Screw juicer: how to choose the right one, review of the best

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The squeezing action in standard centrifugal juicers is inefficient. After all, aggregates of this type first abrade vegetables and fruits on an existing grater, and then, using the centrifuge mechanism, separate the juice from the pulp. The process takes place at high speeds, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the product. As a result, the most valuable vitamins and mineral elements are lost.

How to achieve a high-quality and healthy drink? The centrifugal unit is replaced by an innovative screw juicer. This unit differs from centrifugal in introducing high-quality freshly pressed cold technology into its creation.

Juicer on the table

What is a screw juicer

What does the definition of a screw juicer mean, and by what principle does it work? The internal structure of such a unique unit of cold pressing is a screw a rod that squeezes the juice already from the ground products to the smallest state through fine-grained sieve. The entire operation is performed at low speeds. As a result, the juice does not heat up and does not oxidize, giving out a natural and healthy drink. The product exceeds the juice obtained from a centric type electric juicer in terms of vitamins and nutrients by a factor of 5.

Screw samples of juicers have the following advantages:

  • Small high-speed revolutions of the device do not allow oxidation of products to occur, while retaining all high-quality and useful elements;
  • The resulting juice from screw aggregates retains all its properties for 52 hours;
  • Key mechanisms and elements of devices are not exposed to the moment of centrifugal force, making it possible to increase the operating time without exposing it to the risk of failure;
  • Low noise level;
  • Wort and juice extraction even from high-density products such as cereals, legumes and nuts.

The difference between a screw juicer and a centrifugal

With sufficiently high-speed operation and ease of operation, electric centrifugal units have a number of disadvantages in comparison with unique screw juicers. Because:

  1. The output of juice from products laid in a centrifugal apparatus has indicators 40-50% less than when laying in a screw.
  2. In the process of supplying the finished juice, it heats up. This action leads to the loss of all necessary vitamins, macro- and microelements.
  3. Storage of the prepared juice in a centrifugal device is unacceptable after 25 minutes.
  4. During the spin cycle, the product is in close contact with oxygen. Because of what, in a centrifuge device, the juice is oxidized and dispensed with foam.
  5. Increased consumption of products.

Types of screw juicers

All screw models of juicers are divided into several types.

Hand held

Mechanical units, which are ordinary and universal juicers. Compact and quite comfortable devices that squeeze fresh and must from any vegetables, grains and legumes. This auger is indispensable for juice lovers who love to travel or gardeners. It does not depend on the power grid.

Mechanical juicer

Horizontal single screw

These devices are similar to standard meat grinders. Universal meat grinders that perform functions: crushers, crushers, manufacturer of homemade noodles and sausages. A unit with a horizontal single auger best copes with the extraction of herbs. Low-cost multifunction devices work from the network.

Horizontal Single Screw Juicer

Horizontal twin screw

The "elder sister" of a single-screw horizontal juicer having two parallel screw rods. A powerful unit that squeezes wort and juices from all vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts and needles. Special tips that come with these devices make it possible to produce: amazing mashed potatoes, nut and pine oil, sorbet. Twin-screw units grind coffee and spices, prepare noodles and sausages. They are quite effective devices that produce a large yield of juice, wort and oil from products.

Horizontal twin screw juicer


Vertical augers are compact devices with the ability to squeeze the largest share of wort and juice from all types of vegetable, grain and bean products. The exception is only one grass. Under the pressure of gravity, the ingredients themselves fall under the screw, which greatly accelerates the action of the spin. And thanks to the silicone ruff inside the vertical screw juicer, the cake from the net is constantly cleared. As a result, the ratio of juice to pulp increases significantly. The extraction technique of these units ensures the safety of the cellular structure of the loaded products.


The key technical parameters of screw type juicers include:

  • Capacity, component for different models from 0.4 to 1.2 liters;
  • Speed ​​indicators: from 65 to 1000 in 1 minute;
  • Spin function: horizontally or vertically;
  • Number of screw rods: single screw or twin screw;
  • Intensity having indicators: from 150 W to 1 kW;
  • Neck calibration;
  • The presence of a reverse stroke, under the action of which, productivity increases;
  • Calibration of grid cells. The smallest diameter of the mesh hole makes the juice output better.

These characteristics are fundamental when choosing the best screw juicer for home. A review of screw juicers, which are most popular among consumers, will help determine the right choice of unit.

Rating of the best models 

SALUTE. Manual car from a Russian manufacturer. It is notable for easy operation, while being a reliable and high-quality mechanical screw juicer. Super optimal price for the device. In the city of Moscow, such a unit can be purchased for just 800 rubles.

MANUALJuicer. A mechanical unit that will very quickly turn any vegetables and fruits into juice enriched with vitamins and useful elements. It has a fairly low cost of 1400 rubles.

REDMONDRj930S. The top model of screw juicers, leading the rating of the best units in terms of price: quality. The device is a vertical view of the location of the auger, compact, quite powerful and stylish. It has the function of serving freshly squeezed fresh, which is obtained ideally from: any fruit, tomatoes, herbs, herbs, grains and legumes. You can buy this unit in Moscow for only 5000 rubles.

OMEGAEUG707. Horizontal electric screw type juicer with automatic pulp discharge. It has secondary functions: homonization using a special sieve, making homemade noodles and sausages. The price of such an apparatus varies: from 27,000 rubles.

TRIBESTGREENSTARELITEGSE. Elite-class horizontal twin-screw device. It has three operating modes and a set of additional nozzles for the manufacture of first-class: juices, mashed potatoes, sorbets, nut and bean oil, noodles, sausages. Protective function against moisture getting into the start buttons and a 1000 ml volumetric capacity with stand. According to consumer reviews, it is a very good helper for obtaining a quality product both at home and in operating it in cafes and restaurants. You can buy such a juicer in Moscow within 48,000 rubles.

Determine which of the screw units is the best. Very difficult. The choice of a suitable model for you as a whole will depend on its purpose and operating conditions.

Video: a review of the best screw juicers 

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