Successful repair with a rotary hammer Hyundai H 850 from China


To make a redevelopment of the apartment, make a hole in the monolith or conduct a walling under the wiring will help the perforator TM "Hyundai" series H 850. This multifunctional technique will be an excellent assistant to a home master, a real man.

Puncher Features

Homeland of the brand "Hyundai" is South Korea. This is one of the four largest concerns of the country, which began its production in 1947. China also has a license to produce this model of drilling equipment. The characteristics of the Chinese model of the perforator Hyundai H 850 is:

  1. Power. The potential of the motor is 800 W, which allows the machine to turn concrete or brick into dust in a matter of minutes.
  2. Cartridge SDS +. This type of clamping connection facilitates easy and quick tool change. This plays a key role in working with a variety of robust materials.
  3. Impact force. The indices in, J and , 00 bpm indicate that it is possible to destroy the masonry in a short time. At idle the shaft makes 930 rpm. Of course, in contact with solid materials, the unit reduces productivity.
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The electric tool has a reverse function. Thanks to it, you can easily remove a drill from the processed object or wall. Especially the reverse mode is relevant if the drilling element is stuck in the surface. This function also permits the use of a Hyundai H 850 perforator instead of a screwdriver. This device is safely used for 3 main types of work:

  • drilling;
  • chiselling;
  • drilling with impact.

The diameter of the holes in each material is different. For wood, it is 30 mm, concrete - 26 mm, and metal - 13 mm. In order not to damage the apparatus and the object being processed, the manufacturers provided a mode for smooth adjustment of the drill rotation. As a result, the device can be configured for a specific type of surface. In addition, the Chinese version of this technology is equipped with a safety clutch, which works not only in emergency situations, but also in ordinary cases.

As noted by users, the plastic body does not have a very pleasant smell. Therefore, it is better to store it in the garage or on the balcony.

Package and ergonomic design

The service life of the instrument largely depends on the conditions of its storage. Therefore, the kit must include a compact plastic case. Special compartments are designed to store all the components of the device, namely:

  • additional removable handle;
  • bit;
  • three drills of different diameters;
  • depth gauge;
  • peak.
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Weigh a puncher Hyundai H 850 to 3 kg. So, the master is not too tired from the long drilling work. The main and additional handle simulates the shape of the human palm. Special rubberized inserts make it possible to hold the vibrating device firmly, and also prevent it from slipping out of the hand. Unfortunately, the power cord is not long enough, in total, m. This greatly limits the possibilities of the employee in a large room.

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In the shops of Russia, the puncher costs 5490 rubles.

The cost of this equipment on AliExpress is slightly lower than in conventional stores. Here you can buy it for only 5310 rubles.

But in online stores in Ukraine, the cost of a perforator is 2100 UAH, which translates into rubles for about 4900.

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