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Appeared onrhetorician Soviet Union only in 1960, violets or Saintpaulia quickly gained immense popularity among fans of indoor plants. Over time, flower growers were no longer content with violets with simple blue or purple flowers, and with passion they exchanged leaves and children of varieties that delighted with inflorescences of various shades and shapes.

Today varietal Uzambrian violets are divided by shape, color, type and size of the outlet into many groups worthy of consideration and study. After all, only the names of varieties of violets and their photos make the hearts of connoisseurs of lively beauty beat more often.

Violet Black Pearl

Terry flowers of violet Black Pearl, obtained by the famous breeder E. Korshunova, are distinguished by irregular sizes and thick purple-violet color with a noble velvet sheen. A single flower at the stage of complete dissolution in diameter can reach 7 cm, while the plant forms a head-inflorescence consisting of 6–8 corolla. The standard-size rosette consists of simple dark green leaves, against which dense pompons of flowers look even more solemn.

Violet Wedding Bouquet

Photo of Violets A bridal bouquet in full bloom is unwittingly admired by many amateur flower growers. Indeed, seeing a plant only once, one cannot abandon the desire to see this miracle on its window sill. The variety obtained by Konstantin Morev forms a rosette of standard sizes. The leaves are simple, pubescent, beautiful green shade. Flowers are semi-double or simple, extremely large. The bluish shade at the base and a wide corrugated edge give a special lightness to the flowers. Inflorescence leaves the feeling of a bouquet worthy of the bride.

Violet Isadora

The standard sizes of the Isadora violet variety rosette, as pictured, consists of flat green oval-egg-shaped leaves. But the flowers of this variety of selection E. Lebetskaya surprises and shape and color. Large, semi-double or simple flowers have a delicate pink shade, over which touches of lilac or pink-purple shade are scattered. Blossoming is plentiful, in a compact dense cap at the same time there can be up to a dozen open rims.

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Violet Goddess of Beauty

A bright Saint-Petersburg violet or Saintpaulia of selection E. Korshunova rightly bears such a big name. Huge star-shaped flowers due to the sparkling pink-crimson color and the wavy edges of dense double-rims look effectively on the dark green foliage. Violet Goddess of Beauty will decorate any windowsill and will be the pride of a lover of indoor plants.

Violet Red River

Amppelnaya Saintpaulia or Saint-barbell violet of N. Andreeva breeding in abundance dissolves 3-centimeter semi-double flowers of an unusual red shade for culture. According to the author’s description, the blooming of the violet Red River will be more saturated and bright if the plant is in a well-lit place.

Closer to wilt, the corollas become lilac or crimson. A characteristic feature of the variety is active growth and unusual coloring of foliage. On a green background, and especially along the edge of a sheet rosette, golden strokes are clearly visible.

Violet Buckeye Seductress

Violet Buckeye Seductress selection P. Hancock is a spectacular variegated plant of rather large size. It is loved by growers due to the beautiful foliage and terry flowers of surprisingly dense lavender hue. The edges of the petals are decorated with a wide white border, and a light green border is noticeable along the edge. The lamina along the center is dark green, the edges with cream and white splashes.

Violet Severka River Severka

In the variegated saintpaulia of Jan Zubo's selection, as in the Buckeye Seductress violet, variegated foliage and similar flower color, but the plants are completely different. Variety Severka River is an ampelous variety that forms a standard outlet, consisting of beautiful golden-green foliage of round-ovoid shape. The flowers are medium-sized, numerous, with a thin white edging of petals and a double-sided, which appears as the plant grows.

Violet River Moscow

Another variety of Yana Zubo continues the theme of the rivers of Russia. Ampel Uzambarsky violet or Saintpaulia The Moscow River is gentle and very decorative. Its bloom is abundant, making the airy pink flowers with a small raspberry-colored look most advantageous. The leaves are light green, with prominent veins, creating the impression of a quilt. The variety is characterized by rapid growth and easy formation of a lush crown.

Rosie Ruffles Violet

Rosie Ruffles Violet D. Harrington selection is a standard-sized rosette consisting of wavy, pubescent green leaves. The main advantage of the variety is large star-shaped flowers. Coloring flowers - light shade of fuchsia. The edge is densely-corrugated, laced.

