start, the calf develops diseases, why the calf can not stand on its feet:

  • in the blood there is not enough hemoglobin and enzymes;
  • Gastrointestinal function did not have time to develop;
  • reduced petals of the lungs, myocardium flabby.

The calf suddenly can not stand on its feet

A healthy quick calf in a sugary period at any age is said to "fall on its feet". He can not get up, his hind legs are dragged along lifelessly. Why did the calf fall to its feet, what to do in this case?

If the calf does not rise, there are many reasons. Only a veterinarian on the basis of urine and blood tests, the general condition of the baby can diagnose and prescribe a treatment.

If the musculoskeletal function of the joints is broken, first of all they feel the limbs, determining whether there is inflammation of the joints. Perhaps the reason lies in the puncture, suppuration, imperceptible at first glance.

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The cause may be a violation of the central nervous system. Sign of the oppressed state, a weak response to stimuli. Such a state, close to coma, can arise from a solar or heat stroke.

Inadequate feeding can lead to rickets, white muscle, and alimentary dystrophy. The calf organism develops rapidly, new feeds are required every day. Even the calf on the sushi constantly touches the feed of the mother in the feeder from the first days.

Rickets are defined by thinning of the ribs, teeth do not change. In this case, calves lick the walls, trying to gain the missing trace elements. All manifestations of inferior feeding disappear with the introduction of iodine, selenium, chalk vitamins of group B, E, D. in the diet.

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