Kitchen 6 sq.m. in stalin: repair and design with countertop

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The kitchens in the steel rooms are very small, and the angular layout allows you to save precious centimeters. The room of 6 square meters is decorated in a modern style, furniture with bright green facades. The set was ordered in the company "Cosiness of the Kitchen".

Furniture is made of high-quality materials using modern equipment, at a cost much cheaper than when buying similar furniture from abroad. The hostess especially likes the filling, there is a retractable worktop, all the accessories are of high quality.

Lucky with the assembly experts. They did a wonderful job and created a “soaring” table from the countertop, without legs. The headset is small in size, but the drawers are roomy enough, they contain all the necessary kitchen items.

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Kitchen window

It took a lot of time to equip the kitchen, but the hostess did many work on her own. This is especially true for important finishing. The main stages of the work were performed by competent specialists, since they had to make major repairs.

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The house is old, was built in the first half of the last century, almost in the center of the capital. It can not be called a classic stalin, only high ceilings, more than 3 m speak about this. There are no balconies in the apartment, initially the house was four-story, the last two floors were built in war time.

Kitchen cabinets used to be old, they are almost twenty years old. Facades have been updated in the style of decoupage. Sooner or later, it was necessary to change something, and they began the reconstruction of the apartment from the children's room, which became “small” for the 20-year-old daughter, who is living with her parents under the same roof.

They made an original interior with a podium, from which all friends and acquaintances were delighted. Then the turn came to the kitchen. It was decided to think creatively and create a modern, comfortable room where it will be nice to get together with family and company.

Repair process

Repair 2
Repair 3
Repair 4
Repair 5
Kitchen plan

As a creative person, the hostess got used to give symbolic names to all undertakings. And the project to create a new kitchen was called "dandelion." I wanted to get a bright and comfortable room where I would like to return. At home there should be an atmosphere that will make gray everyday life brighter, more saturated, more joyful.

This is even more important after the difficulties that the family has experienced in recent years. The couple decided that it’s worth recovering a little from her husband’s astounding diagnosis, to show that this is not a sentence, life goes on. And to distract and calm down, you need to do something. Moreover, young people are constantly visiting the house, the daughter is studying at the university, it is necessary to comply.

The green color for the kitchen as the main one was not chosen by chance. He reminded the hostess of her childhood when she wandered with her parents through military towns. Despite the frequent change of places, their home was always warm and beautiful. Orange looks great with green, it reminds of the beloved mother-in-law service, which she really valued. Now this French luxury serves this family.

The interior was a little sentimental, but very nice. Whenever possible, every centimeter of the area was used properly, the kitchen is equipped with modern mechanisms, and despite the limited space, there is even a free space in the middle.

Cute little things, such as a mini-garden on the table, orange grass in pots, so pleasing to the eye. Even the windowsill was very successfully extended and turned into extra space for eating. The atmosphere is so homely, cozy, kind that when you are in this room it becomes warm and calm, and the mood rises!

Green kitchen
Table in the kitchen
Drawers in the kitchen
Box below
Box at the top
Wall decor
Table in the kitchen
Design and repair of a kitchen of 6 sq.m. in stalin with a tabletop under the windowsill
Kitchen in the evening

Kitchen 6 sq.m. in stalin: repair and design with a tabletop under the windowsill

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