Design a small kitchen with elegant cupboards

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January 2017 was marked by a joyful event for us - we became the owners of a two-room apartment. After reviewing the plan, we decided what to be redevelopment. Initially, the kitchen was not very comfortable. Moreover, the footage of this room did not suit us in any way. An elongated corridor was also created unsuccessfully, because of which a lot of space was simply lost. It was necessary to remove some partitions and redo the doors.

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Kitchen plan on paper

The redevelopment was entrusted to specialists, professionals in their field, they quickly received all permits and repairs began. According to the new plan, our apartment has become the so-called euro-grid, it has two bedrooms with separate entrances and a spacious living room, which is combined with the kitchen. This option suited us much more.

Kitchen plan on paper

After redevelopment, we started to repair. In the spring they wondered where to order a kitchen set. Appeals in the company showed that not only the proposed projects, but also the cost are very different. Choosing a design, unanimously decided to stay on bright furniture. She will stand in the back of the room, this can be seen on the plan for the arrangement of furniture, the window is far away, so the dark surfaces here would look gloomy.

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We arranged the kitchen modules rationally and conveniently, resulting in a functional working area. The classic working triangle is observed, the cooking surface is wide, it is located between the sink and the hob. The headset looks very aesthetically pleasing, there are also open shelves that visually make it easier.

Kitchen plan on paper

I assumed that the kitchen is more of a female territory, so my wife was the main choice. My wife chose the manufacturer, the option of a kitchen set, a complete set of cabinets, installation of mechanisms and other details. In order to have enough space for everything, we chose a high headset with cabinets under the ceiling. It is not only a matter of storage, because it is already enough, and tall lockers reduce cleaning time. After all, dust does not accumulate on top.

Entrance to the kitchen

The facades were made of painted MDF, the doors were decorated with integrated handles, this option looks just fine. The fact that the lower cabinets fit perfectly right under the work apron allowed us to abandon the skirting board. The remaining small gaps, I filled up with silicone putty, due to which moisture does not penetrate there.

Work zone

The dining area, according to the design project, is decorated with wood-like granite, which visually distinguishes it from the general background. The living room has several more bright accents, the yellow color in the interior is perfectly supported by napkins of the same tone on the table. Two pear-shaped lamps were hung on the wall next to the dining group, they create a pleasant mysterious atmosphere.


Appliances in the kitchen are mainly built-in, they bought it in Poland. On household gadgets and a sink made of artificial stone, it was possible to save significantly. A powerful range hood and refrigerator were already bought in Minsk. An oven with a built-in microwave also arrived from Poland. All the equipment we have is of high quality.

The dining table extends, behind it is placed not only our family, but also numerous guests. We bought this furniture in Moscow. The chairs took contrasting colors - two white and two black.

The interior only won from this unplanned purchase, they can be combined in any way. This interesting decision at first seemed rather bold, unexpected, but now we understand that such a contrast makes the room unusual, gives the atmosphere an individuality.

The combination of the kitchen with the living room made it possible not only to expand the premises, but to create a cozy and airy space where it is pleasant to cook, relax and gather with friends for fun gatherings. I often help my wife to cook with pleasure.

Remembering the difficulties that we encountered when re-planning, moving and removing walls and partitions, we do not regret our decision at all. This was a deliberate step, which made it possible to get a kitchen combined with the living room. Perhaps it is not very convenient that the cooking zone is visible immediately upon entering the entrance hall, but it turned out to be free.

Pencil case

The interior design of our kitchen is quite rich, it has a lot of decor and contrasting elements, which against the background of the main classical combination of white and wood look look very harmoniously. Maybe someone will not like this atmosphere, but we are satisfied.

The lunch group cost us 20.0 thousand; about 200.0 thousand rubles were spent on the kitchen set. This amount included not only the furniture itself, but also delivery, assembly and installation of furniture. A black chic refrigerator cost 58.0 thousand rubles, built-in furniture - more than 110.0 thousand, a sink with a faucet - 14.0 thousand rubles.

Thus, we spent more than 450.0 thousand rubles on the repair of our non-standard, but beloved kitchen-living room, but it was worth it.

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