Kitchen 12 sq. M. meters: photos, layout ideas, features

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Favorite place in the house of any hostess is the kitchen. It can be standard or have a designer look, but it is necessarily convenient. AT private homes kitchen It can be spacious and bright. High-rise buildings often meter this important part of the house. A kitchen of 12 meters can accommodate everything you need, leaving a lot of free space.
New 2018 kitchen design 12 square meters. and successful layouts are fully disclosed in this article.

Types of layout 

Before choosing furniture and stuff for the kitchen, it is important to decide on the layout.

For 12 squares, 6 successful layouts can be distinguished.

6 successful layouts

Single row or linear

If the room is long and narrow, a linear layout is an excellent choice. At the same time, the working area is stretched along one wall, and the lunch area is at the end or vice versa. Also this option is good for studio apartments.

single row layout

Double row

With this layout, the working area is located at two parallel walls, and the distance from the cabinets in the passage should not be less than 1.2 meters. A square or elongated room is well suited for such a solution.

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two-row layout

Since with such a layout, the sink, stove and refrigerator are located triangularly, the working area is convenient and quite extensive. The only contentious issue that may arise is the location of the table. It can be taken out to the loggia zone, placed at the window, or, if the area allows, placed between the working walls.

U-shaped layout

This is the most comfortable and convenient layout, which retains its position in 2018. What gives such an arrangement of cabinets and cabinets?

  • convenience of furniture and kitchen utensils;
  • if you observe the metric norms, without violating the area of ​​the working triangle, then everything is within reach, making the work comfortable;
  • if the design of the kitchen is 12 sq. m maybe combine a working area and a dining roomThis is the best option.

Tip: between two parallel working walls, the length should not exceed 2.5 m and should not be less than 1.5 m. Moreover, the working surface between them should not be longer than 1.2 m.

Kitchen design 12 sq. meters: photo news + fashionable red tint.

U-shaped layout


If you plan to combine the work area with the living room, then this option is well suited, since there is very little free space with this layout. Good in this layout can be called the use of each meter to the maximum.



Kitchen 12 sq. M. meters is quite spacious, and ideas, interiors are quite diverse. The island is one of the new ideas that make this part of the house more stylish and fashionable. A photo:

kitchen island

This surface performs 2 functions at once: aesthetic and functional. If everything is clear with the aesthetic, then the functions of such an island can be varied:

  • the island can be used as a dining table;
  • cabinet for storing utensils and other things;
  • hob or sink;
  • additional work surface.

Adding this simple element, there are three things to consider:

  1. The island itself should not be less than 1.2 m * 1.2 m. And the distance from other surfaces should not be less than 1.2 m.
  2. The island is an excellent kitchen option if the room is square.
  3. Using the island as a hob or sink, you need to think through all the important points that ensure work (hood, sockets, drainage and more), in advance.

An equally significant moment is the opportunity to replace the island with a peninsula made, for example, in the form of a bar counter. But for a kitchen with twelve square meters, such an element loses its functional importance. It is too short for receiving guests and too large for an additional workplace.

Designer kitchen

Repair in 2018-2019 is not a plywood wallpaper (more about them here) and painting the walls (about the choice here), this is a whole creative process with the embodiment of all desires and passions, revealing the inner world of its master. The design of a 3 by 4 kitchen can be ordered both from the master and created by yourself, guided by the advice of experienced craftsmen.

It is important to determine your desires by answering several questions:

  1. The number of people who use it, the presence of children, and how often are guests at home?
  2. Where does the family eat more often? Maybe the dining area can be taken out into the living room or onto the loggia?
  3. What activities accompany spending time in the kitchen? Perhaps you should think about an additional place for a TV, PC or any other equipment?
  4. The presence of animals in the house, do you need a place to feed them?
  5. Availability of equipment, purchase of equipment in the near future. Perhaps you need a place for built-in appliances?
  6. Decide how many nightstands and cabinets you need to store food, utensils, appliances, related materials.

After answering these questions, you can begin to think about the interior of the kitchen 12 square meters. m


Kitchen design 3 by 4 meters can be of any style. To make it special will help your individual, "design" decision.

  1. Classic. A distinctive feature of this style is the rich and massive furniture,
    classic style kitchen
  2. Minimalism. A good solution for those who love light and space. A minimum of furniture, appliances and a maximum of light. For the kitchen 12 square meters. m design must be carefully thought out so that it does not seem empty.
    Minimalism style kitchen
  3. High tech. Interior design kitchen 12 square meters. meters in high-tech style will show how the landlord keeps up to date. Straight lines, metal and glass harmoniously look with household appliances.
    high-tech kitchen
  4. Retrostyle is a fairly common design. A photo:
    retro style kitchen
  5. Ethnic style. It will not be difficult to create an interior in ethnic style for the kitchen of 12 square meters. meters, it is only important to find the necessary accessories.
    Ethno - style in the kitchen
  6. French Provence.
    French Provence in the kitchen
  7. Shabby chic. The photo will show all the luxury of color and the uniqueness of the design of this style.
    Shabby's Kitchen - Chic
  8. Country.
    country style kitchen
  9. Fusion When embodying this style, it is important to adhere to it in the smallest detail, since any inconsistency will destroy the ideal image of the kitchen.
    fusion style kitchen

Choose the color for the kitchen will help you created the interior and features of the shape of the room. But for the kitchen 12 square meters. meters, light shades that can be diluted with bright details are better suited (if used correctly, they will also visually increase the space).

You can create a unique interior of a fairly large kitchen with an area of ​​3 by 4 meters by dividing the room into zones using: furniture, a podium, an arch, a niche, a screen, light or a multi-level ceiling. This step will allow you to separate the cooking area from the lunch area, the reception.

An excellent complement to the kitchen is a balcony. Previously, it was used for the most part as a place to store food and what is needed soon. Today, there are plenty of design options for this place as a continuation of the kitchen itself or a separate room for summer tea party, or relaxation area.

Balcony as a continuation of the kitchen:

balcony as a continuation of the kitchen
balcony as a continuation of the kitchen

Balcony as a separate room. An important point when choosing this option will be the correct design. These are beautiful windows with good glass, perhaps a beautiful glass door with beautiful light curtains.

balcony as a separate room

Errors to consider when planning

Number of drawers and nightstands

Agree, it’s not very beautiful when the shelves are full of different utensils. It is worth considering the number of drawers in advance, and give preference not to shelves, but to closed cabinets.

Surface material selection

Do not save on materials, consider the color and composition of the surfaces. Even the most beautiful and expensive surfaces and equipment tend to get dirty.


If the sink has a wing - this is an additional plus. After all, this is how a place for wet dishes and products appears, and you can also put hot pots and a kettle on it.

Textiles and Hoods

For curtains and other textile decor, it is better to choose fabrics that are resistant to dirt and frequent washing.


It is very important that the work area is well lit.

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