Black and white kitchen - design secrets, photos, design rules

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Black and white kitchen (see also Black decoration) Is a classic combination of two contrasting colors, which can be made in strict geometric forms or using patterns, asymmetric bends. Black and white have many textures and tones, but the selection of identical shades of building and repair materials is easier than other possible colors.

black and white kitchen
A black and white kitchen, in contrast to less contrasting options, requires a thorough selection of interior elements, decoration materials, as well as decor. Kitchen Design must be selected taking into account the style of other rooms in order to avoid incompatible contrast. The kitchen in black and white coloring can be performed in one of the five most successful styles: avant-garde, art deco, hi-tech, minimalism or vintage.

Black and white avant-garde style kitchen

The kitchen in black and white, executed in the style of the avant-garde, provides for non-standard design approach: unusual furniture, designer jewelry, combining arches, false ceiling, zoning. Using the contrast of colors, you can highlight the dining table as the main element of furniture. Vanguard welcomes all relevant types of materials in combination with modern technology.

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Compliance with this style provides for applications in the interior:

  • cardinal combinations of forms, patterns;
  • highlighting the dining table;
  • modern building materials, textiles, technologies;
  • designer furniture.
black and white avant-garde style kitchen

Black and white art deco style kitchen

Black and white kitchen in the Art Deco style is distinguished by sharp geometric shapes of zigzags, sunbeams, steps, trapezoids, curved lines, frames, as well as alternating black and white. In this style, building materials such as wood (more details), aluminum, glass, varnished surfaces, stainless steel, genuine leather, zebra skin, glossy stone or ceramic tiles. As a decor, it is preferable to use ethnic items.

Compliance with Art Deco rules provides for the implementation of:

  • geometric shapes, shapes;
  • Contrast
  • natural materials in combination with glass and varnished surfaces;
  • ethnic figurines, paintings.
black and white art deco style kitchen

High-tech black and white kitchen

Monochrome contrast of shades laconically fits into the hi-tech style with its minimalism and manufacturability. All kinds of modern equipment look good against the backdrop of such modern building materials as glass, plastic and metal surfaces. In this case, patterns and ornaments are not permissible. It is possible to complement the white interior of a high-tech room with a black dining table or to highlight a whole area of ​​the table with dark inserts.

The conditions that define a room as hi-tech are:

  • modern technologies of conditioning, heating, lighting, humidification;
  • selection of equipment in terms of practicality;
  • strict straight lines;
  • light wall coverings;
  • ease of design and no frills;
  • rational use of living space.
black and white high-tech kitchen

Black and white minimalism style kitchen.

Minimalism is close in execution to high-tech, but involves the rejection of all that is superfluous. The contrasting interior of the kitchen in this version assumes the presence of large windows and significant space, in the framework of which is placed monolithic furniture of regular geometric shapes made of natural materials. The main goal of minimalism is the visual and physical expansion of available space, so light colors are more suitable for it.

Observance of minimalism provides for the following points:

  • the greatest possible natural lighting;
  • lack of any decor;
  • use of built-in furniture;
  • mounting suspended ceilings;
  • use of blinds instead of curtains;
  • use monophonic porcelain tile, laminate flooring or carpet as a floor covering.
minimalist black and white kitchen

Black and white vintage style kitchen

Vintage the kitchen is a more expensive option, since it involves the design of floors, ceilings, walls (what color to read we read here) and “antique” furniture, as well as the search for rare decorations that play an important role in creating a rare atmosphere. With this design, wooden furniture, forging and ceramics are used, the placement of which should be strictly symmetrical. As previously said here, wallpaper with polka dots, stripes and floral patterns, as well as linen tablecloths are a typical complement to the old look. In addition to the top light source, appropriate table and wall lights are installed.

When forming vintage rooms, you need to consider the following details:

  • there should be cracks and bumps on the flooring and furniture;
  • the decoration of the room are candlesticks, lampshades, old photographs;
  • Wallpaper should be with drawings of cutlery, plants, coffee sets, cakes;
  • there should be stucco decoration on the ceiling;
  • the presence of antique furniture and decor from natural building materials;
  • objects must be symmetrically placed in the interior of the room.
black and white kitchen in retro style

The design of a black and white kitchen should be selected individually, in accordance with the needs and lifestyle. But before finally deciding on the main direction of the design of this room, you must choose which color will be dominant in this combination.

A bright room with individual black elements looks spectacular. In the photo with a predominance of light tone, the dark details do not introduce a significant visual load, but rather highlight the main components in the interior. All large elements of the room are made in light color, while black may be work surfaces, lamps, chairs and floor. The predominance of bright color visually increases the free space, so it is more suitable for a small square of the room.

In the case of a predominance of dark tones, it is necessary to provide intense lighting. The predominance of dark colors gives the interior space rigor. Kitchens in black and white require significant quadrature, since a large amount of dark color visually reduces the working space.

The contrast of the monochrome combination can be diluted with a third color, for example, orange, in red, blue or purple. The hue of the complementary color should not be dark to ensure color balance. The combination of a black kitchen set with silver or gilded surfaces harmoniously looks.

black and white kitchen with red

Black and white design should permeate the entire kitchen equipment, monochrome should be floor, wall and ceiling coverings, curtains, kitchen appliances, all kinds of decorative figurines and even pots, pans, cups and plates. Thus, monochrome design is not a single day issue; it requires careful development of all details, even if a minimalist style is chosen. A thorough approach will not only create a unique living space, but also provide a comfortable pastime for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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