Modern light green kitchen with black and white accents

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I really like lime shades and always dreamed of such a kitchen. It seems to me that there simply cannot be a bad mood in such an interior, but vigor and energy, on the contrary, are always in abundance. Especially successful is the use of geometric facades of bright colors in a modern style.

Kitchen made by company Designprom,
g. Moscow

Facades of the kitchen

Light green (lime) in combination with black and white is a very successful tandem in which the saturated color takes on even greater expressiveness. The proportions and color balance are observed with accuracy - juicy green is present only in the headset, and the walls act as a discreet light background.

Upper cabinets

Lime also goes very well with black. Therefore, household appliances made of glossy black glass (cooker hood, hobs and oven surfaces) easily fit into a cheerful interior. Black makes the details more catchy and clear on a light green background.

Cooker hood

The furniture case is made of chipboard from the Austrian company EGGER. Facades - MDF coated with matte enamel. The lower sections are all deaf, the upper ones have a vertical glass insert. Thanks to her, the cabinets seem taller. The glasses are frosted - which means you can not bother about the ideal order inside, and it’s easier to take care of them.

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Glass inserts

The bottom of the facades is covered by a plastic base, making the overall appearance of the headset complete. There was a little free space under the oven and it turned out to make even a small compartment for the lids.


The white countertop is made of HPL plastic. The layered paper is impregnated with resins and pressed under pressure. Despite the fact that it is 60% paper, plastic will withstand the effects of cigarettes and a hot kettle, it is protected from moisture and burnout.

White countertop

A polished stainless steel sink is embedded in the countertop. Its surface is in harmony with a light tap and matches the general background.

Lower cabinets

Drying for dishes is two-level, occupies an entire section of the cabinet. Lattices for glasses and plates are chrome-plated, with an aluminum frame and a plastic tray.


All accessories in the cabinets - from the company BLUM. These are the TANDEMBOX drawers that slide out of the cupboards completely, giving you access to all the contents. For heavy doors, there are no better guides.

Upper cabinets

BLUM's AMBIA-LINE Cutlery Internal Separator System allows you to combine trays and frames as you wish.

Internal Separator System

Our cuisine has changed beyond recognition. She has become very stylish and pleases the eye.

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