Simplifies the work of the cook knife scooter from China

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Fragrant homemade noodles with spicy tomato sauce, seasoned with a sprig of basil, besides appetite, causes an unimaginable storm of emotions. To greet guests at your country house with such an amazing dish is a sign of good nature and hospitality. However, it is worthwhile for the hostess to think about the process of cutting these thin strips, as she immediately loses the desire to cook something. But a unique rollerball knife from China will help to make such a dish in a few minutes.

The second “I” roller knife - versatility

Many cooks have appreciated the proposed tool, because it is universal. With it, you can grind both soft and hard foods. He will cope with:

  • test;
  • ginger root;
  • greens;
  • soft yeast dough designed for jewelry;
  • garlic;
  • hard cheese;
  • meat( pork, tenderloin or bacon).
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You can perform these operations thanks to the unique design features of the roller knife. The total length of the device is 20 cm. Of these, 15.5 cm falls on the handle, which is made in the form of a double arc with a glossy surface. Therefore, it is convenient to hold it with your fingers. On the edge of the product there is a loop for safe storage of the roller. The width of the working surface is 6 cm. The comfort of work is provided by:

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  • thin and rather sharp knives that do not “chew” products;
  • smooth / sliding surface;
  • eight divisions of 0.5 cm, which speeds up the preparation of food;
  • stainless steel.
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Disk blades are attached to a plastic shaft. It is securely fixed with bolts of the closed type. As a result, the confectioner will not get hurt by the tool during work or washing. Knives scroll freely and effortlessly. It is very easy to maneuver the device because it is not large in size.

Culinary workshop

With the help of a knife from a scooter from China, you can make a survey of culinary products. Some practice using it to decorate pies, buns and loaves. Others make amazing Italian pasta or large Japanese noodles. Delicious is a mjanman soup made from thick homemade pasta. Such a cutting roller will help finely chop the parsley and dill to season any dish.

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It is recommended to buy a universal device for cutting dough and other products on the marketplace of AliExpress. The starting price of the product is 153 rubles. However, many sellers, unfortunately, take money for delivery. Still pay 204 rubles.much cheaper than paying 3,450 rubles for the German original of this clip for cutting strips.

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