What to do with old equipment? What to do with large and small household appliances

When a technique breaks down, the question immediately arises, but what can be done with it?Bulky refrigerators, televisions, washing machines still need to be taken out of the apartment and attached somewhere, because you can’t just throw them in the trash, just like with small appliances. They all contain plastic, various metals and toxic substances that harm the environment. What is the best way to proceed?


What to do with large household appliances

The content of the article

  • What to do with large household appliances
    • To sell
    • Hand over to metal
    • Redo something new
    • Throw out
    • Trade-in for new
  • What to do with small equipment

Almost all equipment is subject to processing, repair, disposal.The first step is to find out the cost of repair and the possibility of recovery. Then make the final decision.

To sell


First of all, you need to evaluate the thing. It can be difficult to attach new equipment even for a small amount. But there are chances! At an adequate price, it can be bought not only for personal use, but also for the repairmen, they often track such ads and take them for parts.

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Now, with the development of the Internet, sales are carried out in an elementary way: they take photos, write a short description and place them on various platforms: Avito, Yula, social networks and even at auctions.

Old Soviet-era TVs can be sold to collectors. Of course, this should be a rare thing in the middle of the 20th century, preferably in working condition.

Hand over to metal

old household appliances

It is simple and rational. If the thing does not belong to repair, then you can turn to specialists who disassemble things into components for further disposal. So the owner saves time, makes money and cares about the environment.

Without special knowledge, large devices cannot be disassembled! For example, refrigerators contain dangerous freon!

Redo something new


A way for creative people, increasingly gaining popularity.Alteration examples:

  1. Washer. A drum is pulled out of it, which turns into a pedestal, an original stove for a summer residence, and even a lamp.
  2. Fridge. It is a ready-made cabinet for storing books, cans, cereals. Lattices turn into mounts for posters and photos.
  3. Old TVs and computer monitors. They are converted into beds for cats and small dogs, in mini-bars. You can put an aquarium in them and run fish.

Throw out


Some people take out old equipment and put it near garbage bins. This is incorrect and faces a fine in accordance with Section 8.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. There are environmental safety rules, and the owner himself must take the devices to landfills.

Increasingly, there are movements of caring people who are trying to fix the environmental situation. It must be understood that the future of the planet is in our hands.

Trade-in for new


Large stores, such as Eldorado, often run Recycling programs, when you can get a discount on your purchase of old refrigerators, washing machines, and other things. Before the final decision is to study exchange programs, because there is a chance to save on the acquisition of new equipment.

What to do with small equipment

Often due to its size, it is in the trash, but this is also wrong.

  • Charming florariums are made from old teapots and coffee pots.
  • An outdated smartphone is turned into a DVR or video nanny.
  • Many cell phone stores offer exchange programs. That is, you can pass the old device and get a bonus on the purchase of a modern gadget.
  • Hand over to the ecobox for disposal, but, unfortunately, they only function in large cities.
  • Some Soviet equipment is a rarity, and it is readily bought at auctions, for example, at a site called “Sack”.

Up to 90% of materials are reused!Do not immediately throw out old appliances. Garbage accumulates exponentially, so it is important to know alternative disposal methods. And you can even make money on them, which is quite out of place for the family budget.

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