Apron for a kitchen made of plastic: pros and cons, selection rules

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When designing a kitchen workspace, it is necessary not only to decorate it, but also to provide reliable protection. Nowadays, tiles are rarely used in kitchens, preference is given to more modern materials. An apron made of plastic for finishing the workspace is considered very unusual and attractive, it is very popular.

Plastic kitchen apron

Varieties of apron materials for plastic kitchens

Elements from plastic come in several forms, all of them have their own characteristics:

  1. PVC panels are modern facing materials. Two colored lacquered surfaces are connected to each other using special longitudinal strips. Can be in the form of panels, sheets or lining. The larger the panel, the longer the life. This apron provides excellent protection against grease and various contaminants.
PVC apron
  1. ABS sheets are single-layer opaque plastic panels with photo print decor or decorative elements. Consumers will be amazed at the abundance of various images; it is possible to order an individual apron design according to your own sketch. ABS sheets are created without seams, the surface is ideally smooth, provide reliable protection against pollution.
ABS apron
  1. Carbonate glass It is a refractory material that visually looks like ordinary glass. Such an apron is quite resistant to physical damage and dents. The material is the most durable of all possible, therefore the price category is higher than the others. Carbonate glass has the longest life.
Carbonate glass kitchen apron

Pros and Cons of Plastic Panels

The main advantage of a plastic apron is its affordable cost to the consumer and the possibility of own-hand installation, and installation takes a minimum amount of time.

ABS kitchen apron

But this material has many more positive aspects:

  1. The ability to independently choose a design, you can show all your imagination and pick it up for any interior. You can apply images to it, paint or shine, the apron's illumination also looks perfect.
  2. Resistance to moisture will come in handy in the kitchen. After all, the surfaces of this room are in constant contact with water. Also, plastic elements withstand high temperatures.
  3. Easy to clean, surfaces are easy to clean, chemicals can even be used.
  4. The light weight of the panels will be an advantage in those kitchens where the walls are not designed for too large loads.
  5. Easy to cut, suitable for small holes and sockets.
Plastic kitchen apron

It is worth recalling that plastic aprons also have some disadvantages, here are the main ones:

  1. Low wear resistance, because plastic can be easily damaged and scratched.
  2. It easily burns out under the influence of sunlight.
  3. Inability to clean plastic with aggressive chemicals.
Kitchen apron

All the shortcomings can be quickly resolved by simply replacing the panels, and it is carried out personally.

Design and use by designers

When choosing decorative elements for the kitchen, it should be understood that they should look harmonious and stylish in the room. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the plastic elements of the decor. The texture, style and colors must fit perfectly into the interior, be in a single composition.

Apron in the kitchen

It is worth remembering that bright and dark colors are ideal for large rooms, and for small kitchens should choose more delicate shades with vegetation or ornament in natural style. Young people will enjoy landscapes, floral and fruit motifs, vintage photographs or newspaper clippings.

Plastic kitchen apron with vegetation

Due to the fact that aprons made of plastic have a different texture, they can be easily used for the most unusual design styles. For example, classic kitchens will look favorably with the walls of the wood structure, high-tech will decorate the metal surface. For minimalism, you can use natural stone.

Kitchen apron

If the room is too small, then you should give preference to a transparent apron, behind which a color drawing is placed. Thanks to the mirror effect, the decor element will seem voluminous, as a result, the kitchen will visually increase.

Installation and decoration: how to fix or glue correctly

Installing an apron made of plastic is quite simple, which is why it can be done by almost anyone.

  • First, you need to calculate the required dimensions. In most cases, the height is needed about 60 cm, because it is at this distance that the wall cabinets are placed from the countertop. It is worth leaving about 2 cm for entering behind the countertop;
  • After that, cut out places for sockets or switches. For cutting plastic, it is recommended to use an electric jigsaw or hacksaw;
  • Next, you need to fix the apron on the wall. You can do this in any way possible.

For mounting on a wall of plastic, they are great:

  • To glue - liquid nails, before applying them, you need to coat the wall with a primer and plaster. Glue should be applied to the back of the plastic with strips of about 10 cm. After that, the apron is firmly pressed against the wall. To glue completely fixed the decor element, you should wait a day;
  • Fasten - self-tapping screws will also help to perfectly attach plastic, after this the hats are hidden with special caps;
  • The metal profile must first be applied to the wall, and then put on a plastic cloth. After that, it will be possible at any time to change the plastic to a new one.

Important! If there are joints on the plastic apron, then it is worth filling them with sealant so that moisture and dirt cannot penetrate there, otherwise the spread of fungi and mold may begin.

Plastic apron care

The system for the care of plastic panels for the kitchen is quite light and simple. If necessary, wipe the surface of the apron with a sponge dampened in soapy water. To clean plastic from various types of contaminants, you should use a dishwashing liquid. After cleaning, wipe the surface of the plastic with a dry cloth.

Apron plastic care

It is strongly not recommended to use aggressive chemicals for cleaning plastic, which contain hard and large particles. After all, the surface can be scratched, and the decorative pattern will be hopelessly spoiled. Also, the material may begin to delaminate, bubbles will appear on it.

Be sure to watch so that children do not scratch or hit the plastic panel. It can easily be spoiled with just one sharp object. This is especially true for economical and cheap materials, so you should handle them carefully. It is also worth looking carefully at the gas stove, because the resistance of plastic to high temperatures does not at all mean integrity and safety near an open flame.

You should know! To protect the plastic panel from open flame, the use of an additional plastic screen is possible.

A plastic apron for the kitchen is considered a modern, practical and attractive solution for decorating the kitchen. It will provide reliable protection against various types of pollution, as well as perfectly complement the interior of any room. The kitchen will help translate the wildest fantasies into reality.

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