Grater for vegetables: a review of varieties, ranking the best

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A grater for vegetables, which is also called a vegetable cutter, is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. It can be used to chop raw and cooked foods. There is a mechanical grater, an electric grater, a grater, the shredder of which can be different due to the many nozzles included in the kit. There are many varieties of this kitchen accessory, and its benefits are obvious. So let's take a closer look at what they are - the best graters for vegetables.

Grater a la carrots

Types of graters - basic functions and features

First of all, all vegetable cutters are divided into two large groups: mechanical (or manual) and electric (powered from the network). Let's figure out which ones are more convenient, reliable and more practical.

Electric Vegetable Slicers - Multi Slicers

The task of multi-cutting is to grind the ingredients. An endless shredder for vegetables is no longer needed manually; multi-cut will do just fine. The design is based on the principle used in combines. There are various nozzles, cylinders, assembly is required before each use and disassembly after each use.

Electric mini-harvesters vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but all have the following basic functions:

  • shred;
  • grind;
  • rub;
  • cut products of various shapes (straws, slices, slices, cubes, asterisks, etc.).
Electric vegetable cutter

Mechanics or automatic - which one to choose?

Mechanical devices are divided into seven groups depending on the principle of operation:

  1. Metal grid. The classic and most familiar option for us. You will need foods of a certain density (eggs and watery vegetables will not work). The price of this device is low, a grater with nozzles and a container is usually offered.
  2. V-shaped knife. The principle is similar to the first option, but here the sharp blades are in the shape of the letter V. With the help of different nozzles you can get straws, cubes, slices. This is not the safest grater.
  3. Manual mini-harvester. The principle of operation resembles a coffee grinder. Knives in a special compartment begin to rotate and grind products at high speed. The movement of the knives occurs due to the mechanical rotation of the handle on the body.
  4. Alligator. The device includes two parts. The device copes better with soft foods, such as boiled vegetables or eggs. Raw ingredients are given to him harder.
  5. Slicer. Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary peeler, but actually knows how to cut vegetables into thin strips - slices. Small and inexpensive device.
  6. Spiral. In appearance it resembles a pencil sharpener. The principle of operation is similar: vegetables are cut into small circles or a spiral. This miracle grater for vegetables is compact in size and interesting in design.
  7. Hand press. It looks like an ordinary glass with a lid. Blades are located on this cover. The handle with a spring provides contact of products and knives.

Features of mechanical (manual) multi-cutters

Mechanical multi-cutters have certain features:

  1. Small sizes that save space on the worktop or in the storage area.
  2. Sharpening these devices is not required.
  3. Buy manual multi-cut will be inexpensive, the price is pleasantly pleasing.
  4. To work does not require a network connection, the presence of batteries or battery.
  5. The mechanical vegetable slicer is easy to operate, and the design itself is straightforward, it’s easy to understand the device.

Of the shortcomings, it is important to note the following points:

  1. The functionality is not as extensive as that of an electric grater for vegetables.
  2. Not every model on sale is equipped with a container, sometimes you have to buy it separately or use existing tanks at home.
  3. It is imperative to make physical efforts, without them, multisection simply will not work.
  4. Raw vegetables often become a problem for manual vegetable cutters; they work much better with cooked foods.

Mechanical grater

How to choose a grater for vegetables - housewives tips

In order to make the right choice and purchase the very ideal grater in the kitchen, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Speed ​​and power. The thickness and quality of sliced ​​slices, cubes or bars directly depend on this parameter. A power rating of 50 watts is enough for slicing cooked foods, but clearly not enough for solid raw vegetables. Some models also have several speed modes, which is very convenient.
  2. Container. Not every model has a container for chopped products. It is advisable that he go bundled with the device, since it is not always convenient to search for suitable dishes in the house.
  3. Rubber feet. The device with rubberized legs will not slip on the working surface of the countertop, which is very convenient.
  4. Knife sharpening. Self-sharpening knives are ideal for multi-cutting, because they can save your precious time and nerves.
  5. Material. Inexpensive graters are made from food grade plastic, while more expensive grades are made from stainless steel. If you do not have the opportunity to choose live multitrack in stores in Moscow or any other major city, determine the material from the photo on the Internet.

5 best hand graters

Of the mechanical chutes, buyers consider the following options as the most convenient and practical to use:

  1. Nicer Dicer Plus - compact plastic case, simple operation, it is possible to cut in various forms (small, medium, large cubes, straws, slices), low price, complete with protection of cutting parts, large container. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting rather weak knives, as well as the fact that large-sized vegetables must first be cut into smaller pieces to fit.
  2. Alligator Luxury EPU AG - Recognized high Swedish quality, sharp stainless steel knives, spacious container, included are working nozzles and interchangeable blades, durable case made of stainless steel, rubberized legs add stability to the device, easy replacement of nozzles and blades, easy exploitation. The disadvantages include only the high price of the device - about 8,000 rubles.
  3. Borner classic - the qualities are guaranteed by the German manufacturer, long service life, the case is made of durable food-grade plastic, for the appliance is easy to care for and change nozzles, the cutting knives are very sharp, therefore, if neglected, they can even be dangerous.
  4. Dekok UKA-1215 - the container is equipped with rubberized legs, the body is made of environmentally friendly food plastic, there is the ability to cut into cubes of different sizes, nice appearance, sharp knives made of durable and reliable stainless become.
  5. Wellberg 9549WB - compact and light weight, plastic housing, stainless steel blades and tips, high speed, affordable price, but the manufacturer is Chinese, so the structural strength is poor the best.

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