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The varieties of asters perennial attract the attention of florists primarily with their flowering. At a time when most of the plants on the beds already live out the last days, this beauty just wakes up. Expanding its charming buds at the end of summer, it adorns the site to the frosts. In addition, unlike their one-year-old relatives, a perennial aster does not require so much attention. Having planted it once, you can admire abundant and long flowering for many years.

Perhaps the only "drawback" of such plants is their assortment. Varieties of a perennial asters are so many that sometimes the choice turns amateurs into a dead end. How can one not get lost, if there are only a few groups, and what can we say about grades ...

Today we decided to try to help you figure out what kind of perennials there are. Also want to introduce you to some varieties of perennial asters with photos. We hope our article will facilitate the task and help you choose the flowers to your taste. So, let's get started.

Powerful asters New England

One of the most beautiful late-barking species of asters. Plants are similar to the New Belgian variety, which will be discussed below. They can be distinguished by stems: in the plants of this group they are stronger and taller. As a result, the bushes grow slender, well-shaped and do not need a garter. Some varieties of "growth" about 80 cm. Most of the bushes are quite large specimens up to a half to two meters in height.

The New England aster (as in the photo below) is also called American.

Besides the sizes, the New England aster is very magnificent. Thin, but quite strong, straight shoots are covered with dense leaves-needles. The upper part of the stems actively branching. And when the bush blooms, under the inflorescences of foliage is practically not visible.

Blossoming New England aster late in September, but stand in buds until the cold. Flowers are large enough, with an average diameter of 4 cm, or even more. They have the property to close in cold weather and at night.

For varieties of New England aster is characterized by high resistance to powdery mildew and rapid growth.

Astra Lucida

One of the low varieties in this group: a bush maximum, m, but very branched at the top of the shoots. Such growth is completely compensated by the beauty of flowering. Large buds are painted in a noble ruby ​​color. The core is also in this tone, but with a more pronounced red tinge. Rosa New England's Lucida in September for a month.

Steadfast asters novobilbijsky

Another group of autumn perennial asters. All varieties are resistant to low temperatures and drought. Unlike the New England aster, the height of the varieties of this variety does not exceed, m. In addition, the bushes do not hold the shape so well and often fall apart under the weight of the buds. Depending on the particular species, flowering occurs in August or in September. It lasts until early November, that is, before the arrival of the first frost. In most cases, the inflorescence is terry, some diameter can be up to 8 cm.

Novel Belgian asters, photos of some varieties can be seen below, also called virgin.

To preserve the splendor and abundance of flowering, as well as the size of the buds, plant shrubs better in a sunny place, protected from drafts.

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Especially popular among florists are such varieties of New Belgian asters:

  • Oktoberfest;
  • Royal Ruby;
  • Henry Blue;
  • Herpicton Pink;
  • Friendly.

Astra Oktoberfest

A medium-sized shrub growing 1 m blooms in August. The flowers are small, semi-double, with soft-blue narrow petals. The core is colored yellow, which gives similarity to chamomile, only blue. Flowering in the asters of the Newbihgia Oktoberfest is long, until late autumn.

Astra Royal Ruby

Astra New Belgian Royal Ruby opens its first buds in August and blossoms until November. Semi-double inflorescences have a rich royal coloration: the middle is yellow, and the petals are crimson-red. The diameter of the flower is from 2 to 3 m. The bush is medium-sized as for this group, its height does not exceed 90 cm, but it is very dense.

Astra Henry Blue

One of the new varieties of asters of the New Belgian Henry Bleu is compact in size. The bush extends a maximum of 35 cm. Has a very beautiful round shape. Blooms Henry Blue from late summer to mid-autumn. The photo shows terry asters painted in violet-blue. They immediately attract attention to themselves and look favorably against the background of dark foliage.

Astra Herpicton Pink

The variety is characterized by long flowering, which begins at the end of summer and ends at the end of autumn. Inflorescences of medium size, painted in a pale pink color, with a yellow core. If enough lighting is available, the Astra New Belgian Herpicton Pink grows up to a meter and a half in height.

Astra Friendly

Very delicate variety with charming pink inflorescences. Their diameter is 7 cm, and the terry form with a yellow center attracts the eye. The bush grows up to 1 m in height.

Compact cluster asters

The varieties of perennial shrub (shrub) asters are another separate group. It includes species that are ideal for curbs and rockeries. Their height does not exceed 1 m, although there are more miniature specimens with a height of only 20-40 cm. Such compact bushes look very nice even when they do not bloom, and are considered dwarfish.

Perennial pygmy asters include not only shrubby species. They also include undersized (up to 45 cm in height) varieties of Alpine, New England and Italian asters.

A dense crown of asters consists of a set of branching branches. The shoots are completely covered with small, but gorgeously painted foliage. Dark green leaves with this amount make an astra similar to a boxwood boxwood. And even when they blossom in autumn, small inflorescences cover the bushes with a bright solid cap. Another plus - such asters do not require a transplant until 5 years. More adult bushes simply become too thick, and then they are divided for reproduction.

One of the most beautiful and compact species of asters of a clustered low-growth plant can be considered such varieties:

  • Blue Bird;
  • Dwarf Nancy;
  • Rozenvichtel;
  • Bleu Otumn;
  • Blue Lagoon.
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Astra Blue Bird

Astra shrub Blue Bird - one of the brightest representatives of curbs of the flower. The bush has a beautiful shape: it is dense and dense, like a green ball, covered with flowers. The height of the plant is about 30 cm on the average. Blossoms aster in the beginning of autumn, flowering lasts 2 months. Inflorescences are small, up to, cm in diameter, semi-double, but there are a lot of them. The blue aster on the photo clearly shows a large center, painted in yellow.

