Modern design of kitchens: interior, photo, style

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Kitchens made in a modern style are ideal for people who love functionality, practicality and order. Cold colors are used to decorate such rooms, but with the proper design of the useful space, you can get a cozy and comfortable room. The main task is considered to be a careful selection of furniture and household appliances. In our article we will get acquainted with the design and interior of modern kitchens. Photos on our website show various options for decorating the room.

Modern kitchen

 How to choose a style

The features of modern kitchen is the use of clear lines on all elements of the headset, countertops and other work surfaces make wide. In this interior, patterns are neglected, decorative elements must be non-standard, a minimal amount of furniture and household appliances is present in the room. The cooking room can be done in several styles, consider the features of each of them.

Different style of kitchens

High tech

High-tech style more than others emphasizes the features of modern cuisine. This room uses furniture with shiny surfaces and metal accents. Household appliances should be the most modern, have clear forms. High-tech is suitable for kitchens of all sizes, highlighting the main objects in the room allows bright lighting.

High tech interior


The interior of the kitchen in a modern minimalist style implies the presence of the most significant furniture and household appliances. Impractical details for the decor are missing here. The walls and surface of other structures in the room are performed in muted colors.

Minimalism style interior


The stylish interior of the loft kitchen is ideally suited for large or combined rooms. The main principles of this type of interior is the creation of the maximum amount of free spaces, large windows in the room, as well as the lack of elements that delimit space. To decorate the walls in the room, natural textures are used, for example, plaster or brickwork.

Loft style interior

How to choose materials

To create a stylish kitchen design, you need to choose the right materials. In this case, synthetic products are in harmony with the natural finish. The main principles for creating a modern interior should be considered in separate categories.


There are some requirements for building envelopes. This is resistance to temperature jumps and moisture, the ability to quickly clean the surface without damaging the decorative material. The walls of the room can be coated with a special waterproof paint, the surface of which is well cleaned from dirt and repels water.

Some sections on the building envelope are made of brick or tile. In such a room, wooden panels will look good, especially if they are adjacent to plastered surfaces. As decorative elements, metal and glass inserts are used here, as well as natural stone products.

Walls in the kitchen


For direct kitchens in a modern style, there are several options for arranging the ceiling. The interior should have glossy surfaces, so plastic panels are used to finish this design. A good option is a stretch ceiling device. Such a surface can be whitened or coated with white water-based paint, which will visually expand the room. For the design of this zone, other colors are suitable, but they must be well combined with each other.

Kitchen ceiling


The best option for flooring in a modern kitchen is considered reliable and durable porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles. Such products have a beautiful glossy surface, they do not absorb moisture, resist temperature extremes, and are well cleaned of contaminants. As a floor covering, a moisture-resistant laminate can also be used, but its color and texture should coincide with the rest of the decorative elements in the room.

Kitchen floor

How to choose a kitchen set

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, you need to pay attention to their front part or facade, since this part of the product affects the overall interior of the room.

The following materials can be used to make the front of the kitchen set:

  • wood (ideal for creating an interior in the loft style);
  • chipboard (the cheapest and most impractical material);
  • glass;
  • mdf;
  • plastic.

In some cases, it is advisable to use several products at once, for example, wooden doors with glass. The interior of a modern kitchen is decorated with facades made of synthetic materials; translucent frosted glass is often used on the doors of upper cabinets. The color of the furniture should contrast or match the shade of the walls.

In the modern interior of the kitchen you can use glossy facades that do not have handles. Opening doors in such products occurs with gentle hand pressure. When selecting furniture for this room, it is necessary to abandon excessive decor and textures on the surface of building materials.

How to choose household appliances

When creating the design of a modern kitchen, regardless of style, it is necessary to choose the latest models of household appliances, because such equipment will ideally fit into the design of the room. Give preference to chrome-plated metal surfaces. If you have a small kitchen, it is better to purchase built-in models of household appliances, which will make the room comfortable and functional.

Consider the list of requirements for the selection of equipment:

  1. Modern ideas for the interior of the kitchen involve the use of the original hood, which fits well into the overall ensemble.
  2. When choosing a sink, give preference to new, beautiful models. Such a product should look original against the general background, it will not have to be masked behind the headset.
  3. Pay attention to the design of household appliances. A toaster, food processor and microwave should fit into the existing interior.

These tips will help you design a stylish kitchen. Photos on our website indicate the most successful options for placing household appliances.


How to choose a color palette

To get the best kitchen design in a modern style, you need to learn how to combine various building materials, as well as the surface texture of decorative products. When choosing shades in the room, you need to start from your own preferences.

 Nuances of choosing a color palette for the kitchen:

  1. The use of several bright colors in the room is undesirable, you can place accents on the necessary objects with one contrasting tone.
  2. The best option for decorating the space will be a muted monochrome color scheme with additional elements of glass and chrome details.
  3. To revitalize the interior, neon tones are applied to the surface of the facades.
  4. Bright kitchens in a modern style allow you to visually expand the space in small rooms.
  5. The main color is applied to the most prominent details, for example, doors, kitchen units, an apron or blinds.
  6. The best colors for decorating a modern kitchen interior are blue, red, purple, black and white.

Regardless of the choice of color scheme, the user should pay attention to the organization of proper lighting in the kitchen. In the interior of the rooms can be present not only chandeliers and wall sconces, but also spotlights that highlight individual elements of the decor. Successful photos of kitchens in a modern style are provided on our website.

Color palette

The nuances of creating an interior of a small kitchen

High-tech minimalism or popular among modern youth is considered an ideal option for creating an interior of a small kitchen. These options involve the use of a minimal amount of furniture and built-in appliances, which will increase the usable space. To visually expand the room on the walls and furniture elements, as well as on the floor and ceiling, light colors are used.

To decorate a small room, you can often use various decorative details, while there is no need to overload the space. In such a room, a vase with fresh flowers will look beautiful. Instead of curtains, transparent tulles are hung over the windows or blinds are installed in white, orange, and also silver. A large clock is used to decorate the walls. A beautiful element of decor will be a chandelier of an unusual shape, made of metal with glass inserts.


Placement of fixtures is planned at the stage of creating a kitchen project. In the working area, there are places for installing sockets and switches, as well as areas for installing sconces. Such lighting fixtures make the cooking process more efficient. Separate elements of furniture, for example, sets, can be successfully distinguished by spotlights. In the central part of the room hang a large chandelier. If necessary, zoning of the space above the bar counter hangs lighting fixtures on long cords.

Kitchen lighting


Interior design begins with the layout of furniture and the selection of colors. Such operations can be done independently or you will seek help from a designer. Photos on our website will create a unique beautiful interior of your kitchen. In such a room it will be nice to be alone or to invite guests who will appreciate the exquisite taste of the owner.

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