Bungalow style interior

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The main principle in the bungalow is a compact layout and rational organization of the entire space. When planning housing, all auxiliary rooms and facilities are located around the living room. In the interior, everything should be as simple as possible, primitive, but concise.


Interior decoration

For decoration exclusively natural materials are used. To finish the floor, a wooden board is used, for walls - interior paint, natural fiber wallpaper or decorative plaster. Wall coverings can imitate brickwork with inserts of wooden planks. If the living room has a fireplace, then it is necessarily decorated with stone or brick.


The design is dominated by natural shades. White symbolizes the beach or desert, yellow and orange - the sun, green - the plant world, and blue - water and sky.


Decor Elements

A bungalow should not have a large number of decorative elements; quite a few elements that are made by yourself are sufficient. Textiles, as well as design, are selected in accordance with natural shades. Especially pay attention to brown, grassy and terracotta shades.

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The windows can have light curtains made of organza, curtains made of fairly dense and rough fabric, blinds made of thin wooden planks. Indoor plants on window sills will be able to bring even greater association with nature. The walls can be decorated with paintings with still lifes, rustic or beach motifs.


With its modesty and simplicity, for many people, a bungalow is an ideal housing. He is appreciated for environmental friendliness and the space around the house. When designing a space, you should not give up those objects and things that you love, but it is quite enough to replace them with wooden ones. For example, large and massive soft chairs, sofas, replaced with those that have completely wooden armrests, where the wooden legs are clearly visible. Be sure to keep in mind that in this style, as in many others, it is important to pay attention to the harmonious combination of furniture and interior.


In fact, the bungalow is today one of the most successful incarnations of a cozy and comfortable interior, filled with air and light. Even when it is used for very small rooms, as it was originally, it gives a feeling of spaciousness, perfectly suits both large cottages and city apartments.

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