Electric hobs - which are better? Rating models

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Electric hobs in the kitchen
Built-in hobs are most popular these days. Manufacturers of hobs try to equip their products with convenient functionality, as much as possible uncomplicated mechanism and truly elite design that fits perfectly into any modern interior. But which ones are they, which one is better to choose - gas or electric? Let's talk about it.

This technique is a smooth flat surface with built-in burners that make the cooking process quite simple and high-quality due to the heating elements.

Most often you have to customize the furniture for the built-in panel, since such a technique is famous for non-standard, diverse forms. Based on the above reasons, you should decide in advance which surface to choose and install in the kitchen.

Cooktops for the kitchen

Gas hobs

Gas panels, like electric ones, have among themselves a number of important differences in types:

  1. Type of gas on enamel - the most budget option. It is characterized by medium durability, since enamel is able to burn only after a long period of time. This type of surface is unpretentious in leaving - stains can cope with ordinary means for cleaning enamel.
  2. The gas type on stainless steel is practical in terms of impact resistance and maintenance. But the surface of such a material is easy enough to damage if you use a hard sponge for cleaning.
  3. The type of gas on glass is notable for its low impact resistance, however, it is more practical in maintenance than gas on a stainless steel.
  4. Glass type ceramic gas is the most practical type of gas surface. This type is characterized by good impact resistance. Its main drawback is its relatively high price.
Electric hobs - which are better? Rating models
Enamelled Steel Plate
The gas hob can be of several types:
  1. The cast-iron grate is durable in operation and will not lose its original appearance even after several years of use.
  2. Enameled steel is unpretentious and easy to care for, has a high degree of impact resistance. However, enamel on a steel grill loses its attractive appearance over time under the influence of high temperatures.

An additional option and an indispensable function for a country house is gas control. Its value lies in the fact that in the event of a fire extinguishing, the gas supply to the stove stops.

Automatic electric ignition completely eliminates the need to light gas with matches. A distinction is made between a mechanical system of ignition of a flame and a system of "piezo" when it is necessary to simultaneously turn the gas knob and press the spark feed button.

Electric built-in hobs

They may have some differences in the heating mechanism. If you are already completely sure that the electric panel will be an ideal option for your kitchen, then you can safely approach the choice of other characteristics.

Electric built-in hob

Hot plates play an important role in the intensity of heating. Electric panels can be equipped with the following types:

  • Cast iron is one of the oldest and most proven options. The advantages of cast iron are that they have a fairly budgetary cost and high reliability. The basis of such a panel is usually made of high-quality stainless steel or enamel.
  • Rapid - more often used in glass-ceramic plates. They heat food at a high speed and cool quickly.
  • Hi-light hobs
    Hi-light - like cast iron, the same traditional version of glass-ceramic surfaces. Heating occurs using tape mechanisms. The low cost and ease of use made hi-light burners quite popular.
  • Induction - a relatively new version of the technology market, but has already managed to become the main trend in the world of kitchen appliances. Special mechanisms contribute to the heating of dishes, and not the surface of the stove. Panels with induction hobs are the most expensive and require the use of special utensils.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the features of their use. Most hobs are equipped with halogen lamps that allow you to see heated sections of the stove, and this, in turn, helps to avoid burns.

After all the models are carefully studied, you should pay attention to the material from which they are made.

So, standard enameled ones will be cheaper and have a fairly large range of different shades. But finding the best quality model among such material will be problematic. The enamel is subject to scratches and abrasions and is quite problematic to clean.

Electric hob for the kitchen

A more practical stainless steel cooker is much easier to clean, less susceptible to external damaging factors and able to withstand loads. Among the minuses - high surface gloss. And cleaning should only be done with gentle detergents.

Glass ceramic hobs are the material that most users love. Among the advantages: ease of operation (possibly even touch) and high material strength. But glass ceramics are easily scratched, susceptible to shock and may even crack.

It is also worth paying attention to the shape of the panel itself. The standard shape is a rectangle, but in our time, modern interiors allow you to mount tiles of all shapes and sizes - from round and oval to curved.

Control systems

Another necessary criterion in choosing a built-in hob electric panel is a control system. It is produced by electronic or electromechanical elements.

Hob control system

Electronic control is often found in cookers with a large number of functions, such as automatic boiling or shutdown, temperature control, the ability to control the heating power, memorizing specific modes, etc.

In the modern world, hobs with electronic control function make it possible to significantly reduce the cooking time and eliminate the need to control the cooking process.

For example, the automatic hotplates will turn off when the food is ready or reduce the heating temperature. In case of spilled soup or boiling milk, they are able to automatically turn off. Most of the electric burners read information about the size of the dishes and they themselves select the power and heating area.