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Often, growers are faced with the fact that children and rooted tops of the sockets do not retain the wavy edge of the petals that is characteristic of the variety, and the decorative effect does not return as the senpolia grows. But when placing Rosie Ruffles violet plants on a cool window sill, you can get a bright green border on the flowers.

Violet Fairy

Krupnotsvetkovaya violet Fairy breeding T. Dadoyan attracts attention with the incredible terry flowers of light pink or lilac shade, which turn into fancy pompons because of the densely corrugated edge. Petals are decorated with a border of crimson spray. And thanks to the sturdy peduncles, the bright hat rises above the dark green rosette and is clearly visible.

Violet Georgia

The bright pink flowers of the Georgia violet, obtained by breeder T. Dadoyan, are surprising both in size and contrasting crimson coating on the edge of the petals. The impression is complemented by a fancy corrugated bright green border.

Saintpaulia refers to a standard-sized outlet, consisting of pubescent green leaves of a simple form.

Violet Lituanica

The pink most delicate flowers of Lituanic violet will not leave indifferent any amateur of this indoor plant. Butene variety selection forms a standard rosette of pointed small-sized leaves of an even, green color.

Terry flowers due to the elongated petals resemble dahlias in shape, and unusual corolla gives a more saturated coloring of the tips of the petals. Very beautiful plant, named Lituanika in honor of the plane that participated in 1933 in the flight from America to Kaunas. The flowering of the Lituanica violet is abundant, but grows rather slowly as the rosette matures.

Violet Chateau Brion

Krupnotsvetkovaya, with fringed flowers bordered with violet Chateau Brion Lebetskaya selection pleases with abundant flowering and neat rosette. Gourmet flowers of rich wine color are distinguished by velvet shine and overflow. The border on the edge of numerous petals has a white or greenish color, and by the end of the petals are noticeably thickened. Inflorescence dense, keeping upright position due to strong pubescent peduncles. The leaves are elongated, with a barely wavy edge.

Violet Bullfight

Violet Bullfight from breeder E. Korshunova is a bright decoration of the collection and a novice who is interested in saintpaulias and an expert on this culture. The rich shade of incredibly large, up to 8 cm in diameter, flowers of this variety and their unique purple color invariably attracts attention and makes the plant stand out from a number of equally worthy.

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Semi-double flowers, with a notch in the center of the corolla. With not very abundant flowering, due to the size of the flowers, there is no feeling of “dominance of foliage”.At the same time on the bush of the violet Bullfight can be from 3 to 5 flowers, and the newly opened ones are not inferior in size to the previous specimens. Under the weight of flowers and buds, flower stalks may lie on light leaves with a pointed tip.

Violet of the Milky Way

Saintpaulia or Saintpaulia Milky Way, obtained by the enthusiast of this culture E. Arkhipov, can fully bear this name, because pink spots are scattered on its purple petals. Large simple or semi-double flowers look great on dark monophonic foliage. Varieties from the “heavenly” series, made by Arkhipov, are unique and have no analogues.

Violet Starfall

Like the Milky Way variety, Violet Starfall is the fruit of the works of E. Arkhipov. In addition to contrasting fantasy spots, petals of star-shaped semi-double flowers are decorated with a bright border. The main color of the corolla is purple. The leaves are green, simple form.

Violet Pink Garland

Among the names and photos of varieties of violets of E. Korshunova selection is not the last place is taken by the Saintpaulia Pink Garland, distinguished by its huge terry flowers of delicate pink hue. Corollas with a diameter of up to 7 cm one after another open up on the peduncles, forming real air caps over the green foliage. The edge of the petals stands out thanks to a neat burgundy spray.

Violet Sea Wolf

E. Korshunova created many spectacular, favorite growers of varieties of Saintpaulia or izambarskoy violets. The huge flowers of violet Sea Wolf is another example of the breeder's worthy work.

The clear, fresh blue tint of the rims with a diameter of up to 7 cm in combination with a semi-double shape and graceful wavy edges makes you tirelessly admire this plant. The petals have a darker mesh pattern. The socket consists of dark green leaves of medium and large size. On the back of the leaflets there is a purple hue along the edge.

Video about the ascetic violet

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