We choose a knife for the ideal slicing of bananas made in China


Banana is the most favorite fruit of both adults and children. After all, it is not only delicious and sweet, but also quite useful. In addition, a banana is the basis of a variety of dishes. But most often it is served on the table in the form of slicing. That's it here many housewives and are faced with the problem: how to cut a banana with smooth pieces?

Manufacturers solved this problem and produced a special knife for slicing bananas. It has the same shape as the banana. It is divided into several compartments, thanks to which it is possible to cut a whole fruit with one movement.

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Use this device is quite simple. First you need to clean the banana from the peel, and then press down with a special knife. This can be done right on the plate, because this device will never scratch it.

Advantages of a special knife for bananas:

  1. Simplicity. To cut a banana you need to perform only two simple steps.
  2. Speed. In a minute you can cut a few bananas.
  3. Ideal slicing. Now you do not have to compare each piece or substitute your finger to evenly measure a slice of a banana. The knife will do everything itself.
  4. Compactness. This device does not take quite a bit of space in the kitchen.
  5. Eternal knife. Since the banana is rather soft, the knife is made of plastic. Therefore, it is not necessary to constantly sharpen it. He is always ready to work.
  6. Purity. After cutting, clean the device with water.
  7. Versatility. The dimensions of the knife allow you to cut a banana of any length and thickness.
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A special knife for bananas is a useful device that every housewife should possess. But how much will it cost? In Ukrainian and Russian online stores this device can be purchased for 200 rubles. Quite an acceptable price.

However, on AliExpress the same knife costs only 48 rubles. This amount is great for such a device. In addition, it is 5 times less than the price that the domestic producer specified.

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Characteristics of the Chinese special knife for bananas:

  • material - plastic;
  • length - 25 cm;
  • width - 7 cm;
  • yellow color.

A special knife for bananas is useful in any kitchen. But it is necessary to remember that it is more correct to order this device directly from the Chinese manufacturer. After all, his price is much less than that which the domestic producer points out.

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