How to clean a burnt enamel pan with your own hands?

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It is safe to say that any housewife has repeatedly encountered such a problem as food burned to the pan. Enameled dishes, of course, are in every home. Firstly, it is very beautiful. Secondly, in such dishes it is very convenient to cook food. But unfortunately, in the process of cooking it happens that the products burn, damaging the enamel. On the shelves of stores there is simply a stunning assortment of pots. But for dishes with enameled coating to serve the hostess for a long time, it is important to be able to care for her. In this article, we will consider how to properly clean a burnt enameled pan.

How to clean a burnt enamel pan

What to do if an enameled pan burned. Can I clean it?

Enamel coating is considered safe. The working surface of the pan (the one inside) can be coated with enamel in certain colors - white, black, cream, blue or blue-gray. But even with the most careful attitude to the product, it so happens that food is burnt. Start cleaning by soaking. To do this, you just need to pour water in it, but not cold.

Soaking Enamel Pan

How to wash and clean a burnt pan from soot

You can clean the dishes from soot using boiling. To do this, you need to prepare a strong salt solution (5-6 tablespoons of salt are taken per liter of water). Then pour the finished solution into a burnt pot and boil for 40-50 minutes. Burnt food should easily fall off the walls.

Folk remedies for removing burnt food from the bottom of an enameled pan (incl. milk)

You can clean the pan with baking soda. This method is very simple and safe for enamel. For its implementation, you need to pour water in the pan (about one liter), and when it boils, add a few tablespoons of soda. After boiling, the solution should be boiled for another hour. Then remove from heat, but do not pour the soda solution, and leave to stand for about another two hours. As a result of this procedure, burnt food should easily lag behind the walls of the pan.

Wash enameled products with table vinegar - A fairly simple and effective way. To do this, pour vinegar so that it completely covers the entire burnt area. Then you need to leave the dishes to stand for about three hours. Then it will be possible to easily remove the residues, since as a result of the last chemical reaction they will well depart from the walls of the pan. There is also a way to clean with vinegar, but already using boiling. A little water is poured into the pan and vinegar is added to it. Then put on a small fire. Almost immediately it will become noticeable as the remains of burnt food exfoliate from the walls.

Cleaning a burnt surface with activated carbon Suitable for all pots. More than ever, this method is relevant when burning milk. In order to carry out such a cleaning, you need to take a few tablets of activated carbon and crush them into powder. The resulting powder should fill the bottom of the dishes - the entire burnt area. Let stand for 30-40 minutes. Then, a little cold water should be added there and left for another half hour. After the events, the deposit can be easily cleaned.

Cleaning with salt. This method is good in that the salt is always at hand with the hostess. For this method of cleaning, you just need to fill the bottom with soot with enough salt and let stand, then add warm water and leave for another 2-3 hours. As a result, the burnt layer will become wet and well removed from the walls.

Cleaning with whey. Such a product is quite realistic to use for effective cleaning of enameled dishes. To do this, you need to put the serum in the pan in such an amount that its level is slightly higher than the contaminated surface. Leave to soak for a day. Since various acids are present in the whey, burnt foods peel off easily from the pan walls.

Cleaning with soda-salt mixture. First you need to mix baking soda and table salt in equal quantities. Pour the resulting composition into the product to be cleaned and pour water in such a way that you can knead a kind of gruel. Then close the lid and let it brew for a day. After the set time, add a little water, let the mixture boil, cook over low heat for another half hour. Then it will be possible to remove from heat, let cool and wash in the usual way.

Cleaning dishes with coffee grounds. The grounds remaining after drinking the coffee can be collected and, spreading over the burnt surface, carefully rub into this soot. After processing the pan in this way, leave to stand for about one hour. Food fragments should be removed without problems.

Household chemicals

Cleaning the enamel pan with whiteness. Pour about a half liter of warm water into the dishes and add one teaspoon of whiteness there. Leave the resulting solution for a day. Then you need to pour this solution and boil twice with clean water. After this, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse it under running water to prevent this chemical compound from entering the food.

Chemicals are best used in case of emergency, when there is no time to wait for the effect of folk remedies. After all, they are very concentrated and have a strong effect. For example, "Shumanit"- a chemical agent of aggressive action. It can quickly clean even the most old pollution. «Chister"- the cheapest option, but it is not so effective for removing a thick burnt layer. Firm Amway produces detergents known for their effectiveness and, which is especially important in the case of enameled dishes, with a mild action.

Precautionary measures

When using chemicals for cleaning dishes, you need to be quite careful. Many types of products are aggressive, so when working with them, you need to use rubber gloves to protect your skin. It is also very important to prevent contact with eyes. If this still happened, then the eyes should be washed with plenty of water.

It is important to remember one rule - after using any chemicals for washing and cleaning dishes, a good rinse with water is necessary. When using loose detergents and cleaners, pour these powders especially carefully so as to prevent small particles from entering the respiratory tract. After such cleanings, it is best to ventilate the room. Of course, it is necessary to store washing chemicals in places inaccessible to children or pets.

Useful Care Tips

To maintain the appearance of enameled dishes, you need to adhere to some simple rules.

  • A new pan can not be used without preliminary hardening of the enamel. To do this, simply pour warm water into the pan, let it boil a little, then remove from heat and allow to cool. Thus, enamel is quenched.
  • Dishes with chipped enamel are unsuitable for use.
  • Enameled dishes are not used for frying (some housewives manage to do this, for example, cook frying in a pan).
  • It is advisable not to boil milk and not to use a pan with an enamel coating for cooking milk porridges. Milk for them is not the best product, it often burns.
  • To preserve the enamel for as long as possible, you should not allow temperature differences: do not set from a hot surface to a cold one, use only room temperature water for soaking.
  • Substances with large particles of abrasive or a metal brush are not applicable to their surface - if the coating is damaged, the pan becomes unusable for further use.
  • When working with enameled utensils, sharp movements should be avoided: do not drop, do not set it sharply on the table, because enamel has the property of easily breaking off.

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