Features of the development of smallpox in the defeat of sheep and goats

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What if broilers fall to their feet?

What if broilers fall to their feet?Farm

Contents of the article: Features of the maintenance of meat breeds of chickens How to raise broilers to their feet Infectious diseases of broilers Broilers fall ...

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Feeding calves from birth to 3 months

Feeding calves from birth to 3 monthsFarm

Content of the article: Colostrum What to do if we don’t have any colostrum When to get used to water and other foodstuffsis vulnerable to any disease, as its blood c...

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Photos and description of honeybees

Photos and description of honeybeesFarm

Content of the article: Dark European or Middle-Aged Breeds( Apis Mellifera) Italian Honey Bee Breed( Apis mellifera liqustica) Asian, Honey Bees Bee Breeds - Video ...

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