How to choose coarse water filters for an apartment

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If a city apartment is connected to a common water supply system, then drinking liquid comes to a country house or cottage from a well or a well. The purity of life-giving moisture is in question for both rural residents and citizens. From our article we learn how to choose filters for rough water purification for an apartment and a country house. We will get acquainted in detail with the types of cleaning devices and the rules for their operation.

Coarse Filters

How to choose a rough water filter for a summer house or home

The liquid in an individual water supply is not always high-quality. The main reason for this statement is the high pollution of the area away from megacities, especially when you consider that a huge amount of wastewater is collected in groundwater.

Drinking fluid from a well is clean only at first glance, in fact, it can contain a huge amount of harmful substances. This can be verified by settling for 3-6 days. If during this time flakes form at the bottom of the vessel, then the water is dirty. Other qualities of life-giving moisture can be checked by laboratory tests.

 Analyzes and seeding can determine the following harmful substances:

  • heavy metals;
  • pathogens;
  • hard impurities;
  • iron salts;
  • nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide.

Based on these analyzes and tests, a pre-filter of a certain type of water is selected. The following fluid characteristics must be considered here:

  1. For water with normal salinity, a sorption block or a conventional filter element is required.
  2. For water with increased mineralization, an ion-exchange and mesh filter element is selected.
  3. If other impurities are contained in the drinking liquid, absorption, mesh, and ion-exchange elements are sequentially installed.

In a standard situation, after installing a coarse water filter, a multistage unit with a set of flasks is mounted. To destroy all pathogens, a special installation with ultraviolet radiation is used. If you need to clean a small amount of liquid, you can purchase a filter jug ​​with replaceable cartridges.

A multi-stage unit cleans water well, but if small children live in an apartment or a private house, then in the end all filtering elements are mounted an element for forced mineralization, during which the user can get useful for the body liquid.

Multistage unit

Some consumers use reverse osmosis for cleaning, but this is not necessary. Laboratory studies have shown that this element produces a dead, chemically inactive distillate. To obtain a normal high-quality liquid, reverse osmosis is connected to a forced mineralization device. In front of this block, an additional filter is mounted for fine and rough cleaning, as well as a device for the destruction of pathogens.

Another disadvantage of reverse osmosis is low productivity, so purchase models with a storage tank. Such a capacity will provide a small family with life-giving moisture.

 The cost of a specific system includes:

  • price of a single cartridge;
  • the number of filter components until the end of the service life of the device;
  • motor resource.

Here is a concrete example for the Barrier and Aquaphor models. These devices cost about the same, but the cartridge of the last element passes a third less water before replacement. In this regard, the Barrier wins in basic functions and performance. By this analogy, other filters are also selected.

Multistage Block Barrier

Types of coarse filters

Depending on the design solution, several types of coarse water filters are used. We will get acquainted with them in more detail.


The strainer is considered the cheapest and easiest. It is mounted on pipes with hot and cold water in an apartment or individual plumbing of a private house. There are strainers that are mounted directly on the crane. This option is acceptable for use in the country. These devices are easy to install, if necessary, they can be reinstalled on the crane in the apartment.

Products have different diameters of the cleaning holes. In addition to this, there are devices with dirt collectors on the market that can be cleaned manually. Similar advanced models have a self-cleaning function. The sump is oblique or straight. The last element is mounted on horizontally directed pipes. At the same time, the filter for hard water purification on the pipe with an oblique sump can be installed in any direction.

Water strainer

In modern models, there are pressure regulators to maintain constant water pressure parameters. A useful filter mechanism is two pressure gauges that are mounted before and after the cleaning device. It is recommended to clean the system even with a small difference in the readings.

The main advantage of such models is the durability and reliability, resistance to temperature extremes in the pipeline, as well as the low cost of the device. The minus of the system is the retention of large particles and the need for continuous cleaning of the sump, if the system does not have a self-cleaning function.


Such filter elements are equipped with special discs made of plastic. Each element has grooves that, when compressed, collect dust particles and push liquid. Such models make it possible to retain particles from 5 to 250 microns. Manufacturers paint products in different colors depending on the diameter of the cell. The advantages of the models are high strength indicators, good performance, the ability to use in a wide temperature range.

