American-style kitchen interior - what is the secret of its immense popularity all over the world?

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American style kitchen is an interesting original interior with its own characteristics. Coziness and practicality are skillfully combined in them with the spirit of freedom inherent in this freedom-loving country.

For the American direction, the atmosphere in the room is very important. The presence of free space is of great importance, because it is on a large area that it will be possible to fully realize everything conceived.

American style kitchen

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Features of style and furniture

The American style kitchen interior is primarily characterized by the fusion of kitchen and living room. Thus, the room increases in size and becomes more spacious. And for small rooms, this option will be a real salvation.

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High quality materials, simplicity and naturalness, a minimum of metal and plastic are the main criteria for American kitchens. This gives the impression that even average Americans live in an expensive environment, although all the furniture is as simple and functional as possible.

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The presence of wooden surfaces is another feature of the American-style kitchen. The style is a bit close to country and rustic style, their origins go back to the days when only wood was freely available from all materials.

To buy a kitchen in the American style means to purchase solid facades from solid wood, veneer, MDF or successful imitations of wood in the house. You don't have to choose brown furniture. Dull tones, painted over with enamel or with a visible wood structure, are no less popular.

American style kitchen

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Wooden beams are often installed on the ceiling and wood paneling is used to decorate the walls. Facades necessarily come with a strict front straight frame, without any curly handles and additional carving, according to the principle - the simpler the better. This elegant simplicity is beautiful in itself.

Differences from our kitchens:

  • The furniture case is installed not on adjustable legs, but on a special box (sidewalls, as in old Soviet kitchen modules). Height adjustment takes place using special chops and metal plates.
  • Most of the cases are made of plywood, rather than laminated chipboard and MDF.
  • There is also a drawer behind the doors of a conventional wardrobe.

Interior colors

The American classics are characterized by a small amount of cold colors - only light and warm surfaces, among which various wood structures are dominant. Natural and natural colors create a cozy atmosphere and make the room brighter and more spacious.

In this case, flashy colors are the opposite of elegance and restraint. But at the same time, almost any experiments with color are permissible, as small inclusions of tones. The main thing is that in the end you get a harmonious combination and a warm and cozy atmosphere.

American style kitchen

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White and burgundy are quite common. White surfaces are sure to go in tandem with beige or other warm undertone. But burgundy is good in itself, acting as a wonderful alternative to brown wood.

The main thing is that the main tone is emphasized by a more restrained one, and the interior does not look colorful.

Features of the layout

Most of the American population lives in comfortable comfortable houses and is not limited in square meters. Therefore, freedom and space reign in their kitchens. It will be much easier to implement an American interior in our reality in a country or country house, in extreme cases in a studio apartment.

An important detail is the island. The main set is a corner, U-shaped (less often straight) furniture installed along the walls. In the center is an island or a spacious dining table.

Dining table in the center

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Thus, the middle of the room is not empty, an additional tabletop (with or without pedestals) is never superfluous, and the rule of the working triangle is observed exactly. Before planning such an environment, make sure that there is enough space for what you have conceived, and just for movement, because the aisles should be at least 90 -120 cm.

In medium-sized kitchens (18-21 sq. m), you can install a mobile island with a side width of up to 120 cm. It is easy to move it to the side at any time, freeing the room.

The American-style kitchen-living room always has clear boundaries between the zones. And with the help of the island it is very convenient to separate one segment from another. It accommodates a sink, wine racks, hob. Thanks to competent zoning and color transitions, it is possible to create a harmonious interior, not chaos.

An island in American cuisine

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The bar counter is another indispensable element that brings liveliness to the atmosphere, but at the same time it is not devoid of practicality. It can be either another closet or a delimiter of kitchen areas.

In the American style, along with the main one, there is often another additional place for rest, breakfast or lunch (a small coffee table, a small counter).

In the recreation area, a corner or straight sofa, a fireplace is allowed. All this creates a cozy atmosphere conducive to a long time in the kitchen.


American-style interiors should have plenty of natural light (preferably two or more windows). Natural sunlight penetrating through the window openings emphasizes the beauty and texture of natural surfaces.

In the center there may be one large chandelier (the main thing is that the height of the ceilings allows). As a supplement, small lamps or sconces on the walls will go, spot spots over functionally important places (sink, stove), continuing the idea of ​​the absence of unnecessary items.

Textured chandelier in the American style kitchen

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The windows located near the main table top are draped with blinds, roller blinds or Roman shades. This is dictated primarily by considerations of practicality, because the flowing fabric of the curtain will easily get dirty, damaged or catch fire. Shutters in a private house will bring the interior even closer to the American style.

Decor and technique

Americans are certainly not minimalist fans. In their kitchens, there are always a lot of all kinds of household appliances and utensils: coffee grinders, toasters, an abundance of pans for all occasions, double-leaf refrigerators with hobs and deep sinks.

You can often see an oven or refrigerator protruding forward, a domed hood a meter wide. Yankees do not tolerate built-in appliances in our usual sense, preferring brutal electrical appliances to it, the sizes differing little from their cars))

They are accustomed to making their work easier and for this they have many different adaptations. A spacious room often has a dedicated storage room. Sometimes an insular piece of furniture in terms of volume can easily replace a whole wardrobe.

It may come as a surprise to us that an ordinary dish drainer cannot be found in the American home. And all because without a dishwasher any family cannot imagine its existence, even those living on welfare.

This nation loves and prides itself on the ability to create DIY accessories and décor. Therefore, in such kitchens you can see hand-made details, from embroidered curtains and pillows to painted plates. This is a little more common between American and country style.

Decor in American-style kitchens

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But at the same time, there is no piling up of dishes and other little things - everything is tucked away on the shelves and in cabinets. Only the items that are used most often remain, everything else is hidden. In sight, purely functional things: spice jars with decoupage finishing, original porcelain and other dishes, a mini-vegetable garden grown with his own hands.

In an American-style kitchen, it is quite possible to have parties (which the locals do successfully). After all, a spacious, stylish and beautiful interior disposes to this in the best way, with all its appearance creating and maintaining a festive atmosphere.

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