Inflatable sofa from China for rest in the country


Before the opening of the summer season there is very little time left. Perhaps the head has already matured a plan for the improvement of the site. Seeds, fertilizers, land purchase - are all our interests focused only on gardening? The dacha is created not only for additional work, but also for a good rest.

For a comfortable pastime in nature we need garden furniture. Agree, a cozy warm evening is a pleasure to drink tea in a wicker chair or take a nap after dinner in a hammock. In the Russian online stores there is a huge selection of "dacha" furniture, but recently the biwan is gaining popularity - a kind of inflatable lounger.

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Products brand Lamzac, for example, are huge bags of durable waterproof nylon. When folded, the bi-bean is packed in a special bag and weighs just over one kilogram. The main advantages of a lounger are its compactness and ease of use. You do not need pumps to disintegrate the "lamp". Simply open a special valve, swing a few times with a bivouac to fill with air and close the valve.

Inflatable lounger, if desired, can be made softer or, conversely, elastic. Withstands the product up to 200 kilograms. Particularly strong material allows you to install a "lamp" in any place - in the forest, on the lawn, the beach and even the stones. The collection of the brand presents eight juicy shades. Without a discount inflatable bivan will cost you 5500 rubles, but during sales, prices drop to 1400 rubles.

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In domestic online stores are two types of inflatable sun loungers - from Russia and China. This means that on the website AliExpress you can order the bi-direct. Prices are on average 500-600 rubles lower. However, buyers believe that Lamzac replicas are still slightly different from the originals.

The reviews indicate that the bivan stands up to a maximum of 100 kilograms. A palette of eight colors is also available, but due to distortions on the screen there is a slight discrepancy. The length of the product in the unfolded form is from, up to 2 meters. The upper material is nylon, inside is similar to polyethylene. Buyers doubt the strength of the material, because sometimes products from China are defective.

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Despite the large number of photo and video instructions, some outdoor enthusiasts face certain difficulties in the process of inflating the lounger. In general, the quality of the bivan from China corresponds to analogues in Russian online stores, so buyers prefer to order inflatable sun loungers on AliExpress.

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