Stylish kitchen in black and white in a private house

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DIY kitchen repair
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The kitchen was installed in the country in a private house. It is made to order. The color scheme is luxurious - black and white. When the hostess is asked in what style this space is made, she answers very unusual. During a trip to Germany, the hostess managed to visit a German woman. The design of the kitchen room impressed her. The guest said this to the woman. But it turned out that the design is not there. This is just a collection of favorite things. And the same can be said about this house. Writes an online magazine about Minsk

Layout of the kitchen in the form letters P. This made it possible to smooth out a little the narrowness of space and its inappropriate elongation. It was possible to create an optimal room with an ideal area for cooking delicious dishes. Cabinets on top are arranged in two rows. The facades are partially made in the form of showcases, the glass in which is transparent. This gives the room lightness and airiness.

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U-shaped kitchen with sofa

A special reception - on the facades used handles made in the form of bunnies. They were bought by the mistress of the house.

U-shaped kitchen with sofa

For an apron in the kitchen selected tile in the form of stylish bricks. The tile is white and the fugue is gray. This technique gives the apron activity and brightness. This option looks more advantageous than the solution when the fugue and apron tile are selected to match.

U-shaped kitchen with sofa

A sofa, table and chairs were bought in the furniture salon. Chandelier purchased in Ikea.

The mistress brought the curtains from faraway sunny Italy. An optimal shade was chosen for them. The addition was the magnificent curtains on comfortable garters. The eating area is located in the kitchen. It is incredibly roomy, although it takes up a fairly compact space. It can easily accommodate 5 people. They can enjoy a dessert and a cup of coffee. For a full meal, a large dining area is suitable, which is specially provided for this in the dining room.

U-shaped kitchen with sofa
U-shaped kitchen with sofa

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