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Emerging changes in climate make it difficult to grow vegetables. How in the conditions of non-standard natural phenomena to care for white cabbage and get a good harvest?

White cabbage is a cold-resistant, light-loving plant. For its full development and maturation it is necessary to have a light day lasting at least 13 hours. Depending on the region, early and mid-season varieties ripen no earlier than 70 days or more. How to grow white cabbage in order to get a good harvest in any region? To do this, follow some rules.

How to choose and prepare white cabbage seeds?

The growing region plays a major role in the selection of seeds for sowing. The farther north the site is, the more precocious it is to choose varieties. On the packaging in the description contains the dates of sowing and approximate harvest of culture.

But, as a rule, these data are indicated in the case of strict adherence to agricultural practices of care and cultivation. Such violations, as well as failures in climatic conditions — drought, heavy and prolonged rains, and prolonged frosts — adversely affect the agricultural practices of growing white cabbage.

The main task of preparing white cabbage seeds is to improve their germination and further healthy development of sprouts. To do this, hold a series of activities with seeds:

  • Calibration;
  • Hardening;
  • Stratification - keeping wet seeds for a certain amount of time at low temperatures;
  • Soak in a disinfectant solution;
  • Warming;
  • Processing with micronutrients;
  • Sprouting.

The process can be described as follows. After sizing, dry white cabbage seeds are placed in hot( about 45-50 C) water for 15 minutes. Then immersed in cold liquid for a minute. Bring the solution with trace elements and put them in it for 12 hours. After washed with clean water and placed in the fridge for a day. It remains to dry the seeds and sow.

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Preparation of soil for sowing and seedling

The seedlings are sown in boxes. But to make the plants easier to transfer to the open ground, it is better to sow each seed in a separate container.

They can be bought if it is not possible to equip the landing tapes themselves. In this case, the root system is not subjected to stress, as it is carefully transferred to the prepared well with a clod of earth. Although cabbage is not choosy for transplanting, this method of planting will allow early harvest.

When planning a place for planting white cabbage seedlings, it is worth remembering which culture was its predecessor. It is desirable that onions, siderats, cereals, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes should grow here.
It is necessary to exclude the planting of vegetables on the place of the cruciferous family - radish, radish, various types and varieties of cabbage, beets, turnips, and also tomatoes.

The plot for cabbage is prepared in advance, better in autumn. If the soil is acidic, then limestone is applied. The most favorable neutral soil.

In the spring, organic and mineral fertilizers are added per 1 m2:

  • Wood ash - 3-4 glasses;
  • Discontinued Organic - 1 bucket;
  • Urea - 1 tablespoon;
  • Superphosphate - 2 tablespoons.

They dig up the soil, clean the roots of weeds and prepare the beds, making fertilizer. There are several options for the formation of beds, it all depends on the preferences and physical strength of the gardener. Planting in a box, a separate bed for each seedling, rectangular beds in rows 1 and 2, etc. It is important that when irrigating, the water does not flow to one bush, but be evenly distributed over the entire surface, irrigating all the plants.

If dry winds prevail in the region or there are problems with water, timely loosening and mulching will help to prolong the soil moisture.

How to plant white cabbage seedlings

In prepared beds, hoes are made. It is important that their depth be a little more than the height of the root system of the plant. If the hole turned out more than necessary, then add a little bit of earth to it. The main thing is that the depth was not less than the root. Otherwise, the plant will fall and take root poorly.

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Another important point. When planting a plant you need to make sure that the cabbage outlet is not covered with earth. Otherwise, its growth will stop and the culture will die.

Before planting white cabbage, it is watered. If the seedling is sitting in a separate pot, then after the earth is soaked with moisture, it is gently turned upside down with one hand, grabbing the upper surface of the container with the palm of the other hand. At the same time between the fingers should remain a stem. Gently shaking the pot, a clod of earth with the root will come out and remain intact in the palm of your hand. It remains only to turn it roots down, put in the hole, densely sprinkled with earth and pour.

Early planting scheme - 40X25 cm, medium and late - 40X60 cm.

If strong heat is expected after transplanting, care for white cabbage, in addition to mulching the soil, will protect the young leaves from sunburn. To do this, you can make a small canopy, which is based on a wooden or metal frame, covered with non-woven material or any light fabric.

Necessary conditions for growing white cabbage

In order to get a good harvest it is important to maintain the basic conditions for growing white cabbage:

  • The optimum temperature of air and soil during the growing season and ripening;otherwise, it will cause the plant to color and other problems;
  • A sufficient amount of light;it is not necessary to plant plants near trees and in other shaded places;cabbage will stretch out;it will cause poor tying of the fork or head;
  • Watering;cabbage is very demanding for timely abundant watering;but it is worth remembering that excessive daily hydration will lead to premature cracking of the plug;
  • Tillage - loosening, mulching will reduce the amount of watering and ensure free access of air to the root system;
  • Fertilizing mineral and organic;
  • Protection against pests and diseases.

Growing white cabbage, you need to take into account the cold-resistant qualities of the plant. For example, frost resistance depends on the age and variety of the crop. For the emergence of sprouts enough 2-3 degrees above zero. But friendly shoots will appear in 4-5 days at a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius.

Hardened seedlings can cope with the effects of night frost, with a developed root system or planted into the ground no earlier than 10-14 days. The indicator of the thermometer should not be below 3-5 degrees of frost. The optimum air temperature for growing seedlings is 13-15 C, and the soil is 2-3 degrees lower.

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If it is difficult or not possible to maintain the necessary conditions in the open ground for the development and cultivation of white cabbage, it is worthwhile to take care of the construction of the greenhouse. It is important to choose varieties bred for cultivation in greenhouses. This will avoid many diseases, especially fungal, peculiar to the cruciferous family.

Here you can see varieties of white cabbage with a photo.

What is the peculiarity of growing cabbage in a seedless way?

Cabbage grown in a seedless way gives a high yield ahead of time for 10-12 days. Seeds sow 3-4 pieces in one nest and immediately to a permanent place. What is the peculiarity of this method?

It is necessary to carefully select the site, because there will appear completely unprotected shoots of culture. Protection against pests and diseases is somewhat more complicated than in greenhouse conditions. Before planting, the land should be cleaned as much as possible from weed roots and harmful insects. White cabbage grown in such a way more durable, hardened and fruitful.

Pre-treat seeds and sow in well prepared, soft, moist soil, sprinkling with peat. After germination, the plants are thinned, leaving the most robust.

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