How to draw a kitchen yourself on the computer and by hand

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To create a kitchen in an original style that is not like everyone else, which has a zest and idea is the dream of any host. Of course, you can contact the design company, but it is unlikely that you will get something special - often you will be offered a template that will slightly complement your corrections. In addition, the services of a designer are extremely expensive. Therefore, many owners decide to paint the kitchen on their own. Next, we will analyze the possible ways to accomplish this task.

Kitchen drawing

How to create a kitchen design yourself on a computer

The main goal for a computer designer (this role anyone can try on) is to choose the correct arrangement of elements in space. You can do this on paper. But the use of a special computer program will be much more correct, more accurate and more rational. It has all the functions to create a full-fledged project.

It is a mistake to think that sketching a kitchen on a computer yourself is like writing a complicated program or something like that. In fact, the creators of these softwares are trying to make the most understandable, convenient interface so that everyone can quickly understand the functionality. We will figure out which software are considered the best.

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The girl works at the computer

Popular programs

Obviously, before you think about how to draw a kitchen on a computer, you need to decide on a program for the computer.


First on the list is Stoline. This program is designed for interior design of any room. There are many useful tools, rich functionality and several libraries. Ideal for those who plan to create an author's project, that is, as original as possible.
After opening the program, in the upper left corner you need to click on the icon in the form of a white sheet, which will open a clean project - the basis of the future kitchen. It is also possible to choose a typical apartment option according to the specified parameters.

Work in the Stoline program

In the sections on the right, you can select a category of objects. Opening it, you will see a list of furniture, decor items.

To place an object on a project, you need to hover over it, hold down the left mouse button, move it to the desired location and release it. Already installed objects are moved in the same way.

To change the angle of view of the camera, you need to use the function in the lower left corner.

Indoor Project in Stoline

Next, go to the "Design" section (on the right). Here you can find everything you need: coverings, windows, doors, decorative elements, light and much more.

The finished work can be photographed. It is recommended to save the project in order to make any amendments in the future.

Thus, Stoline is a simple and convenient program with an intuitive interface on which anyone can successfully create a project.

Kitchen project at Stoline


Another software is PRO100. It is slightly different from the previous one, but has a more intuitive interface. You can draw a kitchen project from scratch. Only a mouse is used. Focused on a wide range of individuals. This program is successfully used by many professional designers and amateurs in the matter of interior design.

How to draw a kitchen

If you have chosen a computer design option, then you only need a computer and your ideas. In order to draw a sketch of the kitchen by hand on paper, you will need paper, pen, pencil, cardboard, scissors, ruler, tape measure.

Kitchen drawing

We measure the dimensions of the kitchen

Measurements include measuring the length and width of the floor, the height of the ceilings, the length and width of walls, doors, windows. All protrusions and depressions must be taken into account (room topography). Before starting measurements it is recommended to complete the repair, in particular, wall alignment and shrinking the floor. This eliminates possible inaccuracies in the sketch. Ceiling measurement is carried out at 3 levels: at the ceiling, in the middle, at the floor. By the same principle, the floor is measured: by the wall, in the middle of the room, by the opposite wall. All this data in the form of a diagram is transferred to paper or to a program.

In case of poor repair, it is better to fix everything before designing, in order to avoid problems with curved surfaces.

We plan the kitchen

Under the concept of planning should be understood as preparation for further arrangement. The first thing to do is choose a specific scale. For example, 1:10, 1:20, 1:40, etc.

At a given scale, we perform a sketch of a top view. Here you need to arrange objects, starting with large ones. Before you draw a kitchen set, you need to measure its parameters and then choose the most suitable location.

If you are working, it is most convenient to draw a sketch for each wall in multiple instances. This will allow for numerous adjustments. Especially if you are looking for new ideas.

It is very important to plan the wiring correctly. Count the number of outlets, check with the number of household appliances and its location.

Location of furniture and appliances

We recommend that you create a separate table in which the parameters of household appliances and furniture will be indicated.

Next, we gradually arrange all the objects, taking into account their sizes. Do not forget that there should be space between some objects, so you should not make the most of the available length.

Tips for beginners

  1. The best option is a project in a computer program. This makes it possible to look at your future kitchen in volume. If this method is not suitable for you, then make a cardboard layout. Its creation can be a wonderful pastime for the whole family.
  2. It is important to consider the area of ​​the room, its shape. For example, a direct layout is suitable for an elongated kitchen of a small area, angular It is universal - it saves space, meets all the criteria of ergonomics. Island kitchens are a good choice for kitchens combined with the living room.
  3. To save even more money, some brave owners make their own furniture. But here you need to have extensive knowledge, good taste. To facilitate the task, you can buy ready-made facades, and entrust complex manipulations (for example, professional cutting) to specialists.
  4. How to draw a kitchen design, which decor items to add, which wallpaper to stick on and how to choose interesting lighting should be decided by the owner himself. You can learn a lot of interesting design solutions, for example, on the Pinterest Internet resource.

Such an activity requires a lot of effort, moral and material investment. But a competent and responsible approach to interior design will give a positive result and give a lot of positive emotions to all households.

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