Modern neoclassical kitchen from chipboard

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DIY kitchen repair
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We are mature people who have learned how to value stability and confidence in the future. During the repair, they decided to make the kitchen cozy and warm, in the tradition of neoclassicism, as they always “breathed unevenly” to such interiors. And with the help of professionals from the design studio, a wonderful result was obtained.

Kitchen made by company "Classic - Furniture",,
g. Moscow

White kitchen

Moreover, the classic version is more functional. In a few years, new-fashioned kitchens often look strange, and a clear combination of dark artificial textures and light natural wood will always be popular.

In our headset there are 2 main classical principles - restrained color and symmetrical shape. The interior in this style turned out to be elegant and minimalistic. And neoclassicism added free volume and space.

The ceiling in the kitchen

The kitchen consists of 3 colors. The main ones are light furniture and a dark countertop with an apron. The floor of the parquet board unites them. A shade of coffee with milk softens the harsh lines and the whole interior looks more organic.

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White furniture

I did not want to buy imitation wood, in 5 years to return to this issue again. Therefore, they preferred the dull Italian furniture facades of Manchester Acacia, 2 cm thick, made of EGGER chipboard. Such wooden furniture will not stratify over time and the paint will not come off. They are veneered with ash veneer, the frames are from an array of the same breed. The only finish is open-pore painting, preserving the natural structure of the tree.

Upper facades

The refrigerator was hidden behind the kitchen facades. There was space left above and another compartment was made over the refrigerator. In general, bunk cabinets became a very successful solution. So we raised the furniture to the ceiling. And so that dust did not accumulate on top, they used a false panel under gypsum.

Built-in refrigerator

Above the main cabinets we have small mezzanines for rarely used items and utensils. There are such in any home. In our case, you can not stand on a stool every time (reaching the upper shelves), but do it really if necessary.

Upper cabinets

Our family consists of 3 people, replenishment is not expected - therefore, 5 sections of cabinets were enough for us, one of which is an extractor fan and an oven. On the other wall is a refrigerator with 2 doors. The kitchen looks quite spacious, but at the same time it has everything you need.


At the bottom of the cabinets is a lamp backlight. One in the wash zone, the second on the main work surface. It simultaneously performs both a decorative and a working function. Without backlight, work with your back to the light, not with your hands. And with backlighting, it’s both convenient and beautiful.

Tube light

All the handles in the kitchen are in the form of horizontal staples. They are the most practical and well suited to classic facades.

Kitchen handles

At the heart of the countertops is artificial acrylic stone. It is resistant to moisture, workloads, strong and quite durable. The same sink with an additional drain for clean dishes was built into the countertop.


For the apron used tile-boar. These are ceramic small-format plates in which rectangles are laid out like bricks. The wild boar fits perfectly into the classic interior. And with it, we beat the side surface on a free wall, laying tiles with a ladder. Dark sockets are built into the apron and do not look like a foreign body.


The whole new family likes the new neoclassical interior. There are no frills, elaborate details and flashy colors. And there is a lot of light, space and fresh air!

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