Astra Dworf Nancy

Astra shrub dwarf Nancy grows a maximum of 25 cm in height. The shoots are so densely arranged that the bush is like a sphere. It blooms with lilac semi-double inflorescences from the beginning to the middle of autumn.

Astra Rozenvichtel

Shrub Aster Rosenvichtel is distinguished by its magnificent forms and long flowering. The height of the bush does not exceed 30 cm, while it is very dense. Straight stems are actively branching and completely covered with dark green shallow foliage. The aster flores in August and blossoms until October. Pink asters darken as they fade, acquiring a reddish hue. Buds large enough, up to 5 cm in diameter. The petals are arranged in several rows around the yellow core.

The variety is frost-hardy, but in the dry summer it needs watering. It grows well both in the sun and in the penumbra.

Astra Bleu Otumn

Astra Bleu Otumn is a hybrid variety, whose parents are the common shrub astra and the New Belgian one. From the first, he took a compact size, and from the second - a bright color. The height of the bush is only 40 cm, while it grows in the form of a ball. In September blue-violet buds with a yellow center open. Blossoms aster to the cold.

Astra Blue Lagoon

Very beautiful variety with rounded bushes up to 50 cm high and dark green foliage. Flowering occurs at the end of summer and lasts until frost. Inflorescences fairly large as for such a plant, can reach 5 cm in diameter. In the center of the flower there is a large yellow core. Around her several rows are bright violet petals.

Alpine perennial asters - spring plants

Despite the fact that this culture is considered autumn, some varieties of asters perennial are able to please with flowering already at the end of spring. These include Alpine asters. They differ not only in early flowering. In the majority of plants have compact sizes - beautiful magnificent bushes grow up to a maximum of 50 cm. In addition, their flowering usually lasts an average of about a month.

Some of the brightest representatives of the group are:

  • alpine blue;
  • aster Pink.

Astra alpine blue

Alpine blue, unlike the autumn aster, blooms in the first half of summer, for which it is called spring. The height of the bush does not exceed 60 cm, while the inflorescences themselves are large. The diameter of the flower is 6 cm, and the color is dominated by lilac-blue tones. In the center of the bud, the yellow core is clearly visible.

The variety is most similar to chamomile - it has flowers formed at the tips of the stems, one on each.

Astra Pink

Lush and dense forms perennial will please with modest dimensions - only 30 cm in height. The actively branching stems are covered with beautiful green foliage. The lower leaves have an elongated shape, and those that grow on the stem itself are smaller and narrower. Pink blooms in May. Buds of medium size (only 5 cm in diameter), terry, bright pink. Blossoms aster for a month.

Bush Astra Pink leaves in the winter green, with leaves.

May "chamomile" - austra in Tongolia

Another early flowering species variety. In May, he is able to please with simple, but charming inflorescences-daisies. Their core is bright yellow, and the thin petals are colored purple or violet. The height of the plant does not exceed 50 cm.

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The abundantly blooming beauty of the aster

Aster bokotsvetnaya differs from other perennial plant species by the arrangement of inflorescences, which gave it its name. The bush height of 60 cm consists of erect stems (some varieties can grow twice as high). In the upper part, they have many branches on arc-shaped shoots. Each of them is densely strewn with small flowers, representing a whole flowering branch. Blossoms aster in September, buds are white or light pink. The middle of the inflorescence is yellow at first, then turns red.

Another characteristic feature of the boksvetnoy asters is the red color of young stems.

An unpretentious and beautiful small-flowered aster

Separately it is worth mentioning such a variety of perennial asters, as a small-flowered or heather aster. This is one of the most unpretentious species, which can often be found on the flowerbed. In its essence, it is a ground cover plant, the bush quickly grows into sides, occupying the territory. It is very powerful, with strong branching shoots. The height of the plant does not exceed 1 m, but with such a crown it already seems huge. In addition, dark green leaves are located along the entire length of the shoots. In the lower part of the stem they are larger and stiffer.

The heather aster is not afraid of frost, drought, or sudden temperature changes.

Small-flowered aster blooms all autumn, and this is the main advantage and distinction of the species. Her inflorescence is the smallest of all asters. Coloring depends on the specific variety and can be white, violet or blue. The core of the flower, as usual, is yellow or red. There are so many buds that under their weight the shoots lean towards the ground. For this reason, the bush must be tied up or allowed to lie on the ground with a carpet.

Golden aster, gold

In conclusion, I would like to mention one more kind of perennial autumn beauties - the golden aster (yellow). In scientific literature, it is known as flax aster. From the plants described above, this species differs in the structure of the inflorescence. Flowers are more like fluffy yellow balls collected in the inflorescence. They are very small (not more than, cm in diameter), but they look beautiful and gentle. The bush grows up to 50 cm in height. Its stems are strong, covered with very narrow, like needles, leaves. And the golden aster blooms in late August, marking the arrival of the golden autumn.

Here they are diverse, varieties of asters long-term. High or dwarfish, large or small, but all of them are united by one: light breath of autumn. The aster is in bloom - it means that the summer is saying goodbye to us, but juicy autumn colors come to replace it. Choose your favorite color and "size" and enjoy these beautiful colors!

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