Two-level ceiling in the kitchen: types, pros and cons

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Modern technologies and materials open up a number of technological solutions for designers in the design of the ceiling space in the kitchen. In many modern design projects, you can find two-level stretch ceilings in the kitchen. The choice of such a solution is justified by the possibility of creating various forms and cost-effectiveness, because stretch ceilings are an order of magnitude cheaper than, for example, suspended ceilings.

A multi-level ceiling in the kitchen is a classic version of the improvement of the ceiling, which has hundreds of variations. The main reason for the popularity of this solution is the ability to hide various defects in the ceiling, as well as the ability to hide various communications.

Variety of choice of two-level ceilings in the kitchen

The technological capabilities of installing two-level ceilings allow the use of various materials and technologies. As a rule, in all standard solutions they build:

  • plasterboard false ceilings;
  • stretch ceiling;
  • aluminum rack ceilings.
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Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

The first type of ceilings have reliable technical characteristics and are absolutely environmentally friendly. They are quite easy to maintain and provide the ability to paint the ceiling in any color. Also one of the most important features of the ceiling is the ability to create various complex shapes. However, among the large number of advantages, there is one drawback - the large weight of the structure, which is why it is necessary to create a reliable frame.

The second type of ceiling is a bit more expensive, but it allows you to install them in rooms with any humidity level without any danger. Stretch ceilings are quickly and easily installed, and also do not require special care. The disadvantages include only the emission of caustic and dangerous smoke for humans during combustion.

Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

The third type is not as popular as the two previous ones, but it also has the right to life, because you can often find it in such styles as hi-tech or modern. The main features of this type of ceiling is its high resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations. However, such ceilings look spectacular in rooms with a large area, so they can not be often found in ordinary apartments, where the kitchen even in 15 squares is already a luxury.

Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

Another interesting solution is combined ceilings. As a rule, a frame or a niche is made of plasterboard, and a stretch ceiling is placed inside.

Features of the design of two-level stretch ceilings in the kitchen

Regardless of what materials a two-level ceiling is built in the kitchen, it will necessarily consist of two elements:

  1. Carcass;
  2. Casing.
Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

The frame is created using metal profiles forming a crate. The profiles themselves are fixed on the ceiling using special U-shaped suspensions.

Matte, glossy or satin?

These are the three most common types of coverings for suspended ceilings for the kitchen. Each of them was created to solve a wide variety of design tasks, namely:

  • glossy. Ceilings of this type allow you to visually expand the room due to light reflection. As a rule, they are used to improve the ceiling space of small kitchens. Beige and milky white shades look especially advantageous;
  • matte. This type of coating, although it does not reflect light, but it creates an interesting view of the ceiling. The perfect solution for kitchens with a classic design. Often two-level ceilings combine matte and glossy coatings to soften the shine. Matte film blends perfectly with various backlighting and ensures the implementation of complex compositional techniques;
  • satin. They are the golden mean between matte and glossy coatings due to unobtrusive shine. They reflect light well for visual expansion of the room and wash well from any kind of pollution. One of the main features of this type of stretch ceiling is its high frost resistance, due to which they are used for landscaping ceilings in the country.
Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

Lighting factor

Lighting for two-level suspended ceilings in the kitchen or suspended has a special role, because their design gives the ability to use a wide variety of lighting devices and, most importantly, on any part of the ceiling.

Today, one of the most popular solutions is to create a backlight in the niche between the first and second levels, which ensures the effect of visual expansion of the ceiling space. The role of the main lighting is performed by spotlights, which are placed on the ceiling based on the illuminated areas.

Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

If we talk about versatility, then suspended plaster ceilings allow the use of any lamp. As for stretch ceilings, they can’t tolerate heating, so the choice of lamps is quite limited.

Advantages of duplex ceilings in the kitchen

Two-level suspended ceilings in the kitchen is a modern solution, which many are skeptical of, because today quite often they talk about a large number of shortcomings. However, all these are myths that are primarily associated with poor installation or an unprofessional approach to solving atypical tasks, where there are complex architectural forms. If you correctly install the products, taking into account all the requirements, then the two-level stretch ceilings in the kitchen will look not only beautiful, but will also last quite a long service.

Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

Summing up, we can say that stretch two-level ceilings for the kitchen have the following several advantages:

  • made of materials safe for humans;
  • do not attract dust;
  • do not allow the appearance of fungi;
  • have high resistance to ignition;
  • withstand high temperature extremes;
  • have a long service life - more than 20 years;
  • have a wide color gamut, allowing you to choose a color for any interior;
  • universal;
  • allow for convenient zoning of the premises;
  • mask any defects in the ceiling.
Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

In addition, stretch ceilings do not require special care, because their surface is contaminated for a long time so that it can be clearly seen. However, if this happened, it would not be difficult to wash them with non-aggressive agents.

Disadvantages of duplex ceilings in the kitchen

Of course, like everything else in this world, stretch ceilings also have another side to the coin - disadvantages, although there are not so many of them. The most important disadvantages include:

  • theft of space - up to 10 cm;
  • swelling - appear only with a strong temperature difference between the ceiling and the canvas;
  • the presence of seams.
Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

If the issue of theft of space is impossible to solve, then the following two shortcomings can be avoided. To do this, it is necessary to carefully prepare the surface of the ceiling and repair all cracks and seams. As for the seams, this drawback will only be visible if you decide to install the stretch ceiling on a large ceiling space. Even if you have a large area, one of the solutions is to create gypsum baskets, which can also be used for zoning.

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