How to choose facades for the kitchen: comparison of materials, photos

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When it comes to decorating the kitchen, the first thing the tenants think about is the facades for the kitchen. And not surprisingly: this furniture set is decisive in the mood of the whole kitchen, it represents its face, as well as the face of its owners. It is not only an external aesthetic factor, kitchen facades are an expensive thing, so you should carefully consider their purchase. In this article we will talk about what are the kitchen facades and how to choose your own.

Multi-colored kitchen facades

What properties should kitchen facades have?

The ideal facade should be strong and strong, resistant to temperature extremes and high humidity, easy to care for. In addition to resistance to the above factors, it should be convenient and practical, as well as unusual enough for all your guests to be in pleasant amazement. The main qualities that the facade should have:

  1. Resistance to moisture. This item includes not only dampness and direct contact with drops of water from the sink, but also the effect of hot steam.
  2. Resistance to dyes. Liquids such as coffee, tea, vegetable and fruit juice, wine are very quickly absorbed by the porous material, and removing stains is a complex and lengthy process. The right material should not be porous.
  3. Resistance to high and low temperatures. Places near the hob, oven, refrigerator and freezer are in particular danger.
  4. Resistant to oil and grease. No cooking is complete without splashes and drops. The surface should be easily cleaned of greasy liquids without unnecessary streaks.
  5. Hygiene Dampness and high temperatures are a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria. We need material that will not allow the multiplication of microflora, and will not rot and mold itself.

There are many types of kitchen facades that vary in material and cost.

Facades from a natural tree

The best are the facades made of natural wood. This material is the highest quality and reliable, can serve for a long time, if properly looked after. In no case should aggressive chemicals be used when cleaning, as this will corrode the surface. You can wipe the tree only with a soft sponge using water and a small amount of detergent.

It should be understood that the wooden facade does not fit into a modern or futuristic interior, but rather the choice of people who design the room in a classic, retro or country style. The facade price depends on different species of the massif (pine, oak, ash, ebony), but in general it is higher than all other options.


To get a facade made of pine will be relatively inexpensive. There are reasons for this: the tree is easy to process and does not show itself very well in operation. The pine is very soft, when compared with other species, it quickly and imperceptibly scratches from a kitchen knife or the bottom of the dishes. Therefore, it is best to design a pine not on the outside of the furniture, but on the inside. For example, the pine trim of the cabinet from the inside will delight the owners' eye, serve for a long time and in good condition.


Ash is much stronger than pine, and therefore almost three times more expensive. This tree is solid and resistant to mechanical damage, has a long service life. Drawing on this material is simpler than on oak, but it is ash that is perfect for a Scandinavian-style kitchen, where the natural texture and pattern on the furniture surface are appreciated. The matte beauty of real wood is admired by true connoisseurs of naturalness.

Wooden furniture facades

Bottom line: the pros and cons of wooden facades

So, having examined the types of facades for a kitchen made of wood, we can draw certain conclusions.


  • look solid, expensive;
  • can serve for a very long time with proper care;
  • a tree is an imperishable classic that will look stylish many years later;
  • material and production are environmentally friendly;
  • restoration of surfaces is possible;
  • many decorative details.


  • very high price, because of which not everyone can afford this pleasure;
  • specific care requirements;
  • a special box made of wood is required to purchase so that it supports the entire structure;
  • a few years later, the tree may begin to absorb water and odors, and also fade under direct sunlight.

Metal facades

If we talk about which facades for the kitchen are the most practical, then we can not help but mention the metal ones. They are not afraid of temperature extremes, mechanical damage, moisture, heat, steam. They are easy to care for, just wipe the surface with a soft cloth. But it is worth remembering that on a glossy surface any dirt is striking: drops, stains, fingerprints. Therefore, you will have to clean up often.

The cost of such a set will be rather big, but the comfort in the room will not increase. The metal facade will look perfect in the kitchen in the style of a loft or minimalism.

Metal facade


Compared to stainless steel, aluminum is lighter and cheaper. The material is soft, therefore susceptible to mechanical stress, easily scratched. Do not try to save money on this option, it is better to take a sheet of metal thicker, then it will be stronger, leaving a dent will be more difficult.

The metal looks stylish, lasts a long time. Among the disadvantages: high price and scratches that are difficult to restore. Also, if you are an awkward person, there is a good chance that you will constantly come across sharp corners of the structure.

