Countertop kitchen sinks: pros and cons

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Integrated kitchen sink
Every housewife spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Every day we cook, wash products, clean dishes. Therefore, the sink is the main part of any kitchen set. The choice of this element should be taken seriously. It should have the following characteristics: be comfortable, reliable, wear-resistant, have a beautiful appearance. In addition, the interior of the room will be transformed for the better with the right kitchen attribute. In this article, we will analyze kitchen sinks built into the countertop.

Types of built-in sinks for the kitchen

Modern built-in sinks are versatile and very convenient to use. Usually they think over in advance where it will be located, and with this calculation they select kitchen furniture. Thanks to a large selection of sinks of different designs, sizes and shapes, you can choose the option for absolutely any kitchen. They are divided into three types: the classic model, with two bowls, with one or more wings.

  • classic version - the model consists of one bowl of a square, round or oval shape;
  • The two-bowl model is a very comfortable sink. In one container you can wash the dishes, and in the other - vegetables and fruits;
  • model with one or two wings - clean dishes and detergents are conveniently placed on the wings of the product.

The sink can be placed against the wall, away from the main zone, or made a continuation on the same level with the stove. In corner kitchen furniture, the sink is usually installed in the corner. For lovers of original interiors, the island option is suitable. In this case, the sink is mounted in the middle of the room.

Advantages of mortise sinks

  1. With a mortise sink, it’s easier to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.
  2. Unlike overhead built-in sinks under the kitchen countertop, in which various contaminants and grease constantly accumulate, this does not happen in mortise models.
  3. It turns out a solid work surface.
  4. The interior of the kitchen is becoming more stylish and modern.

Installation method

Stainless Steel Sink
Manufacturers make sinks of three designs, which differ from each other in the installation method:
  • surface-mounted design - a surface-mounted sink is mounted on a kitchen table that does not have a countertop;
  • mortise design - a hole is cut out in the countertop into which the sink is installed. This model is the cheapest and most popular;
  • integrated design - installed on one level with granite or stone countertops. It turns out a solid surface. Installation is made only by special equipment. Sometimes integrated sinks are supplied with kitchen furniture.

What material is the built-in sink best for?

Corner kitchen sink

The mortise model can be made of ceramic, granite or stainless steel. Marble, acrylic and copper are rarely used.

  • Ceramic models. In addition, the ceramic models have a beautiful appearance, they have a high level of impact resistance, are not afraid of the effects of acids and various detergents.
  • Stainless material. The most common option is the integrated stainless steel sink. Inexpensive models, environmentally friendly, are not afraid of sharp temperature jumps, they look beautiful outwardly. They are easy to care for, easy and quick to clean. The surface of the sink can be matte or mirror, polished or embossed. Drops from water and scratches are invisible on a relief coating, so such models are most practical. Stainless steel has a service life of about 20 years, which is less than other models.
  • Granite models. For the manufacture of washing using acrylic, granite chips and quartz sand. Advantages of such models: they have a beautiful appearance, absorb noise from water, are resistant to shock and scratches, environmentally friendly. Despite all the advantages, in order to further protect the bottom, some users stack a steel pallet. A model made of granite material is considered the most durable, its service life is more than 50 years.

It is safe to say that no matter what washing you purchase, each of them will be reliable. All of these materials are resistant to various external influences, do not crack and do not deform from high temperatures. The bathroom also has recessed sinks.

Mounting the mortise sink under the countertop

You can install a sink yourself, but for this you need certain skills. Better if a specialist does it. Otherwise, due to improper installation and the simplest errors, leaks or other emergency situations will occur. Installation consists of three stages: assembly of the sink, installation and connection to communications.

Mounting the mortise sink in the countertop

How to assemble?

First, a mixer and a siphon are installed on the sink, otherwise then it will be problematic to do this:

  1. The water hoses are screwed into the mixer, tightening them with an open-end wrench.
  2. Then the mixer is fixed with a nut.
  3. A small hole was made in the sink for the mixer, water hoses are pulled through it and the mixer is inserted. If there is no hole, it is made independently using a round cutter with a diamond notch.

Sometimes in sinks made of granite, marble or ceramic, the hole for the mixer is hidden. Several holes not completely drilled are on the back side. This is done specifically so that the sink can be installed in any direction. Using a percussion instrument, the required hole is made. Using a grinder, sharp edges are leveled.


Rectangular kitchen sink
When replacing an old sink with a new one, any model of the same size is selected. Then it is inserted into the same place. If the kitchen furniture is new, you will have to cut a hole in the countertop under it. This is done as follows:
  1. So that water does not splash onto the lower cabinets and the floor, from the edge of the countertop to the edge of the sink should be at least 5 cm.
  2. A sink is put upside down to the countertop and a contour is drawn with a pencil. Inside the contour one more is made, 1 cm less.
  3. An electric jigsaw cut a hole along the inner contour. To insert a jigsaw file into the countertop, a hole is drilled in the inner circuit with a drill.
  4. Slices of the slab are coated with liquid silicone, which will provide protection from water.
  5. Then try on. The walls of the countertop and the sink should not lie adjacent to each other. If necessary, cut off another part of the plate to form a small gap.
  6. Next, a sink is installed, previously on top the tabletop is coated with transparent silicone. This is necessary so that the joints are tight. Wipe off any remaining silicone.
  7. Using the latches of the L-shaped form, the inside of the sink is attached to the countertop. At the same time, on the one hand, the latch is wound behind the countertop, on the other, it is attached to the sink, pressing with adjusting screws.
  8. When everything is ready, again check the tightness of the connection of the sink with the countertop. If the joint is not tight, it is again sealed with silicone.

Connection to the plumbing system

Connection to the water supply is the last stage of installation:

  1. Water hoses are connected to water pipes.
  2. Under the sink, a siphon with a overflow pipe is connected to the drain hole. The tube protects from overflow and is fixed in the upper part of the sink.
  3. The siphon is connected to the sewer system using a corrugated hose.
  4. When all connection work is ready, the siphon is checked for leaks. If necessary, all connections are tightened tightly.
Plumber connects a sink in the kitchen

Recommendations of specialists

Round sink in the kitchen
Do not buy products from unknown manufacturers. Even if its cost is much cheaper. The product may be of poor quality due to the fact that dubious firms often save on material or disrupt the technical manufacturing process.

It is impossible to install a large sink on a narrow countertop. Therefore, its size should correspond to the size of the kitchen set, and not the parameters of the room.

For countertops 60 cm wide, a built-in sink of any size is suitable.

In volume they can be deep or too shallow. With some non-standard furniture sizes, it is more reasonable to install a corner version of the sink. The standard depth of the product is from 17 to 19 cm.

Installation of an integrated sink is made by special equipment for stone cutting. Therefore, it is impossible to do the installation yourself.


Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a wide selection of built-in sinks of any design, made of different materials, in any color. And models with additional accessories, which according to consumer reviews make the operation process even better, are in greatest demand. These include not only filters for water purification, but also special blocks (dispozers) that grind food that clogs the drain. The mortise sink for the kitchen will transform the room, creating special comfort and aesthetics.


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