Chinese water gun for watering beds in the country


Each summer resident tirelessly awaits the onset of warm and bright summer days. As always, I want to enjoy the rest in your favorite summer-resort, sunbathe in the sun, rummage through the beds, but unfortunately, I have to irrigate the plants every day. This takes a lot of time and titanic work. If you want to save your nerves and facilitate yourself a quality watering of flowers, vegetables and greens in the suburban area, successfully grow them, we recommend using the water gun OHJ1014 for the garden. This is a real salvation for gardeners and summer residents. In general, it can be effectively used for a variety of tasks, for example, washing garden paths, windows and cars. Has 8 modes of water supply. The irrigation range is 5 m. There is a jet head control.

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In the vastness of our domestic online stores it is possible to find a water pistol for a garden at any price. To connect it and use it you will need a hose. The product is made of high-quality materials. The GARDENA Premium model will cost approximately 1781 rubles.

On the Chinese expanse of AliExpress you can find a budget option for watering your country plot. It is made of high-quality aluminum and plastic. The seller offers a price range from 692 rubles to 1370 rubles, depending on the set of accessories in the kit. Suitable for a large number of irrigation hoses.

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You can find on the Internet various vendors offering similar products. In general, the reviews speak about the good quality of the water pistol for watering the garden. But there are those who note such a problem as leakage at the junction with the hose. The cost varies from 600 to 1600 rudders, depending on the equipment. The service life of the device will depend on the quality of care, it must be disconnected from the hose after the watering and the tip is thoroughly dried.

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To select the water gun OHJ1014, you need to read carefully each seller reviews, and compare the evaluation of the quality of the goods. But to understand which of the Chinese vendors will send you the really best quality product is very difficult to know. Ordering a gun for irrigation in China in most cases is a matter of luck, which imposes greater risks. For this reason, there is an option how to order in a domestic store and therefore overpay, but for this you will be able to offer a 100% quality guarantee and an immediate opportunity for a service service.

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