Kitchen design 10 square meters. m: photos, rules, features and nuances

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A beautiful and comfortable kitchen is the dream of any hostess. Actual kitchen design 10 sq. m, photos, news of 2018 - all this may interest those who plan to make repairs.

Heart of the house

For most housewives kitchen space is a personal account. This is a place where you can be inspired and create, prepare a Sunday dinner or just chat with your loved ones over a cup of fragrant tea. Kitchens are big and small square and elongated, and for each of them can be found design approach to make the meeting place not only comfortable, but also functional. It is important that for some time this place in the house ceased to fulfill the function of a room where only pots with soup are boiling and the kettle is whistling, originality and style are in fashion, in which you need to be able to enter everything you need technique.

kitchen 10 sq m

Nowadays, houses are often provided with various household appliances, without which it is already difficult for the owners to do. A crock-pot, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine, coffee maker - all this should harmoniously fit into

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kitchen design. Cluttering the room with various devices leads to sloppy and visual reduction space, so you need to correctly approach the issue of designing a kitchen for convenience and beauty at the same time. Ten meters of space - space for imagination. If you take a responsible approach to design, then you can beat such a space with a beautiful headset, textiles and accessories quite successfully.

Advantages and disadvantages of a ten-meter kitchen

Kitchen in 10 squares it can be considered spacious, especially if it has the correct shape, for example, rectangular, and is not cut by a large number of openings and pillars. In such a space, you can enter everything you need without resorting to additional changes in area through the transfer of walls. AT kitchen design 10 sq. m can fit as a dining area with a large round or square a table, and a work surface, cabinets and the necessary equipment.

An additional advantage of the area of ​​such a room is the fact that kitchen The headset can be either L-shaped or U-shaped. Space and flexibility in design matters can be attributed to the advantages of a ten-meter kitchen.

l-shaped kitchen
U-shaped kitchen

The disadvantages of the kitchen 10 meters there is an increased likelihood of errors in planning the placement of wall cabinets, after which visual clutter or disharmony can easily be obtained. Kitchen space 10 m2 should breathe, and be in it should be easy.

Design Variations

A wide range and availability of various materials, accessories, fabrics, wallpapers (how to choose here) allow you to make modern cuisine so unique that it becomes almost impossible to find at least an approximate repetition of it. Modern ideaskitchens range from the usual classics with its strict lines and shades to completely non-standard solutions using bright colors, unusual lighting and the location of familiar zones.

Today is fashionable on square the kitchen set the so-called island. Such a solution is quite convenient, because the island performs several functions simultaneously: a work surface, a table, a bar counter. It is universal in that it eliminates the need to install a conventional table, thereby freeing up space from unnecessary furniture.

island in the kitchen

Kitchen interior 10 sq.. will look unusual in a country style. Pale green (see here) and beige (and here) shades, interspersed with blue and white - all this contributes to the creation of harmony, comfort and originality. In such a room, textiles with a small flower pattern, with frills and lace will advantageously look. The dishes should be made of light or, conversely, dark ceramics. Also, a non-standard solution will be if even the heating elements on the stove are made in the spirit of a country. An example of such a kitchen is presented at photo 2018 of the year.

kitchen 10 sq. country style

Loft style kitchen more common in modern the interior. Such a concept is a rather bold solution for a living room, because it implies dark shades of facades, walls, insufficient lighting, and a minimum of furniture. Besides, loft style kitchen more suitable for bachelors or young couples. For families with small children, when choosing this solution, they should carefully consider the need for this design. Another factor in the features of loft design is a careful approach to the choice of equipment, and more precisely, to its design. A stove, kettle and other appliances should fit into the overall picture of the style of the kitchen. Black is welcome (read also this material), gray, brown, red shades, as well as steel and chrome.

loft style kitchen

Kitchen decoration

A few simple and enforceable rules in the design of the kitchen 10 square meters. help create a unique image, elegant style and comfort in the kitchen, which you always want to return to and where it will be nice to meet guests.

  1. Design kitchen interior in the classical style with the use of natural materials: wood (see also
    kitchen made from natural materials
  2. For kitchen An impressive size would be appropriate sofa.
    kitchen with a sofa of 10 sq.m.
  3. It will look expensive kitchen design 10 square metersif the facades of the headset are made in gloss, and the upholstery of chairs, curtains and wallpaper are selected in contrast to it. At the same time, do not forget that the textiles and finishing materials of the walls must be made in uniform shades, otherwise you can get a dissonance in the interior. The photo This option will clearly demonstrate.
    glossy kitchen
  4. AT square in a kitchen with good natural light, the right solution is a headset with a light countertop. The fact is that the light from the window, incident on the working surface of a dark color, will show all its flaws and spots, while this is practically not visible on the white, cream tabletop.
    light countertop
  5. For kitchen with a small window or shadow side, you should choose high-quality artificial lighting, as well as glossy materials, such as a ceiling,
    bright glossy kitchen
  6. Kitchen it is advisable to execute the headsets in such sizes and colors that in the future, in case of breakage of the facades or the owners' fatigue from the color of the cabinet doors, they could be easily replaced or supplemented with similar ones shade.
    universal kitchen
  7. Kitchen 10 sq.. m may well become a living room - such an area is enough to accommodate up to 10 people at a table.
    kitchen table for 10 people

Narrow Kitchen Solutions

If the room has an elongated shape, which is often found in modern apartments, you should strive to choose a design that visually allows you to "push" the walls and give the kitchen square form.

The right solution for kitchen interior 10 sq. Elongated shape will be the location of the bar or island across the room. If the bar or the island is not provided for by the design conditions, you can delimit the space with a dining table with a bright tablecloth and decorations in the form of a vase with flowers, fruits or sweets.

bar counter in a narrow kitchen

The flooring in such a room should be chosen without a large picture and in bright colors, and the fittings should be the larger, the better. The decision on the choice of wallpaper and textiles should be thorough. So, if the window is located opposite the entrance to the kitchen and the window sill is not involved under the work surface, then the curtains should be hung over the entire width of the wall. Wallpaper must be selected plain or with a small pattern, a large print or a transverse strip will further visually narrow the room.

In narrow rooms, you should use more glass (for example, kitchen apron), gloss and shine so that the reflected light creates volume.

Interiors of modern kitchens thanks to the wide selection of materials available, they allow you to completely change your attitude to this integral part of the house.

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