We buy for kitchen a knife-slicer for oil with Aliexpress


Oil is a universal product, which is used in cooking and in their design. But after its use, usually the hands remain very fat, you have to quickly run into the tub or look for a suitable towel. However, this does not help much either.

But there is a special device that cuts oil into thin pieces after pressing the button. In addition, this device is able to cut other products, including cheese. Thus, you can make a beautiful table setting with a hand-knife-slicer for oil.

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Each mistress can use this device. First, you need to insert a piece of oil in the device, then close it. After that, you should press the yellow button as many times as necessary pieces of oil. Each slice is the same in size and weight. This is why every confectioner should have such a device.

Advantages of oil slicer:

  1. Simplicity. A simple click on the button will cut off a neat piece of oil.
  2. Speed. The device is able to deal with a large slice of oil in a matter of seconds.
  3. Economical. The device allows you to economize the product.
  4. Resistance to cold temperature. The device can be stored in the refrigerator together with the oil.
  5. Accuracy. Slicer cuts straight pieces of butter.
  6. Versatility. The device can cut into thin slices not only oil, but also other products.
  7. Purity. The device can be washed both manually and in a dishwasher.
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The oil slicer knife is a universal device that every hostess should own. But how much does it cost? In Ukrainian and Russian online stores this product is sold for 760 rubles. Quite a high price for this device.

However, on the Alyekspress website, the oil slicer costs only 379 rubles. This price is almost two times less than the amount that the domestic producer specified. Of course, it is worth buying this device on this site.

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Oil Slicer Specifications:

  • material of the body - plastic;
  • blade material - stainless steel;
  • height - 20 cm;
  • width - 8 cm;
  • the color is white with yellow.

As you can see, it's best to buy a butter slicer for a Chinese manufacturer only. After all, its price is much less than the amount specified by the domestic manufacturer.

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