Design studio apartment 30 square meters. m: photo, zoning, furniture

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Owners of small apartments will be able to make their home spacious and interesting. Proper layout and competent design of a studio apartment of 30 square meters. m (photos are presented below) shows how you can visually expand the space and create a favorable environment. In such a cozy nest, residents will gather for tea and conversation.

Design studio apartment 30 square meters

How to make a plan

With the right approach to the layout, even a small apartment can become spacious and comfortable. Some design techniques allow you to visually expand or expand your existing space. Before making any changes to the studio apartment, you must create a plan. To do this, you can use the tips of a specialist or develop a drawing yourself, taking into account existing resources.

Many property owners do without papers, they discuss all the nuances of redevelopment at the stage of housing construction. If you need to create a studio with a two-room apartment, you need to find a house plan and get acquainted with the placement of the main building structures. Dismantling of load-bearing walls is prohibited.

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Layout studio apartment 30 square meters

 If the user has decided to redevelop, he should take note of the following:

  • Develop a plan with the dimensions of all building structures.
  • The dismantling project, where the walls and partitions planned for demolition are indicated.
  • Layout of elements for installation. This document indicates the need to install plug-in structures.
  • Layout plan for sockets, lighting fixtures and other electrical appliances. Similar drawings are used when replacing wiring. When planning a studio of 30 sq m, the cable will be laid in a new way.
  • The layout of pipelines, on which all additional batteries are indicated, as well as the piping to the bathroom.

When planning, consider the layout of the windows. If the light enters the apartment from one window, you need to take care of additional lighting, as well as use light colors when decorating the walls. All living space should be well lit. Well, if the apartment has a balcony, here you can make a recreation area or a study.

You need to properly plan the placement of furniture in the room. To do this, you can use special 3D visualization programs. Provide hidden niches for storing unnecessary things.

Options for design projects

When zoning a studio of 30 sq m there is not always a need to dismantle the walls to save usable space. Such an apartment can be an ideal housing for single people. If necessary, make changes to the basic plan and convert the housing for a married couple.

The project usually indicates the place of installation of furniture, mark areas of redevelopment, the overall dimensions of the apartment and work areas. In addition, information is provided on wall decoration options.

 If there is a need to refresh the design of the room, then visualization programs are used for this purpose. The user enters the overall dimensions of the room into the database and receives the result of several thousand options for decorating housing furniture arrangement and many other details. The visualization program allows you to see the result of the redevelopment even before the start of work and choose the most suitable option.

In the case of planning the second tier create a separate plan for two floors. Here you also need to provide for the placement of furniture and indicate all sizes. On the second floor is usually a bedroom. This room needs heating.

Studio apartment project

Room Zoning

Before proceeding with the redevelopment of the living room kitchen of 30 sq m, you need to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the apartment and the requirements. Of course, you can stay at the classic version of the kitchen and living room, but there are other design solutions, for example, to make a study, dining room or bedroom here. To do this, you must correctly rearrange the partitions. To divide the room into zones, it is enough to hang shelves or install columns.

On the border of the contact of different details put a sofa. The specified element of furniture will allow you to separate the living room from the kitchen. For this purpose, a bar can be used. To prevent odor in the bedroom in the kitchen, a hood is required.

Studio apartment zoning

When zoning rooms in a studio kitchen of 30 sq m, take into account the number of people living here. If two residents, divide the apartment into parts using furniture or a special curtain. Such a technique will create a personal space for each person. Experts recommend expanding the window openings, which will improve the lighting of rooms.

Scattered LED lighting allows you to separate the dining room from the kitchen, but for zoning it is necessary to place lighting devices near the windows. Mirrors that are installed on shelves and cabinets also help to delimit space. To divide the apartment into several zones, various finishes in each of the rooms are used. This is especially true for flooring. The use of laminate, carpet and tile allows you to add borders.

A good option for zoning is the installation of a podium for installing a sofa or bed. This design can be used not only for placement of furniture. Niches in the podium are used as a place to store things. The bedroom is located away from the doors.

Studio apartment zoning

The nuances of furniture

The best option for zoning is the division of the apartment into a dining room, a place to store things and a room for a relaxing holiday. When choosing furniture, you need to focus on multifunctional options. Such elements can be converted if necessary, for example, a desk with a simple movement turns into a dining room.

For the kitchen or dining room, light models are chosen that easily move from place to place. Drywall racks and other hanging furniture elements are successfully used to store books.

Decorating the design of the bedroom, lay a few pillows and a blanket on the bed, this will be enough to determine the functionality of the zone. A sofa is also installed here, which will be used during the day to receive guests, and at night it will turn into a functional double bed. Manufacturers usually equip such furniture with drawers for storing bedding and other things.

Furniture for studio apartment

 In the dining area, headsets with drawers are used to store dishes and other things. Such furniture also includes a hanging cabinet. To save space in the kitchen, buy built-in appliances. The refrigerator can be installed in a special niche. If attention is focused on the dining room, then set up a round table with 4 chairs in this functional area, which will save usable space.

In the storage area, there are dressing rooms or wardrobes. Such furniture elements allow you to divide the space into several functional zones. Shelves are also installed here.

Furniture for studio apartment


 The lack of natural sunlight is complemented by artificial lighting. An ideal option would be to install large French windows in the apartment. If they go to the north side of the house, then you need to decorate the walls of the rooms in bright colors, which will help to visually expand the usable space. In addition, white frames and transparent curtains are used for windows.

As elements of artificial lighting, LED lamps are used that are installed in the kitchen, as well as on furniture in the bedroom, bathroom or hallway. Various options can be seen in the photo of the layout of the studio apartment 30 sq. M. Exiting the current situation there will also be a multi-level light system with which light sources are divided into primary and secondary. The main thing here is a large chandelier, covering the whole room with light. When you turn on additional lighting, several functional zones are highlighted.

Studio kitchen lighting

Lighting devices must fit into the overall design of the apartment. To save space, the lamps are mounted on the wall. Artificial light sources are installed in special areas where lighting devices can visually expand the volume of the room. Do not use the same light in the room, it will not be able to decorate the interior. The selection of lighting is carried out taking into account the occupation of residents.

 If there is a low ceiling in the premises, lighting devices with reflectors are used. For high ceilings, products with shades are suitable, the light from such lamps should be directed to the floor. In a small apartment, you need to abandon the use of dark curtains, because such elements will only eat up free space. The best choice will be a light weightless fabric, transparent tulle.

Color choice

Identify elements that should focus on the visitor. It can be window frames or furniture elements. To accentuate selected areas, contrasting colors are used. To highlight bright beautiful furniture pastel wall decoration helps.

Fine mosaics are laid on the walls in the bathroom. The use of mirrors helps to increase the area of ​​the room. A bold solution would be achromatic gamma with coral and scarlet shades. Such colors are present in oriental style, but dark-colored furniture is more suitable for a classic interior.

The walls in the kitchen are often decorated in white, in the living room they focus on a light brown tone. Only in this way can the effect of softness be achieved. Playing with light will allow you to get a pearl palette in the bathroom, this allows you to find smooth borders and visual transitions in colors.

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