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Enjoy the incomparable taste of fish dishes without the participation of the fish. Casserole from broccoli is a worthy alternative to such expensive dishes. The delicious aroma that comes from the oven, as well as the granular texture of this cabbage, leave no one indifferent. Especially it will be loved by women who are worried about their figure. Moreover, it is easy, inexpensive and simple to prepare such an exquisite treat. And this will take them only 50 minutes, or even less.Many people can not wait to read the recipes of broccoli casserole cooked in the oven.

This cabbage is unique in its kind, because it is also a dietary, therapeutic and non-allergic. It (along with zucchini) can be given to small children, as the first products of adult nutrition.

Chicken sold for $ 1 million

Of course, there is no such price for chicken meat. However, preparing an appetizing casserole with broccoli and chicken, it will be worth it. The products are juicy, but at the same time gentle and pleasant to the taste.You can achieve this result only if:

  • 300 g of chicken fillet wash and remove the film, cut into strips along the fibers;
  • salt and pepper, and then put on the bottom of the gusjatnitsy (without adding vegetable oil);
  • each inflorescence (cabbage needs 500 g) to separate into smaller fractions;
  • Spoon the sprigs with boiling water (preferably a half liter of water) using a colander;
  • gently lay the inflorescence on top of the meat;
  • prepare the filling: whisking the egg with spices and salt, a small trickle you need to pour 250 ml of kefir and thicken the mixture of 2 tbsp. l. flour;
  • Russian cheese (100 g) grate medium-sized;
  • pour in the sauce ingredients so that they practically disappear, and top up with shavings;
  • send the form for half an hour in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees;
  • after baking, let the food cool down a little;
  • Before serving, the broccoli casserole should be decorated with parsley and green onion pens.
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It is noteworthy, but the technology and the cooking time of this dish for some cooks may differ. To the main processes they are added a few more steps, namely:

  • chopped chicken fillet cubes;
  • frying / boiling meat with spices and onions (curry or hops of suneli) in a small amount of butter;
  • blanching inflorescences in salted water (up to 3 minutes);
  • whipping cream / sour cream with egg in a blender (it is important not to forget to add salt and pepper).

At the same time, for a brighter and savory taste, you can grate pickled cucumber with these products. Anyway, this dish is baked a little faster than usual, only 20-25 minutes.To the table it can be served along with sliced ​​hard cheese or fresh vegetables: tomatoes in the company with Bulgarian pepper. The leaves of lettuce, arugula, and also green onions will surely provide guests with a real explosion of flavors.

Before serving, the casserole should be taken from the mold and divided into individual portions in hot form. By tradition, to such a meal, the hostess must provide a fork and knife, as well as a glass of water.

Sisterly duo

Megadetic will result in casserole from broccoli and cauliflower. These two "related" products perfectly harmonize to taste, color and texture. Nevertheless, it is wise to choose a sauce and accompanying ingredients. They should in no case "drown out" the delicate taste of these two kinds of cabbage. Therefore, to such a "sisterly duet" you can safely add carrots, leeks, bell peppers, tomatoes and even sweet and sour apple. However, to make it all five stars, you need to perform the following steps step by step:

  • divide and cut inflorescences;
  • minutes three boil the cabbage in salted water and pour it into a colander to dry it;
  • chop onion and garlic, which will give the dish a magical fragrance;
  • fry them for 2 minutes. in oil, adding 3 tbsp. l. flour;
  • pour 150-200 ml of meat or fish broth (after 5 minutes in the sauce put 4 pieces of butter / cheese);
  • season with salt, paprika, pepper and nutmeg;
  • Mix 100 g of breading with spices, pour in 4 tbsp. l. butter (melted), carefully grind;
  • chop 100-150 grams of Parmesan cheese or a fountain.
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At this stage, the basic preparations are made. Then follow the familiar steps of "zapkovki" casserole with broccoli, which is cooked in the oven. While the sauce has not cooled down, it is necessary to promptly conduct the formation, and this will require:

  • ½ a part of the cabbage to lay on the bottom of the mold, pour half of the cream sauce and sprinkle with cheese chips;
  • Put the remaining ingredients in the same order;
  • in the end, evenly spread the oiled bread crumbs on the surface;
  • send the casserole from the broccoli cabbage in the oven for 35-40 minutes.

In other interpretations of preparation for this "family duet" along with inflorescences, leek, carrots, sweet peppers and spinach pass. And in the sauce, add grated tomato, but only without skins.As decorations use twigs of parsley and dill.

This gentle treat perfectly combines with red fish. For example, you can cut into cubes trout fillets, salmon or salmon and present along with the casserole. Moreover, this fish can be added to the dish itself.

Bonus points

It is worth noting that the broccoli casserole with cheese can include various products. With it, the meat, fish, and some cereals are perfectly combined. Of course, it is better to separately prepare each of these ingredients, because they need more time than cabbage. Then they should be combined and sent to bake. Perhaps it's time to read this list. Thus, the recipe for broccoli casseroles should include:

  • minced meat from chicken fillet or pork;
  • whole / chopped tomatoes;
  • mushrooms (champignons, honey agarics, but a white mushroom to taste in general will resemble chicken);
  • boiled rice with meat fillet;
  • smoked bacon or thighs;
  • pasta.
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For all this, the cooking principle remains the same. You can even more diversify the palatable range of canned peas, as well as beans. It should be somehow unusual to present the dish. With the help of special shapes from the casserole, some cut out funny figures: a heart, houses or animals. On a golden crust, they originally lay out bright green with red flowers made from tomatoes, as well as fruits.

A successful addition to the broccoli casserole will be a sour cream / mustard sauce. But yogurt or mousse with sour will be an excellent "companion" for such a meal.

Among other things, when buying broccoli, you need to pay attention to its appearance. The bright shade and elastic texture of the inflorescences indicate a high quality of the product.At the same time, it should not give off a fetid smell. Observance of these insignificant reminders will help to prepare a useful and unusually appetizing treat.

Video recipe for broccoli casseroles

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