Touch electric control of a plate
Touch electric control usually has a special screen on which operations are displayed. Thus, you can control the time until the end of cooking, mode and temperature.

The electronic-mechanical control is convenient thanks to the fast switching of modes, and is also equipped with a child lock function. The electronic-mechanical control has sensory mechanisms, electric rings and knobs that can be manually controlled.

Secrets of the right choice

What is the first thing you need to pay attention to in order to choose the best tile? Experts recommend first to think about the dimensions of the built-in appliances, and then about the design so that it harmoniously fits into the interior of the kitchen.

And also you need to think about the desired number of burners (there can be from 2 to 5) and about in what order they will be placed on the surface (in a straight line or in the form of some kind of geometric shape). It is important that there is enough space between them for bulky dishes.

Ultimately, you should analyze the functionality of the technique, determine the necessary capabilities and correlate the price and quality of the future purchase.

How to choose a hob?

Which is better: gas or electric - you choose.

To simplify the task of choosing high-quality equipment and its further purchase, below is a list of trusted manufacturers and tips.

Cooktops for the kitchen: which company is better to choose? Expert Advice

The leaders in sales of built-in kitchen appliances can be divided into three types:

  1. Budgetary: Hansa, Hephaestus, Ariston, Ardo, Hansa.
  2. Middle class (more expensive): Gorenje, Siemens, Bosch, Electrolux, Whirlpool.
  3. Luxury (significantly higher cost): Miele and Gaggenau.

List of prices for the products of the most popular kitchen equipment companies:

  • Ariston - about 12 thousand rubles.
  • Zanussi and Whirpool - from 15 thousand.
  • Smeg - from 38 thousand rubles.
  • Siemens - from 28 thousand rubles.
  • Miele - from 35 thousand.
  • Gorenje - from 17 thousand.
  • Electrolux - about 21 thousand rubles.
  • Bosh - 22 thousand and above.

Rating of the best electrical panels based on customer reviews on various online resources. The brands Bosch, Zanussi and Gorenje are represented here.

Bosch PIC 645 F 17 E

Model Bosch PIC

This panel with a glass-ceramic coating is not in vain at the very beginning of the rating, because it has collected the most reviews from consumers. She lives up to her high price ($ 580) with high quality and convenient functionality.

Specifications and Benefits

  • Two induction and two ordinary electric burners.
  • Protective shutdown.
  • Ability to block and the presence of a timer.
  • Front panel switches are located.
  • Automatic detection of the presence of abandoned dishes.


  • Lack of illumination on the control panel.
  • Poorly thought out cooling system.
  • After the warranty period, service is very expensive.
  • There is only one power indicator - it is inconvenient to operate.
  • The timer turns off not one, but all rings at the same time.
  • Only expensive tableware with a magnetic bottom is suitable for her.

Zanussi ZEV 6646 XBA

Model Zanussi ZEV

A simple model of excellent quality with an organic arrangement of rings and a convenient shape. Allows you to use dishes from any material and any volume. The price is 255 dollars.


  • Four burners Hi Light.
  • Timer and lock button.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Touch switches.


  • The sensor responds slowly.
  • Compared to induction panels, heating is slow.
  • Scuffs appear over the heater after a short period of use of the panel.

Bosch PIB 672 F 17 E

Bosch PIB model in the kitchen

Since the stove is induction, then its cost is significantly high - 630 dollars. Saves energy thanks to fast heating. In comparison with other models it works quietly.

Specifications and Benefits

  • Touch switches are easy to use.
  • Four induction hobs.
  • The presence of a timer and a locking system.
  • Automatic protective shutdown.
  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Recognizes the presence of dishes.


  • There are no sides around the perimeter, which will allow any leakage to stain the countertop.
  • Kitchen drawers under the stove are heated when it is in working condition.
  • The plate is not white, according to the manufacturer, but gray with a bluish tint.

Bosch 651 F 17 E

Hob Bosch

Unpretentious in leaving and not energy-consuming. Cost - 415 dollars.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenient touch switches.
  • Four induction hobs.
  • Protective shutdown in automatic mode.
  • Recognizes the presence of dishes.


  • Inconvenient to manage.
  • It makes a lot of noise when switching to the eighth and ninth power levels.

Gorenje ECT 6 SY2W

Modern glass-ceramic surface. Effectively copes with its functions and is unpretentious in care. Its cost is 415 dollars.

Benefits and Specifications

  • There is a residual heat indicator.
  • Four burners of Hi-Light type.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Touch switches.


  • Inconvenient location of the control buttons - they are close to the edges of the burner, which contributes to burns.
  • Automatic shutdown of a plate if you do not touch it for a long time. This drawback is especially inconvenient when it takes a lot of time to prepare a dish.

Video: how to choose a hob 

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