How to distinguish black raspberries and blackberries?

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Tell me, what is the difference between black raspberries and blackberries? The husband brought berries from the market, said that raspberries. I am a little confused by the fact that inside the berry is white and dense.

Everyone is used to the fact that raspberries are juicy and fragrant berries of red-pink color. However, there is a variety that does not look at all like ordinary raspberries, but more like a different berry, blackberry, and therefore they are often confused, which is used by unscrupulous sellers.

And nevertheless, there are some signs on which it is possible to determine which kind of berry is on the counter. In addition, even when seedlings are selected and grown, plants can be distinguished.

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Differences of black raspberries from blackberries are as follows:

  • shape and structure of berries;
  • appearance and shape of the bush;
  • the time of flowering of bushes and ripening of the harvest.

Features of berries

For both cultures, the characteristic black color of the fruit, which consists of single-seeded bone, but this is the only common features, because the shape and structure of the berries they have different.

The blackberry glitters slightly in the sun and has an elongated shape. The pulp is dense, so they are well stored and do not fall apart during transportation. When harvesting, the berry comes off with a flower bud, while in the center (at the point of separation) one can see the white core.

Raspberry is inside the hollow, when collected, the colander remains on the branch. The berry itself is also quite dense and well-shaped, which, unlike the blackberry, is rounded. Like common raspberries, the variety has a slight hairiness on berries.

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Features of the bush

Looking at adult bushes, it is easy to distinguish blackberries from black raspberries. Blackberry plantations are very dense, and the bushes are high due to the long 3-meter shoots. Raspberry grows freer, and the height of the bush is two times lower.


Color shoots are also different:

  • raspberry - light, with a gray-blue hue;
  • blackberry has green.

Significant differences between the two cultures are related to their spines: the blackberry has a decent size, they are strong and prickly: it's quite difficult to get rid of "friendly embraces". The raspberries are more fragile, even fleecy, but abundantly sprinkled with branches.


Features of the growing season

Both types of plants are rarely damaged by spring frosts, since they bloom quite late. But if the raspberry starts to bloom early in the summer, then the blackberry blossoms only towards the end of its first month (June).

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Accordingly, the harvesting time for the crops is different: the raspberry ripens a month earlier and can be removed from the bush in July. As for the blackberry, the first ripe berries appear in August.

Blackberries are able to bear fruit until the first frost, while raspberries in late summer no longer.

Video about the differences between blackberries and black raspberries

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