Kitchen under the window: advantages and disadvantages, choice of sink

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The kitchen under the window is an original and not often found option in our apartments. In some cases (a rectangular layout, a small room) the headsets are simply nowhere to be placed and this wall has to be used. But then the resulting result will please with an abundance of light and additional working area.

Placement in this way of furniture in a private house is common in the West. Firstly, there is always more kitchen than in a standard apartment; secondly, often there are not one, but two or more openings in the wall. At the same time, you can lay out a communication system based on your preferences, and not according to the master plan of the house.

Kitchen option under the window

The main advantages of window washing

The sink at the window in the kitchen immediately attracts attention. Each layout has pros and cons, but there are many more positive aspects in this case.

  1. One of the main advantages is improved lighting of the workplace, which will best affect dishwashing and the cooking process. This saves electricity. An ordinary sink is most often located in a dimly lit corner, and to wash the dishes, additional light is required. By placing the sink near the window, you will work in natural light.
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  2. Psychologists have noticed that most of humanity does not like to wash dishes because of the monotony of work. It is clear that when a person looks at a wall, enthusiasm for the process is unlikely to arise. Watching the situation on the street and a beautiful view, the washing process will be more interesting and joyful. And perhaps you will even love this action.
  3. A kitchen with a sink at the window is a win-win option for small and narrow rooms with a large opening on the entire wall. There is not enough free space, but using this area, you can correctly arrange furniture and other kitchen appliances. Again, the window is always in the center, which means that the work area will be within walking distance.

The sink under the window in the kitchen looks unusual and stylish. There are many photos on the site to verify this. Very often the window seat is not involved in the overall design. By placing a sink there, you will save additional space by significantly increasing the surface of the work surface.

Window wash

Cons washing under the window

The main minus is the mandatory redevelopment. In old apartments, a battery is located under the window, and moving it to another place is quite problematic. If the battery is built into the headset, the main heat will remain in the cabinet, and it will not be possible to place the trash can there. Garbage will decompose and unpleasant odors can not be avoided.

The best solution is to make a ventilation hole between the sink and the wall. The main thing is that the width of the sink allows you to do this.

You can call for help new technologies, in particular the "warm floor". The batteries are removed completely, you get extra square centimeters, and the kitchen is heated from below.

It will be necessary to lengthen the pipes of the water riser. If the sink is removed more than 3 m from the riser, it is better to build in special choppers for food. And purchase a water pumping unit.

The process of pipe elongation poses the question: “Hide or disguise?”. The simplest solution is to put them in the countertop, which will be a continuation of the sink.

A sink very close to the window will stain the glass with drops of water. In this case, the widest possible countertop should be made from the side of the wall, and the issue will be resolved. Or raise the window sill above the countertop by 10-20 cm.

A kitchen with a sink by the window has another argument against it - the difficulty of opening it. Too high a tap will not allow the flaps to open wide, which means it will be inconvenient to wash or ventilate them. And here modern technology comes to the rescue - removable or flexible cranes (with retractable watering can). Or a very small mixer.

Sink under the window

Choosing a sink for installation

Standard models are not always suitable for a number of reasons. But you can create an unusual kitchen design with a sink by the window. And the photos confirm that a special sink in such an interior will only emphasize the unique atmosphere.

  • There are corner sinks (a square with a mixer in the corner at 90 degrees), allowing the kitchen space to be used to the maximum. You will not have any difficulties with ventilation, and you can choose for yourself almost any mixer with a sink. The only thing, the choice of corner models is much smaller than regular rectangular ones.
  • A convenient option is a conventional sink with a mixer at the corner, and not in the center. At first you may be uncomfortable, but you will get used to it soon.
  • Another model that fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen with a sink at the window is narrow and rectangular. It is narrower than the usual square one, since a large width will become an obstacle to free window access. Moreover, small kitchens cannot afford wide and bulky countertops, occupying a third of the room.
  • One of the most economical sinks is with a double bowl. In it, you can simultaneously soak, wash, rinse and dry the dishes. And if you purchase an additional grill or stand, then increase its functionality even more. In extreme cases, a sink with a flexible tap can be used as part of the countertop, covering it with a large board.

The material is suitable for almost any. Look at the sinks by the window in the kitchen and their photos. A sink can be a single unit with a countertop, combining in color and structure or appear as a contrasting stain. In this case, the white sink is most suitable.

Porcelain tile, artificial stone will last at least 15 years, and the drop spray area is the lowest. In all other cases, stains on the window pane can be avoided with a rubber mesh at the bottom.

Beautiful sink by the window in the apartment

Subtleties of washing transfer

The most difficult stage is the extension of communications and the lifting of the drain pipe. There are two options where to put the drain pipe.

  1. Remove and clean the kitchen furniture. Then access to the pipe is unlimited.
  2. For long communications, a pump is needed. In this case, you will not have blockages, the pipe can be located at any angle. The disadvantage of this method is that the pump does not always work silently.

In most cases, transferring a sink is trusted by the plumber. It is necessary to lengthen the water supply pipes and drains, as well as raise the drain hole at the rate of 3-5 cm for each additional meter of pipes. Only in this case, the drain functions normally and without blockages. If the distance is large, then you need to hold the pipes at the required angle, not forgetting about the cleaning systems in the corners.

Also, these devices should always be accessible, so it is advisable to put them in the kitchen furniture, and not in the walls. Sometimes a very large angle of elevation may require an increase in the height of the sink. Installation of the pump eliminates clogging and the need to withstand the angle of inclination. There are quite compact models that take up little space.

Washing transfer

Install optional accessories

Pay attention to the height of your windowsill - it should be between 85-90 cm. In this case, it will be flush with the ideal height of the countertop, and you will get a huge working area.

It is not necessary to integrate the sink flush with the windowsill. If it is located below, then this is considered a more practical option. After all, the more space between the opening in the wall and the sink, the less water will fall on the glass.

But if the window is very low to the floor (up to 75 cm), then the sink near the window in the kitchen does not fit at all. You have to make changes to the design of the window, and this is very expensive. And you can only allow it in your own home. In the apartment, you simply have no chance of approving such a project.

The question “How much space should remain between the wall and the mixer?” Is quite important. This will determine which faucet and water supply system you can afford and how wide the windows will open.

There is such a type of crane mount as bayonet. The folding device extends by the type of hose without requiring any additional tools. Folding slewing cranes are also sold today.

A wide countertop is in many cases better, but reaching the same window will be more difficult. But the narrow one is more functional and involves a smaller sink with a small mixer. It is good if the working surface is made of artificial marble or stone. High humidity is not at all frightening to them, in contrast to worktops from MDF and particleboard. And even splashes of water from composite materials fly off a smaller distance.

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