High-tech kitchens: photos in interior design, features and nuances

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Hi-tech interior design

High-tech combines the beauty of straight lines and the elegance of curved profiles. It may look like a business office in steel tones or meet you with bright colors of summer or autumn. This is the beauty of combining minimalism and maximum practicality. The combination of natural and artificial materials in every thing.

Modular kitchens in a modern style

High-tech style is absolutely suitable for any design of a kitchenette, no matter what size it is, on whatever side of the house it is, whatever requirements are presented to it. It does not matter how it will be used - as a place for cooking or a full kitchen-living room.

Modern kitchen decoration

High tech can be identified by the following elements:

  • plenty of light;
  • correct geometry;
  • emphasis on ergonomics and practicality;
  • single room composition;
  • minimalism.
High tech kitchen

High-tech corner kitchen

The decoration of the room in which the high-tech style kitchen will be located should be given special attention. All walls, floor and ceiling should be perfectly even and located perpendicular to each other. However, to create an original interior, one of the walls can be made arched - this will be an original and interesting element.

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Bar counter in the kitchen

Earlier here we gave advice on choosing the color of the wall, in this case it is best to color their light colors: white, beigesandy. Other options for wall decoration are plastic panels, plain or for subsequent painting wallpaper (selection tips considered here).

A table in the middle of a white kitchen

The ceiling is as customizable as everyone else. There are several types of its manufacture:

  • stretch ceiling;
  • suspended ceiling;
  • drywall ceilings.
Modern kitchen

All of them allow you to create a figured multi-level composition, which will emphasize each of the elements, will help to most conveniently adjust the light in the room. For the floor, it is best to choose a convenient and practical material:

  • laminate;
  • linoleum;
  • tile.
Contemporary kitchen design

The main criteria for its selection are only the personal preferences of the residents and the combination with the rest of the interior.

Furniture selection

When choosing all furniture, the main selection criteria are its functionality and convenience. If in classic, Mediterranean and other styles, a kitchen set is just an additional surroundings of a room, then here it is a central component. It is with its help that it is possible, on the one hand, to level out the negative aspects of the room, size or incorrect geometry, and on the other, to emphasize the positive ones. As materials, only modern materials are used that are durable and have a pleasant appearance.

Modern kitchen

The color of the headset depends only on the desires and feelings of the beautiful tenant of the apartment: you can create a monophonic composition of any shade, or you can give the appearance of a Rubik's cube. Corner headsets with an abundance of hanging cabinets are perfect for any apartment.

Bar counter in the living room

We should also pay attention to the manufacturability of the headset. The best fixtures are pneumatic fittings for the upper and sliding on rolling bearings for the lower cabinets. This simplifies the use, increases the space due to the absence of interfering side doors.

Corner kitchen in blue tones.

The dining table - a bar counter will look great. Such a decision will emphasize purposefulness and mobility, will allow you to share a large room or increase the used area.

Modern white kitchen

For those who prefer the kitchen not only to cook, but also to get together with a large family for eating, an excellent option would be a glass dining table and the same set of chairs. Thanks to the manufacture of new technologies, these structures are extremely impact resistant, have a long service life, look stylish and harmonize with any color or design.

Modern kitchen in dark colors.

High-tech style in the interior is unthinkable without the modern, convenient and functional equipment, which is abundant in the kitchen. Built-in gas stoves and ovens, coffee machines, blenders, microwave ovens, steamers - all these are integral attributes of a modern kitchen. They should be in harmony with the rest of the kitchen and at the same time attract attention. Particularly good will look devices interspersed with chrome and metal.

High-tech Kitchen Option

Kitchen lighting

In this style, the play of light is a separate, scene-forming element. It sets the mood, helps in the process of work, improves well-being.

Spacious modern kitchen

Lighting is divided into two types:

  1. open - all kinds of spotlights, luminous white panels and chandeliers (tips for choosing here);
  2. hidden - lighting whose source is not visible. These are, as a rule, LED strips and other miniature light sources.
Corner kitchen in yellow tones.

Their correct combination will allow you to simultaneously set the necessary lighting for the working area, to shade off excess elements, and also to combine their settings depending on the current need. Another interesting option is the RGB-tape, which allows not only to illuminate, but also to give it a color, depending on the wishes of the people there. Black curtains give a special charm.

Dark Kitchen

Kitchen space decoration

High-tech decoration takes a secondary place and is a secondary factor in the underlying details. But it is vital for many people to decorate their home so that there is some detail that emphasizes their style or creates home comfort.

Hi-tech interior

One of these details can be a bouquet of wildflowers in the summer. It is enough to put it in a transparent vase in the shape of a glass, and the interior of the room will immediately come to life and gain its own charm.

Hi-tech design

Another option is contemporary art. A painting in the style of Suprematism, Cubism or Primitivism will decorate any kitchen and emphasize modernity and a sense of beauty.

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