How to install a sink in the kitchen? Walkthrough

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The kitchen is a place of coziness, peace and comfort of the family. This atmosphere is created by the kitchen and the design of the room itself. An important role is played by the sink. The main question that everyone faces is how to choose a sink and install it in the kitchen? We will answer these questions in order.

Views and styles

The sink must be chosen based on the decor of the entire interior. There are many different options for sinks with various functions and from various materials.

Popular types of installation

  1. Mortise - the most common, its feature is ease of installation.
sink installation
  1. Overhead - mounted on a separate stand, it replaces the countertop.
surface wash
  1. Integrated - The peculiarity is that the side is on the same level with the countertop or slightly higher.
integrated sink
  1. Table type - mounted below the countertop level.
washbasin installation


  • Stainless steel - one of the most popular. It is strong and durable, easy to install. Classic and simple style, popular among buyers.
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  • Ceramics - also in demand in the market. The composition includes earthenware or porcelain.
  • Fake diamond - the fashion for this material is growing every day. By itself, it is durable and high-quality, does not rust and does not deteriorate over time.
  • Enameled, cast iron - found in apartments with old repairs, but some owners, lovers of retro style, use it as a design solution. When compared with the listed materials, the qualities of this model are inferior to others. Cast iron is heavy, problematic in installation. But what can’t you do for the sake of beauty?
  • Designer models - These are special models designed more for beauty than for functionality. They can be made of stone, wood, glass, bronze, copper. Not for permanent use, but for cooling drinks and just for decoration.
kitchen sink 1

How to choose a sink in the kitchen?

No matter how beautiful the sink, if it is chosen incorrectly and does not fit into your design, it’s a waste of money. A few tips will help you not to make a mistake in choosing, because you will not be engaged in its installation every day.

  1. First of all, you need to determine the shape and size. There are standard sizes. For round - 45-51 cm, square - 50-50 or 60-60 cm. For a rectangular shape, the choice of sizes is quite large - 55x50, 50x80, 50x100, 50x125 cm. Hexagonal, pentagonal, triangular are considered more modern forms. Triangular are suitable for the kitchen, where there is little space, five and hexagonal mean side wings. Remember to consider the depth of the sink.
shell shape
  1. The next step is material selection. The above says a little about them, but how not to lose money? We will analyze the most popular materials:
    If everything is clear with stainless steel, then with ceramic it’s not very. It does not scratch, does not oxidize, is pleasant to the touch, and is easy to clean. The disadvantages include cost and weight. It will work out independently if you are a professional.
    Artificial stone looks very fresh and will surely attract the attention of your guests. The advantages include ease of care, strength, ease of installation in the kitchen. But an artificial stone can stain from natural dyes, such as beets. The cost is also not small.
  2. You have the opportunity to choose sections. There are no rules here - the main thing is that there is enough space. You can choose one or more, as your heart desires. Eating with side wings is a very convenient feature, since the wings will not let you ruin the countertop.
  3. Installation, choice of installation - above we discussed various variations of installation. In this matter, you can’t say which installation is better - it all depends on your preferences.
  4. The most interesting thing for the hostess is the choice of accessories. Accessories include: a filter tap for drinking water, a disposer - a special electric a mechanism that grinds food debris, dryers, boards specially made to fit the size of the sink, colanders.

How to install (assemble) yourself? (video)

To set is a simple task, the main thing is to know what to do. For this, step-by-step instructions with a photo are attached, and if something is not clear, you can find other videos on this topic.

How to put a surface wash in a curbstone? What mount?

Experts unanimously say that it is the easiest to install an overhead wash. The sink is already laid on a pre-installed mixer. Using L-shaped fasteners, in the amount of 4 pcs., Make notes on the inside of the cabinet. After that, you need to screw in the screws in the places marked. Self-tapping screws for fastening - 15 mm. The box end must be covered with sealant, it will protect the furniture. Then we fix, remove excess sealant and connect the drain to the sewer.

Installing the mortise sink in the countertop

To assemble mortise sinks is a little more difficult, since installation in the countertop is relevant here.
Step one - make a hole in the countertop to fit the size of the sink.

mortise sink installation

Step two - insert it into the countertop and fix it.

countertop washing

Step Three - Flip face down and secure the remaining mounts.

installation of sink mounts

Unfortunately, not all sinks can be installed independently. Installation under the countertop is impossible to do by yourself, since accuracy to a millimeter is important here.

Some interesting sinks for the bathroom (photo)

Why not highlight a few words for the bathroom, because the interior of the bathroom directly depends on the sink. We will not delve into all the details, just consider some options.

A tulip sink is an excellent solution if you do not want additional installation work. The foot disguises all the pipes. The material is ceramic.

shell tulip

The original solution is a glass sink with backlight.

glass backlit sink

Artificial stone washbasin: bright and at the same time calm design.

artificial stone sink in the kitchen

Repair, of course, always exhausts, but then it is so nice to look at the results of the work. If you start to understand a little about installation issues, you can do everything yourself, no worse than a professional would do.

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