Aluminum frame

This option is perhaps the most convenient. Only a frame is made of aluminum, and any material can already be inserted into it. The choice, of course, is yours, but it should be noted that the metal looks modern, which means connecting it with a tree is not the best combination. The most advantageous will be aluminum + MDF, aluminum + tempered glass or aluminum + plastic. If you want the kitchen to look unique and unusual, you can put a stained-glass window in the frame, which will beautifully shimmer in direct sunlight.

Acrylic metal frame

The acrylic plate is made in aluminum, which is designed to protect the edges from damage. Such a frame, however, will not be able to protect even a thick sheet of acrylic from damage - it can crack from a strong blow.

Acrylic (plastic) facades

Acrylic is one of the most modern materials used to decorate the kitchen. In simple terms, acrylic is an ordinary polymer with a smooth mirror surface. Gloss makes the furniture outwardly attractive and pleasant to the touch, looks bright.

Acrylic does not differ in plasticity, so furniture with curved shapes from this material can not be found. Usually all angles are straight and even, it looks stylish, minimalistic. Practicality depends on the type and characteristics of different acrylic plates.

Acrylic facade

MDF-based acrylic

The design is based on MDF (medium density fiberboard). A thin layer of acrylic is applied on top of it, which performs a decorative function. Such a coating has all the properties of a facade made of MDF, that is, it quickly absorbs liquid and swells. Even a tiny piece of acrylic breaks away, allowing moisture to enter the sawdust layer. As a result, the entire surface will fall apart.

In general, acrylic looks fashionable and modern. Pleased with its cost, which is much lower than that of wooden and metal options. In care, this material can be complicated, and care must be taken not to leave dents or scratches on the surface.

Painted MDF

The main advantage of MDF is that the kitchen with such a facade looks homely, the cheap impression of plasticity disappears. Care for the painted MDF should be extremely careful, since too aggressive exposure with a rag can erase the top coating, spots will appear that spoil the entire appearance of the furniture. Do not worry, the surface is easy to restore, just sand the facade and then laminate, that is, apply a fresh coat of paint.

Facades from MDF

Facades made of MDF are the most popular. Most kitchens are decorated using this material. It lasts longer than chipboard (particle board), and also has a wide range of colors, allows you to choose from graphite to bright pink.

The main advantage of MDF facades for the kitchen is the low price, hence the great popularity. A variety of designs allow you to interestingly design the room, make it unique and inimitable, play with colors and shapes. This coating is easy to care for, but the service life is poor. After 5 years, chips are guaranteed to appear at the edges, and through them water and dirt will penetrate the material, causing swelling.

The popularity of MDF is also due to features in the manufacture. The structure of the slab is as uniform and dense as that of natural wood. This gives the opportunity to create complex patterns on the panel, and then cover it with a thinner protective material.

Facade from MDF

PVC coated MDF

This option looks a little cheap, but the cleaning is not scary for him. Even aggressive abrasives will not cause surface damage. It is necessary to be careful with heavy mechanical impact - it is very easy to put a dent or scratch on such a facade, and it is already impossible to restore.

Veneered MDF

Veneer is a small wood shavings. Such a coating looks very natural, only a professional can distinguish it from a real tree. It is infrequently used, it is considered exclusive because of environmentally friendly production. The downside is that in practice, the veneer layer does not show itself better than the PVC film. It is softer, which means it is even easier to leave noticeable scratches on it.

Chipboard facades

Facades made of chipboard are objectively considered the worst. The only reason to buy this facade is a small cost. The base is held very weakly, the hinges after a few years of service begin to loose, doors and drawers sag. Pits and chips are formed on the surface, the edges swell with moisture, the whole structure falls apart right in front of the inhabitants. If you want to save on the kitchen facade, it would be better to purchase an option from MDF, since it is very slightly higher in price.

Particleboard furniture facade

So which kitchen facades are better in the end?

If to summarize all the above information, we can conclude that the metal and wooden facades remain the ideal option. If they hit hard on the wallet, then it is worth stopping on a product from MDF. This material is the most practical, which is proved by numerous samples of facades for the kitchen, photos and customer reviews.

When choosing a kitchen facade, it is important to consider your cooking and cleaning habits. For example, pay attention to whether you use aggressive cleaning products, whether you often touch furniture with kitchen utensils or spill liquids to the surface.

Samples of kitchen facades are widely represented in stores in Moscow and other major Russian cities. You should not make hasty conclusions, based only on reading several articles. Making a final decision is best after you see and touch all the options live. Live interaction speaks much more eloquently than subjective customer reviews on the Internet.

Photo: facades for the kitchen in the interior 

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facades for the kitchen
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