Disc filters for water purification


Such filters for rough water treatment in an apartment are considered part of a complex system that is installed autonomously under the sink. The degree of fluid purification in these models is from 0.5 to 30 microns. They well retain small debris if water is supplied under low pressure. With a strong supply of fluid flows, powerful devices will be needed.

The operation of the filter consists in the retention of contamination by special granules, which are located in the tank under a certain gap. Dusty particles settle on their surface during the passage of a water stream. The device consists of a plastic or metal case, which has high strength and resistance to temperature fluctuations. In the middle of the device, a filter element is installed.

In many modern models, transparent plastic cases are installed, which makes it possible control the level of cleaning and, if necessary, install a new filter element made of polyester or mesh insert. The last material can be removed from the appliance and washed. Polyester filter elements must be replaced.

Cartridge filters for water purification


In such models, pressure regulators are present due to the fact that water is supplied to them under pressure. These are bulky devices with a high degree of purification. Depending on the diameter of the water supply, pressure filters can be domestic or industrial. The degree of fluid purification depends on the diameter of the cell.

Pressure filters for water purification

How to install a coarse water filter

Any of these filters is installed on the water supply after entering an apartment or a private house. The device is located after the locking parts in front of the counter. The installation of the element is quite simple, a tow or other sealant is wound on its thread, then the threaded joints are clamped on the pipe to avoid leaks.

When installing, it is important to position the device correctly. The filter element is oblique or perpendicular. Regardless of its position, the part is positioned so that the lid on the sump settles down. If you do not fulfill this requirement, then the dirt particles will be located on top, which will lead to improper functioning or damage to the device.

Mounting cartridge filters

Unlike a conventional coarse filter for hot water, cartridge devices allow you to remove not only large particles, but also other substances dissolved in the liquid. The device consists of a housing and a filter element; coal or an adsorbing substance is considered to be a filler here.

The device installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Choose a convenient place for installation.
  2. The filter must be installed so that the user can easily replace the cartridge.
  3. We block the valve on the riser, drain the water from the taps.
  4. Cut the pipe of the required length to connect the cleaning device.
  5. We install a tap under the filter to shut off the fluid supply. Such a valve is used when replacing a cartridge.
  6. We fasten the cover with couplings using special couplings, we use gaskets.
  7. Install the cartridge in the device.

At the final stage of work, turn on the water and check the device for leaks. If necessary, tighten the connecting elements.

Mounting cartridge filters

How to install a filter under the sink

Many users encounter certain difficulties during the installation of a complex water treatment system under the sink. The filter is supplied pre-assembled, but it still needs to be connected to the water supply. The work consists of several simple operations:

  1. We tightly connect the tap with a tee, screw connections are sealed with tow or fum tape. The inlet of the filter is connected to the supply of cold water, the other is attached to the pipe of the mixer. The equipment is connected via a tee to the water supply.
  2. We fix the filter with the bracket on the wall, while 10 centimeters must be left between the device and the enclosing structure.
  3. We attach a tap on the countertop and connect the filter element to it, connect the hoses.

Next, open the water supply and check the tightness of all connections. Do not wait for the quick appearance of liquid from the tap, the filtration process must first go through. Wait until clean water appears and only then close the valve.

Installing a filter under the sink

Reverse osmosis

The installation process of such a system is almost no different from the previous version. First, they shut off the water, install the crane and install the tee. The difference between reverse osmosis and other types of filters is the need for a drain for contaminated liquids. After the molecules pass through the filter element on the other side, a dirty solution is obtained, which must be dumped into the sewer. For this, a special pipe is used.

The second feature of the device is the presence of a storage tank, where additional filtering takes place. From the tank, the purified liquid flows to the tap through a special hose. The tank has a special valve to stop the flow of water.

Reverse osmosis

Terms of Use

Over time, various dust particles accumulate in the filter element. To clean the device from contamination, it is necessary to unscrew the sump and rinse the mesh under the pressure of water. If this element is worn out, it is replaced with a new one. Some filters have a self-cleaning system. It is enough to turn off a special faucet and flush dirty water into the sewer.

In the absence of the specified mechanism, garbage is removed manually. To do this, they shut off the liquid in the main line, unscrew the sump and clean the mesh from contaminants. Such events should be carried out at least once every three months.

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