The most popular styles in home decoration, distinctive features and features

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Difficult circumstances - crisis times, limited material opportunities, a small apartment with a large family. In this case, it is inappropriate to consider classical and ethnic styles, since they require large areas and material costs. Remain budget, modern. The basic options are minimalism and loft. To date, there are no defined rigid boundaries in design. Most styles can be combined for optimal quality. The basic options are taken as a basis, ideas from other styles are added and, as a result, a comfortable and practical housing with an attractive appearance is obtained.


The absence of excess objects gives a feeling of light and air. The main colors of the interior are selected: one light, the second in dark colors. You can use contrasting colors as accents.

To increase the area, interior curtain walls are removed. In place of small doors, high arches are created. The ceilings are painted white, or stretch light tones are made.


For wall decoration, monophonic pastel shades and panels made of wood or substitute are used. Piers and columns are made of polished cement and masonry. For flooring, plain materials such as tile, linoleum, wood are also selected.

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Upholstered and cabinet furniture is recommended clearly pronounced rectangular or rounded. For small areas, furniture is convenient - a transformer. Sofas and armchairs organically look with a glass or glossy coffee table. Wardrobes are used - a compartment with a closed facade. Special niches with built-in household appliances are made, which saves space.


The use of central and spot light highlights the primary and secondary zones. Perhaps color lighting. Windows open to the maximum. Translucent tulle is recommended.

Accessories must have a functional purpose and can be a bright accent spot.


Having chosen minimalism as the basic style, you can turn to other modern styles and find interesting ideas in them:

1. High tech. Technological innovations, multifunctional household appliances, expensive designer light sources. A lot of metal and glass. The main thing is the lack of jewelry. The purpose of the architectural solution is progressiveness, prestige and comfort. Suitable for wealthy people who love order, know the value of their time. The colors are black, white and gray. The Smart Home system is almost always used - remote, voice control of household appliances and lighting;

2. Scandinavian style. A small selection of applicable parts. The main color is white and its shades. Normal interior;


3. Eco - style. It is used for those who want to create a natural corner at home. The furniture is the simplest of rectangular shape. Decorations made from natural materials, environmentally friendly, make it possible to get a lot of different options. No synthetic or chemical materials are used. You can make a green ornament - a climbing plant all over the wall, large fresh flowers in tubs. For walls, aged wood, stone slabs, made of artificial stone with natural decor, cork or paper wallpapers are used. The ceiling is painted with ordinary matte light paint. You can add wood beams. The floor is wooden or stone;


4. Retro style. Shows a specific historical time. Used furniture, old-style accessories in a modern design;

5. Pop Art. Always in moving. The walls are bright in various shades. Decorated with ornaments. Extravagant wall accessories, such as vinyl records;


6. Techno Suitable for youth studio apartment. Open communications. Tiles and porcelain tiles are used. Interior steel shades. Laminate flooring;

7. Kitsch. Does not apply classical rules and stereotypes. It is characterized by unusual, non-standard solutions. Bright colours. Laminate looks like marble;


8. Modern. Recommended for large rooms. The main direction is everything is simple and functional. Mostly white and black. Although the color scheme is unlimited. A combination of pastel and bright colors is possible. Metal is used. Decoration with patterns and ornaments is minimal;


9. Loft. Previously, it belonged to huge production facilities, with high windows throughout the wall. Now it is an image of a warehouse, industrial premises. The main direction - walls and communications are not closed up. The interior is characterized by deliberate negligence. Draft materials are primed with a thin layer. The walls are illuminated by various lamps. This style is suitable for a variety of furnishings, possibly made in-house. The whole apartment is one large room, only a bathroom and a bedroom are fenced off. It is characterized by antique accessories, restored in a modern way. A characteristic element of style, unmasked concrete walls and columns. It is practical, has a peculiar texture, after special processing has an attractive shade. The texture looks very nice. Large panoramic modern windows do not close with curtains.

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