Made in China, seed pouches


The villa site is a favorite place for many residents of our country. We all like to have a rest at the cottage, and also to do our garden, growing tasty and healthy vegetables, beautiful flowers. Preparation for the summer season always begins in advance. Many grow seedlings on their own windowsill and often have difficulty transporting to their site.

Pouches for seedlings - is an indispensable attribute for any dacha season. You can safely plant young plants directly in the ground without worrying about the damage to the root system.

Pouches for seedlings are made of spunbond material with chaotically arranged fibers, Due to this, the material perfectly passes through itself moisture, air, and also protects against waterlogging the soil. The material is resistant to the influence of sunlight and high temperatures, does not allow various oxidation processes to flow, and also to injure harmful micro-organisms. Fully meets various requirements. It is ecological and non-toxic. Thanks to the pouch for seedlings, you are guaranteed to get a healthy root system and remarkable growth due to the fact that there is a complete contact with the ground and thermal adjustment of the soil right in the bag.

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To order bags for seedlings it is possible on expanses of the Chinese Internet shop AliExpress. The goods are sold in batches of 100 pieces for 7, 0 rubles, that is, 1 rubles for one bag. The size is 8 * 10 cm.

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In general, the reviews speak about the excellent quality of this product, but there are those who note the long delivery of the goods. And also incomplete conformity to the sizes of a pouch for seedlings of the goods specified on page.

On the expanses of domestic online stores, you can find bags for seedlings at a price of 163 rubles per 100 pieces. The size is 15 * 13 cm.

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If you decide to buy in the Chinese online store AliExpress, initially you should read reviews from each seller, and also compare the overall evaluation of the product.

But to understand the quality goods will be sent to you by a Chinese seller or very difficult to find out. Quality of pouches for seedlings can be very different. And from the poor quality of the goods the disappointment, last much longer than from the low price of joy. For this reason it is better to order in a domestic store, more expensive. For this you, but will offer a 100% guarantee of product quality.

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